The Undecided…

Have you ever made any choices in life that could involuntarily make your life for better or for worse? I have done this many times over, at times regretting it, and at times rejoicing over the fact that I DID, in fact, do it.

It could have been the time that you have to choose between eating that piece of delicious looking chocolate or keeping your weight. Or maybe choosing between staying at home finishing your assignments that needs to be handed up that weekend or going out and have fun for a night. Or maybe that time you had to make a choice between going out with your best friend who’s about to leave for overseas or hang out with your boyfriend. Ahh, choices, what a headache…

And because of these headaches, I have decided to make somewhat of a diary, a weblog diary of my choices and decisions, the things that have prompted me to do what I did, how it brought me joy or pain. But is that all there is to it? Maybe, maybe not, who knows but this undecided heart of mine…


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