Signature of the Week [1]

Name of Signature
Christmas Wish

Jessica – All I want for Christmas…is you…

What other inspiration do I need to make this siggy other that it being Christmas? Nothing, just that at that time, my heart was aching for a certain person to come back into my life, to spend my time with, the only person that I wanted to see for Christmas…is also the only person I won’t be able to see…at least not for now…as it says in the siggy, “All I want for Christmas…is you…” for now and for always.

Directed at who?
To a certain someone who I’ve known since April…as well as all the important people in my life, you all mean the world to me, hope you all got all you have wished for this Christmas.

Amount of time to make it?
2 Days and a half, couldn’t figure out the tutorial till I changed from Photoshop CS2 to ImageReady CS2 XD

Anything else?

Yes, this siggy is actually an animated siggy, incase you can’t see it, it actually has snow falling down in a smooth manner, couldn’t be more perfect. And also, I made this siggy simple because I like to do things in a simple way. Too much isn’t always a good thing you know ^_- so goes the saying “Quantity isn’t Quality…”


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