Sick, sick, sick!!

At last! After 5 days, 20 hours, 45 minutes and 2 seconds, I was seen leaving the “Mediprime” which belongs to a “Dr. C.S. Foo” with a white plastic bag on my right hand and my mother on my left side. Both of us were silent.

The diagnostic is in. I am sick to the bone! I had a severe migraine which came with the high fever (the doctor said the fever wasn’t there, it’s just that my body was uncomfortable inside me and thus the immune system went on the defensive and gave me a “fake” fever), the horrible coughing which was due to heat, where it made the back of my throat irritable to even my own breathing!! (You can’t really blame me, the Chinese New Year celebrations is ALL about heat and heat-y foodstuff :P) Phlegm (well, at least I don’t have the dry cough I USED to have since last November which continued to around mid-January…yes, it was horrible!!).

And you’d think that’s the worst of it!! Well, the doctor took a look at me and started poking both his thumbs at my throat and under my eyes asking me “Does it hurt if I did this?” “No” and he does it again!! 2 more times!! How many “No” does he want from me?!?! Grrr…so anyways, I told him how my skin was hurting from the slight breeze of the wind and he looked me straight in the eyes and said “Sensitive skin.” great…my ear is sensitive to anything but gold and now my skin is sensitive too?!?! Tell me more!!

So I asked him about the possibility of me having Dengue fever and he replied in a WAY cheerful manner “None.” and went on to say “You been having your so-called fever for almost a week, if you had the Dengue fever, the symptoms would have showed by now.” “Usually it’s not very obvious on the first three days, but on the fourth day, WHAM red spots will start showing.”

“If you took blood tests, 1st day – negative, 2nd day – negative, 3rd day – negative again! But on the fourth day, ah hah! Positive! So in your case, we don’t see any of the following symptoms so don’t need to worry wan la~” “Oh thank goodness for small miracles!! Ahh I see, ok.”

After that somewhat “stimulating” conversation, he prescribed a whole load of medication for me…oh well, health comes first, yea? Anyways, we went to the waiting area to wait for the medication. We only had to wait for about 1 minute before a nurse asked me what day did I want my MC for and I said “Today.” and we waited again. After about another minute, my name was called again and this time I was given the MC and was asked if I wanted the resit…”Hell yea, I want a resit! Yes, please.” And again, the waiting game continues. After many minutes waiting, one of the nurses (1 doctor and 3 nurses in 1 tiny clinic…) gave me my medication (5 of them are pills and 1 was liquid…Oh lord…deliver me from this torture :x) she gave me a rather brief description of what it does and when I should take it.

After paying for the consultation and the medications (RM40, can you believe it?!?! When I went there when I was in primary, they charged us about RM80 per person D: so what’s with this price now?!?! He must be making a lot =.=)

After that, we went straight home in silence as the driver drove us home. I had a bowl of porridge as my dinner and took the medication and just went off to bed. Had to sponge myself the whole night 😡 but I think I’ll feel just “wonderful” on the 1st of March to do the nightmare of the exams x.x hopefully…

Also, it seems the doctor is trying to reassure my mom that the worst come to worst, I might end up having Asthma or Bronchiolitis. And yes, he said it is true that people only have these when they’re starting at a young age, but obviously, no one is immune to pneumonia. Which is what I might get if worst come to worst. Thanks doc for that VERY “reassuring” words of consolation =.=!!

As a precaution, don’t even think of sitting, standing or even walking near me! You might get infected with my cough, phlegm, and “fake” fever!! Oh yea, Also, don’t touch me =.= I’ll just cough more if you did that to me…



  1. Rock said,

    February 28, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    awwwwwwww. i’m glad you got to see the doctor and about that last part…*jumps on you and hugs you* your germs are my germs

    Nyuuuuh!! MINE!!! Anyways, I miss you hun!! I’ll try to be online sometime after this week, kay? I promise D:

  2. huei said,

    March 1, 2007 at 10:04 am

    can i go near u?? i wan mc!!!! hehe

    Ah hahaha, can also, but I prefer to not have MC lor cause horr, being sick, sucks! So, I’ll gladly give you my sickness XD

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