A Week In The Life of…”Me” [3]

Day 3 – Wednesday

Another typical morning with another typical yawn…you stretched your body as you thought of how early you are today and went off to bath knowing time goes by fast especially in the mornings when you are struggling to gain consciousness from your last dream.

As you on the shower, you shiver as you touch the cold water and dread taking a morning bath…however, you remember that today is JUST another day in your life and forces yourself to plunge into the cold shower yelping at the cold water seeping into your skin!! Oh the harsh coldness of another typical morning…how cruel…:x

After your cold morning shower, you toweled yourself down and walk into the cold room since, obviously, you had forgotten to switched off the fan before you went to have your shower x.x you quickly put on your everyday “off to university” clothes and dressed at the speed of light. Accomplishing this cold morning tasks, you pump your fists up in the air in a triumphant motion and is sure that today would be your day!!

As you left the house, you noticed, with a self-satisfied smirk, that your overly-eager dog is nowhere to be found, in fact, she just lied quietly at the back of the house, minding her own business and leaving you be on this exceptional day. Smiling, you leave the house with a slight skip in your footsteps having a MORE certain feeling that TODAY is and WILL BE a damn good day, indeed!

As you reach your first destination of the day, you realize in disappointment that daily source of entertainment wasn’t present at all today for “Peer Helping Program”!! Frowning, you went about chatting, laughing, teasing and so on with your other friends and trying hard to concentrate to the “cute” lecturer as he speaks…he might be cute but he’s quite the boring guy…after less than 2 hours, class eventually ended and you were free…to go into another prison called “Life Span Development” lecture =.=

But fortunately, your source of entertainment, A, was there in class thus you silently rejoice at the thought of more entertainment!!

Today, A tells about how when A and a friend while in the bus yesterday, D overheard their conversation and somewhat protested against A and B’s relationship by calling B, “jin gak” as if B was the traitor in his “relationship” with A but the funny thing was, A and D was NEVER in a relationship before XD furthermore, you and your friends learned that there was a E in this thickening plot!! So far, there is, the existing relationship of A and B; the not-so-important-people, C, D and E…where C was a group member of your assignment team this semester D: and because of this conflict, tension grew within the team, intergroup conflict, like, ~!@#$%^&*()_+!!

As it is, today, your team were to go over to your place to do assignment, the first, last minute assignment, actually… which was due on Saturday for the presentation 😡

At your house, taking a break from the over-exhaustion created from the walk from the university to your house, tension started to grow from within the group again as you were all talking about A and B again!! What’s the big deal anyways? Not like A and B were going to elope soon 😡 oh wait…it’s your source of entertainment!! 😀

As all five of you settle down to start the assignment, the issue of racial inequality suddenly pops up in your conversation due to the assignment an the argument of how all of you were to present it arises. A, LR, J and you were in favor of supporting the neutral way of presenting it where you were all to convey the truth of the matter, yet not discriminating against it. C on the other hand, sees the presentation of “neutral” as an overrated word and goes too far by saying “this is the real world, la, come on!! If we were to do it your way, who is to say that the government won’t come down on us?!?!” oooookay…he’s just’s going too far ahead of himself…THIS assignment, is, after all, an ASSIGNMENT!!! The university would be TOO lazy to inform the government about what we presented =.=

The whole day after that was seen that C wasn’t in the mood for arguing especially because the night before, A had already mentioned that she doesn’t feel the same way for C and he should just give up. According to C’s house mate, C used to be the gentleman and was kind to all the house mates which coincidently was ALL females, 6 of them… but due to this rejection, C became an old geezer and picks fights with his house mates over the littlest matters, like, toilet time =.=

When the time came for everyone to leave, you breath a sigh of relief as the tension was subsiding, however A and J wasn’t leaving just yet because they were waiting for A’s over-paranoid father to give them a free ride to the hostel XD (A’s parents does not approve of A’s relationship with B and does everything in their power to stop them from seeing each other!!) while all 3 of you were talking and laughing at those American Idol contestants, the conversation somehow strayed back to A’s problems again…what a mess seeing as how her parents are trying their best to hate B as much as possible and even going as far as to appear at A’s hostel every free moment she has 😡 finding no obvious solutions, A’s father arrives a mere 20 minutes after American Idol finishes to drive them back to the hostel…

You see them off while thinking of what a confllicting day it was. Laughing, you went off to your room to clean up and go online, labeling it as YET another typical day for you…

(to be continued…)


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