What if…

Have you ever thought of how life would have been like if you have done what you didn’t do or regretted that you had made that certain choice in life but knew you shouldn’t have? Is life going the way you want it to be now?

These are the typical questions we find ourselves asking daily, judging our past performances and future ones that have yet been made. We constantly judge ourselves for what we did or didn’t do and then suffer in doubt of what should have been and should not have been…you have always been dealt a bad hand in life, from making tiny mistakes that makes you a tougher person to making the right choices that makes you a worse person and vice versa.

I know I don’t make a lot of sense now but if you read closely and reanalyze it, you’ll find that you’ll know what I mean in my confusing twisted words…

I may not know a lot of things in life, but I do know this, we are the ones who determine how our life will turn out, which are the right choices for us and how we will live by it. It’s your own choice that you have made THAT decision, your own will to do it even though you assumed it isn’t because you had some advise from your friends. But think about it…although you might have seek counsel and advice from your family, peers, and higher authorities and you know deep down you are blaming them as well for making you make that decision, but in the end, you’re the one who is making that choice, so who are you to blame others for what you have done, hmm?

All in all, you are the one who decides what your fate would be, how you will end up in life, be it good or bad, that’s how it is…after looking at my point of view, I can say that, life isn’t so bad after all…it’s my choice whether I live my whole life in misery, regretting at the things that I could have had but didn’t or live my life satisfyingly knowing that I have what I have now and that’s just fine with me…that’s because it was MY choice and no one elses…

I can say that I am grateful for a lot of things. My family may not be the best in the world, but they are loving and caring enough for me to know that I love them too. I may not have a boyfriend who is close to me now and is on the other side of the world, but I am grateful that he IS there for me, cheering me on, comforting me, always there for me and is willing to do anything for me. I may not have the most normal bunch of friends in the world, in fact, they’re just downright freaky and insane, but I am too, and I am glad to have called them my friends. I may not have the riches of the world or have ruled the world, but I already have all I need to live a modest life…all in all, I am a happy person with a good life.



  1. Rock said,

    January 28, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    hehe couldn’t have said it better myself. i live in a place where i basically raised myself, all my parents have done since i was about 13 was feed me and give me a place to live everything else i learned on my own and so myself is the only person i blame when something goes wrong and i take full credit when i do something good unless i had help buuut i rearely get help from people round here XD. anywayz you’re right lol

  2. January 2, 2008 at 1:03 am

    […] What if… […]

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