A Week In The Life of…"Me" [2]

Day 2 – Tuesday

Tuesday, a day where you never need to rush, for life classes only starts at 11pm. You wake up before your alarm goes off at 9.30am. You mentally note that you’re waking earlier and earlier these days due to the fact that every other mornings have had you glaring at the alarm clock to wake up at 6.30am but miraculously, without any urges from your alarm clock, you have been waking up at an early hour. A good day indeed.

You get up and walk towards the computer instinctively, dreading the “critical errors” that would come popping out of nowhere to scream at you telling you to “GET LOST!!!” but you ignored it anyways and switched it on. And as expected, the errors appeared in a whole sequence of irritable boxes that requires you to press “OK” before you could proceed to do anything at all…you irritably gave up and just switches it off.

Then you think “hmm, even if I weren’t able to go online, I could still watch some anime now!” and you proceeded to do that without any irritating error boxes.

At 10pm you start rushing again, you’ll need to get ready now, you hurriedly took a warm bath and changed into your daily wear and had a light lunch and started out the door, you made sure that the dog was in the house before you stepped out the door and walked in a leisurely pace off to University. You arrived to University without any incidents but when you put a foot into the foyer of the University block where you were to have your classes, you were greeted by a friend commenting on your lateness, you froze as you heard those words and think “WTF?!?! OMG?! I’m late?!?” but was told it was a joke =.= you gave her a somewhat cold laugh and rushed to class to find that you still have about 10 minutes before the class really starts.

You gave a sigh as you sat down for a long day of more boring lectures and tutorials when lo and behold, the source of your entertainment has arrived! AWESOME!! She takes her place beside you with an audible sigh and asked me “You know what happened today?” “No” “My mother called me this morning around 9 something and talked to me for about an hour and a half” “eh? why?” and the conversation ended abruptly as my other slaves friends were asking her about assignments and stuff.

Other than not able to hear what she was about to tell you, yet, you receive a somewhat shocking yet somewhat predictable news from your Social Psychology lecturer that due to the fact that C had written your group’s name at the top of the list, your group will be starting your presentation that you all haven’t started on Saturday!! All five of you give a somewhat distressed sigh and blame C for all the inconvenience!! “~!@#$%^&*()_+!!”

On a lighter note, you found out that A’s mother who called her, objected of her going out with B and does not want her to be with B at all. It seems it was because B wasn’t educated enough, and nor was he a University student, therefore deemed unfit for her. It really is quite awkward as you sit there with A and your other 2 friends, talking about A and B and A’s conflicts in front of C who, unfortunately, is in the same assignment group as all four of you.

It was such an awkward moment, you weren’t sure whether to kick his ass pity him and stop or just continue. You would have personally chosen to kick his ass and curse his WONDERFUL timing in announcing his UNDYING LOVE for A. But seeing as he didn’t mind all of you talking about B much, (he even gave us his PERSONAL opinion on how to get rid of her problems, like, seriously!! =.=) therefore, you all decided to continue talking about A and B and to hell with C. Not that you would ever stop talking about A and B in front of him anyways!

After that, all five of you went back to class again for lectures and tutorials. The continuation of a boring day indeed -sighs-

(to be continued…)


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