A Week In The Life of…"Me" [1]

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in my shoes for a day? Or a week? Well here’s your chance to find out what’s it like to be in my shoes a week…

Day 1 – Monday
You wake up to the alarm clock ringing “BRRRRRRRRRRRING!!” you glare irritatedly and groggily at the alarm clock cursing at the late hour showing you that it’s 7.10am when you’ve got only 20 minutes left to prepare for class which begins at 8am. You sit up in bed and hold your aching head from the lack of sleep due to the fact that you were up till 2am that morning watching some anime you haven’t watched after you have done downloading it studying.

You contemplate whether to ask your parents to drop you off at University cause you were too lazy to walk there yourself your leg was aching as well as due to the fact that you just thought of that reason up some unknown reason. And then you look at the alarm clock again and curses a string of curses “~!@#$%^&*()_+” it’s now 7.15am, you were not only loosing precious time sitting and thinking up stupid illnesses but also cause your parents will be leaving in 5 minutes. You decide to skip the reason and just walk later and rushes off to the bathroom, bathing, brushing your teeth, changing into your clothes, getting your hair to behave, organizing your notes, filling up your water bottle and wearing your shoes.

You glare at your watch this time with enough ferocity that it might just actually melt from your gaze alone, it’s now 7.40am, you start your journey to University by walking out the house door and surprise, surprise! The dog, who was just too stupid affectionate, comes bounding towards you, you stare at it horrifically, as if in a slow motion movie, you saw her coming towards you, you tried to use a classic Matrix move to try and dodge her attack but unfortunately, you realized too late that the dog, wasn’t actually a bullet but a 20+kg German Shepherd…-sighs- you look down at your shirt and what do you see there? An enormous paw print on your clean shirt! You rush back and put on a clean shirt and this time you made it out safely thank gawd =.= …

Ahh, damn it, it’s 7.50am now, you really had got to rush now, you’ll need at least 15 minutes to University at a slow pace, so you moved faster, practically sprinting, dodging cars left right and center, you safely reached the extremely boring-slash-idiotic-slash-moronic-slash-air-conless-slash-so-called- education-facility… you curse the day you wanted a cheaper University and rushed to class…

Reaching your destination, you find that even the lecturer was late and gave out a sigh of relief and settled down for another boring day of lectures. But you remember, today is NOT an ordinary day at all!! It’s the day you look at one of your classmate and laugh sympathize at the shared “secret” that she had confided to you in “good faith”. You also found out that apparently, your mother has decided not to provide you any money to buy your desired handphone!! “Grrrr” you weren’t a very pleased person that day but oh well, at least you had another thing to depend your emotion on…

You find a place with your slaves friends, sitting between A and C to put a distance between A and C, seeing as how A likes B and B likes A, C likes A too but A has rejected C and has told C that he doesn’t have a chance because A likes B, in other words…”Get lost!” And the funny thing you found was, A had in fact told A’s parents about B’s existence and A had a date with B today with B’s friends B1 and B2 the banana brothers friends. So the idea of doing the assignment (the one that you had to present on the 6th day of your week in the life of “Me”) had to be postponed for today.

The day continued on without a hitch, other than falling asleep momentarily in class due to the droning of the lecturer’s voice, and the fact that your friend, A, who was as drowsy as you felt reluctant to go on her date with B since his banana brothers friends wanted to go bowling (which, A was really bad in, having a average 36 as her score and only 1 strike to be proud of) and they had planned to go to not 1 but 3 shopping malls, all this in a day and just to shop for B’s new year clothing…

Eventually, you all came up with an indigenous plan to follow her to Mid-Valley and then pretend to “bump” into her and B as well as B’s banana brothers friends and say “Omg A! It’s been a while since we saw you!! (Approximately an hour ago) Let’s go shopping together!!” and inconspicuously kidnap rescue her from the 3 bananas guys. And that would have been perfect too if only we didn’t discard that mission D:

At the end of the lecture, you walk in a snail’s pace back to your house, tired and hot, you slumped onto the cooling floor and almost fell asleep when you received a call from A, apparently, her mom, who found out about her date, had demanded that she NOT go on the date with B and went ahead and called B (seeing as how A had given her mom B’s number over the weekend) and had probably given him he lashing of his miserable life. With this, you tried to go online so you can find out more on what’s happening just to find that your computer refuses to cooperate with you thus giving you many “critical errors” error boxes…

You figured that the comp is dying, therefore you gave one last chat with your boyfriend, telling him of this tragedy and mentioning to him of your love for him as well as telling him to be careful when you’re not around and that you’ll be missing him a whole lot…

With that, you switched off the computer and head to bed, thus ending your somewhat boring yet dramatic day…ahh, what a day…now you’ll just need to get through 6 more days…

(to be continued…)


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