A Valentine To Remember…

As it is, Saint Valentine’s Day is overrated and over-commercialized to the extreme that businessmen out there are making a whole lot of cash from these over-eager lovers around the world on this very day.

Chocolates, Roses, Soft Toys and so many more are being bought and given to loved ones as a token of their appreciation and love for each other. This year however, I’ve come to be more mature about gifts maybe. Especially so when my loved one is so far from me. But distances isn’t an obstacle for the both of us for we are able to give each other our gifts anyways.

How you ask? Well, both of us are somewhat addicted to “photoshoppin” and we had exchanged pictorial gifts to each other. And his is so sweet I actually cried when I saw it…

This is what he has given me for Valentine’s Day :

And this is what I gave him, a measly 1 picture that isn’t worth mentioning D:

To us, our love is more than physical things, we don’t need those to be close to each other, we have each other to keep as companions on lonely days and nights even if we’re not near each other. Dreams and hopes are what’s keeping us together for we are madly, deeply in love…

I love you, Greg, happy Valentine’s Day, till the day we meet and celebrate Valentine’s together in real -hugs and kisses!-


1 Comment

  1. bodicea said,

    February 25, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    omg. 🙂

    omg indeed 😛

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