Social Conformity

Forgive and forget? Or is it forget and forgive now? When someone does something bad, would you willingly forgive them and forget the whole incident ever happened? Or would you alienate that person and pretend you never knew them? To an extend that “By forgetting we were ever connected, I’ll forgive you in time” is the main saying behind the motto…

I believe that people nowadays are more critically judged than it was before in our parents time, where life was harsh and you were born to be an honest, modest person as well as a forgiving person. With no particularly high expectations other than wanting to have a peaceful and joyous life for your family and friends.

However, now in life, people are judged daily by what others say about another person, or yourself, in any case. For example, is it wrong for someone to pour drinks down your front accidentally without any ill intentions and in front of a crowd? A social crowd which expects nothing less from you? Yes, the person was wrong for pouring drinks on you. But you go over the top as to scream at that poor guy who did it and in a loud voice, you say “Fuck!! What the hell did you DO?!?!? Look at my beautiful dress!!! Get out of my sight!! I never want to see hide nor hair from you again unless it’s the compensation for my ruined clothes!!” and you huff off to the washroom to try and undo the damage.

In another scenario, if you were with a crowd that judges you for how you treat others, the scenario would probably be the opposite of what it was, it’ll probably go like this “Omg, are you okay?” you hold the person by their arm with a worried look on your face, worried that the person might have hurt themselves “Psh, it’s just a dress, nothing to worry about, it’s not that valuable anyway, just $xxxx is all” thus you be woe your dress it’s worth and tries to reassure the person that it was no problem, gaining applause from your kindness towards someone who have ruined your expensive new dress.

But in the presence of friends or family, whom you have known and have known them longer than you have known yourself, the scenario, would yet again be somewhat different. You’ll probably be too infuriated to say anything but slap the person right on their cheeks and demand for compensation and promptly give them the glare and the view of your back.

Is this what society has brought upon us? Social awareness on a different level? Being pricks to all who are around us depending on who we’re seen with? Are we THAT vain as to lower ourselves to please the social crowd? -sighs- Conformity would, one day, be the death of us…wouldn’t you say so?



  1. bodicea said,

    January 7, 2007 at 1:07 am

    i should like to think that there’s a rather simple solution, actually.As the idiom goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.So yeah. You could kick the crap out of the person who piss you of in your territory.Like how you have the rights to abuse those who unjustifiably flame in your blog. 🙂

  2. January 2, 2008 at 1:01 am

    […] Social Conformity […]

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