Remembering 2006

Ahh, it’s that time of the year again. “Which time of the year is it?” you ask? Why, it’s that time of the year when you throw aside the old diary and start again with a new diary, empty and clean, ready to be doodled in again, in other words, a fresh new beginning.

January 2006

1. Begining of a new year, hooray!

2. Begins the 3nd semester of college -sighs-

February 2006

1. This year’s Chinese New Year brought in a whooping 1k worth of “Ang Paus'”

2. Goes back to college with a dishearten heart due to the fact that I had only a week off.

3. Falling out with a dear friend, hope we get to get our friendship back…

March 2006

1. The end of the last Semester of college, yay holidays!

2. Too bad my pals have homes in different parts of Malaysia -sighs-

3. Boring month of holidays just “lepak-ing” around the Selangor area…

4. Sister’s birthday as well as a best friend’s.

April 2006

1. Omg, I feel old! Turning 19 is depressing, the fact that I’m leaving teen-hood soon as well makes me weep ._.

2. Fortunately, I was not the only one going through this process this month.

3. Starts my first year, first semester in University -is depressed at the University’s bad facilities-.

4. Met my lover this month as a friend (We didn’t know we’d end up together =P)

5. At the same time, met many other wonderful friends in Extreme, never regretted meeting any of you

May 2006

1. Labours Day, has absolutely nothing to do with us students, but the University decided “What the hey, let’s just give ourselves (the staffs) a treat and let them off a day” so hoorah for a free day, maybe?

June 2006

1. OMG!!! STUDY!!! Finals approaching, creeping up to me like a stealthy ninja it is >o

July 2006

1. Alas, exams are here. Be prepared DX

2. OMG!!! I can’t believe I missed my 1st exam!!! What a bloody bad start!!! Now I gotta retake that course again -sighs in depression-

3. Other than that, exams went fairly well…-still haven’t mentioned to the parents about the missed subject…-

4. 3 months of holidays begins now…

August 2006

1. Went to Red Box at The Curve with University mates, ahh…4 hours of karaoke is a bit too much ^^;;;

2. Began the holidays in front of the computer, how sad.

3. Had fun chatting with my lover, misses him lots and the fact that he’s in Texas, doesn’t help lessens it…we’re both busy, he was off working for his mom or something, didn’t get to spend much time…

4. A bad month to say the least, we decided to end our relationship, wasn’t working out as well due to the fact that gaps were opening and creating a huge river between us -sobs-

September 2006

1. Went to KL for a couple of days with University mates, boring to say the least.

2. Went to Aquaria, KLCC for the first time. Gawd, the aquatic species there are amazing! Better than the ones I saw in Perth, the ones in Aquaria are HUGE!!!

3. Started “polygamies” but instead of marrying them, I’m going through my boyfriends like day old bread…

4. Happy birthday MAX!!! (My kitty turned a year old)

October 2006

1. Met a potential lover during the end of this month. Fell in love.

2. Had a fun month overall, sad and fun.

November 2006

1. Went off to Shanghai, China for a tour.

2. Life gets busy due to the fact that my maid went back home till end December.

3. Now BF starts to get creepy by calling my cellphone day in, day out, even when I explained that I was as busy as a bee and couldn’t take the time to spend with him.

December 2006

1. Fell out of love, it seems my feelings for him wasn’t as deep as I thought it would be -sighs-

2. Felt threatened by him, when he mentioned about suicides and pills DX

3. My old flame is back, realized how deeply, madly in love I still am with him, made me delirious with joy when he asked to get back together.

4. Ahh Christmas, such a wonderful time of the year, too bad my kitty had the most fun cause he totally destroyed the tree playing with the ornaments XD

5. Oh gosh, it’s New Year’s Eve!!! -Counts down- …10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!

6. Happy New Year 2007 Everybody!!!!!


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