Patriotism? I think not…

Life as we know it, seems fruitful to all the newer generation as more job opportunities pops up left, right and center, so says the government. But is it really true? If it is, why are the government encouraging fresh graduates to go for jobs they never picked for in the beginning? Why are fresh graduates considered as “social drop outs” as soon as they leave the sanctuary of the studious world called a “learning sanctuary” which the government have named “the educational system”? Is it because their demands for the “dream job” is just that? A dream job? Unobtainable and unimaginable? Bullshit!

Just recently, this morning actually, I was listening to the radio and usually morning programs, they talk about certain issues that are plaguing the world and making life miserable. So, today, after commenting to my cousin about how interesting it was that people could find fault in just about anything in the world today, especially the government. Upon hearing my comments, she went off to her room and came back out with a CD where she burned all the precious radio talks on crappy politics the latest issues and stuff. I took it with gratitude and came home to give it a listen.

There was one particular topic on how graduates these days aren’t able to get any jobs, therefore are “social drop outs” to most of the social world. “No job, no talk, no money, no honey” was what a China man once told me when I was touring in Shanghai, but that’s another story altogether. Basically, what he meant was, to be successful in this world, you’ll need a job to be credible for anything at all, bank loans, high connections, friends and even a girlfriend! Without a job, you’ll have no money, without money, you can’t get anything at all, not even to maintain your own livelihood, let alone a girlfriend.

So back to the CD on radio talks. The DJ was mentioning something about how, fresh graduates nowadays are being encouraged by the government to do more stable jobs like working for “Indah Water”, “MPPJ” and so on. Or as teachers, lecturers, laborers and so on. Jobs that these fresh graduates did NOT train themselves in high class colleges and universities for! I understand if the government is saying that they need more LOCAL people doing these jobs seeing as how the amount of foreigners have increased over the past few years. But what troubles me is that the government is encouraging foreigners to come in and take the jobs WE have trained ourselves for. Do the government have not enough faith in us, the Malaysians? I guess not, seeing as how Malaysians themselves have no faith in their own country and the educational system.

So now, the radio talk gets heated in between song breaks. People were arguing that, “Yes, the government is encouraging Malaysians to work FOR their country but the chances of ever getting the jobs they want are low, especially if you’re not a Malay OR a foreigner, because seeing as how this is a Malay country, Malays have the distinct advantage over all the other races. And even IF you’re a Malay, the chances of getting the job is still at a low because they prefer a MORE professional person to handle the job, in short, a foreigner.

Please note, I am NOT discriminating here, I’m just quoting what I’ve heard.

Another person mentioned that “Even if our Malaysian fresh graduates were able to land their dream job here, the possibility of them wanting to make it in the first world countries are high, therefore, the government has NO choice but to hire an outsider to do the job a Malaysian could have done but won’t, due to the low pay.

After hearing this fascinating radio argument, I would like to ask all you readers. Are you a patriot when it comes to your own country? Willing to sell your soul hold and to cherish, to defend and to love, to live and to die for your country? To stay as loyal as you can be? To uphold and defend the nation’s pride and glory?

How many of you out there can honestly say that you don’t want to work anywhere outside of Malaysia? Or instead of having a dream house somewhere in Hawaii or Miami or Australia, you’d rather have it in Malaysia? That you’re satisfied with what Malaysia has to offer you? Can you really, truly say “Malaysia Boleh!!” without having any doubts in your heart? Even if it’s a little? I thought not…

I can honestly say that Malaysia is my home, the place I was born, the land that I crawled, stumbled, walked, jogged, ran on. There will be no other place that I was glad I was brought up upon because I have no memories of war, violence and killing living here, where I was brought up.

But I can also honestly say that I would prefer to have my dream house in Perth, Australia, where the weather isn’t as insanely hot all year round like in Malaysia. No outrageously long traffic jams that takes HOURS to clear up especially during the morning and “after office hours”. No traffic violators that U-Turns at a “strictly no U-Turn” turning. No going to the public toilets and finding it disgustingly gross and uncleaned. No need to worry about putting up a fence around your house to keep what’s outside, outside. I could just go on and on, but I wouldn’t dream to bore you, so just use your imagination…

And before you flame me about “How do YOU know it’s going to be so freaking awesome in Perth?!?!” I’ve been to Perth, thank you very much. I went there twice, the 1st time I went there 2 weeks for a vacation, the 2nd time I went there about a month for a “business trip” my mom had there for her job. And I absolutely loved it


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  1. bodicea said,

    January 7, 2007 at 3:19 pm

    i would proudly call m’sia my home and work here if it would give racism or/and justice the treatment they deserve.this includes reasonable pay

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