Day Of Reckoning!

Today is the first of March, like, it’s an OMG moment cause it’s the day of my mid-terms, for what? For Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy and Life Span Development and guess what? Nothing has been registered into my brain at all like wtf!!! DX this is SO not happening to me!!! I have to seriously pull my grades up cause I need like, 3.5 to be able to study Masters in Psychology.

What? I didn’t tell you? I’m a Psycho-wanna-be Psychologist-wanna-be. I’m currently studying in UTAR, and before you go oohing and ahhing, please keep in mind that it’s U-T-A-R not U-T-A-H. It’s the University Tunku Abdul Rahman which is located in PJ damn cham pa lang place, man. I’ll talk about that place once I have my new phone to cam whore that article, kay? Kays. πŸ˜€

So anyways, since last night, deciding to study for at least 5 hours straight into the night burning the midnight oil, don’t know how it happened, the first hour was fine, I was totally into the moment and memorizing stuff, then I suddenly remembered that Woan Ling has just given me the tips for the Life Span Development exam, and I thought, “OH YEA!!!” and went through all the messages even got a confirmed chapter by Joanne which was a mistyped error. So anyways, I got all the chapters mentioned out of my file and started flipping through it and lo and behold!! I got distracted by my computer!! The evil!!! -glares- And guess what I was so engrossed on? You’ll never guess…nope, not porn!! You pervs!! No, not the blogs either!! But YouTube!! I was watching the MV of stick people lol. Hey, they’re quite addictive, k! Lemme just show you one of it, it’s like, seriously funny lol.

Should be shown here but I just couldn’t get it to be embedded here D:
Never mind, there it is!! I finally figured it all out πŸ˜›

So yea, after watching the stick figures, I went back to study again, but again!! I was distracted by looking at PPS and looking at all the titles to see which I would find interesting enough to read, seeing nothing there, I went to WordPress’s “Blog Of The Minute” and I saw THIS!! It’s about how some people who “found” Jesus’s graveyard and his coffin along with 9 others said to be his family. It was really interesting but it’s gonna be bringing a hell of a storm as this drama goes on.

And again, I went back to studying, another hour passes and nothing, I mean, NOTHING is even registering into my brain and instead of blaming myself that I know I should have done, I blamed my sickness because it had blocked my ears, therefore it had stopped the traffic of knowledge going into my brain. Yes I know, pathetic, but hey, I gotta blame someone! Just not me, that is πŸ˜› Anyways, the whole night was all about me getting way distracted over everything! My computer, my hair, my bag, my cat, my medication and so many billion other things. Whew, that’s a whole lot of junk πŸ˜€

So, yea, I decided, last night wasn’t such a good night for studying and just went off to bed around 1am-ish. I even vaguely remember that I had set my hand phone to 7am to continue studying. But I guess, everything is against me after all. Not only did my hand phone NOT go off at 7am, it was already 8.35am now!! Like OMGWTFBBQSAUCE!! I hurriedly got up, did morning chores, stretched a bit, hop on one leg a bit, fiddled with my hair a bit, dressed slowly, played with the cat a bit…you get what I mean. Right? That’s right! I got distracted, again!! I am such a sucker for little things D:

Well, ended up, I didn’t study at all cause I was replying to comments on my blog, yea, that’s it, it’s right here. The small part of the big world. So again, I took my daily afternoon dosage of pills, patted my pretty kitty and jumped right into a passing taxi and headed off to UTAR. After a RM2.50 ride, I reached UTAR with lots of time to spare, “STUDY!!!” I said to myself and tried to concentrate but I think I ended up making them lose their precious study time πŸ˜› Sorry lorr, belanja you all makan at my house lorr next week, kay? Kays.

So anyways, the first exam, Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy was an absolute NIGHTMARE made me so bengang with all the questions cause somehow right, I can remember it but I just couldn’t PEN IT DOWN!! Like, geram la!! So like that la, failing in that subject, I’m SURE of it!! After that, Fiona, Kogi and I went downstairs to wait outside the other nightmare room for the next hellish exam. This time I DID a bit of studying, not THAT lazy la, give me some face here, kthx!

After that, my class rep and his pal came over and the class rep hanya tahu kacau-kacau saja. He don’t need to study, that’s fine, but don’t la come and ruin my long awaited concentration! but don’t la kacau other people who are studying like us! Wah so pai seh, just now I myself disturbed the others as well, sekarang pulak, aiseh.

Anyways, the exam started a bit like friggin 10 minutes late cause it was raining outside and nobody wanted to rescue Ms. Li Ly Lee from her car, serves her right la, make us go through 12 chapters of hell then on the last day before the exam only give tips yang baik. Anyways, it came out better than I thought, at least I could answer in this exam unlike the previous one. Okaylah, I think boleh pass punya I hope. Also ah, me and Joanne did something pai seh but don’t want to say what is it πŸ˜›

After that, I handed up our exam answer sheets and it was over!! At gawdamn last! Also, did I mention that Joanne, Li Rou and I was shocked at the amount of crap stuff Woan Ling can write?!?! I only did like 4 pages with many white spaces remaining while SHE, on the other hand, wrote 3! Not 3 pages, 3 sheets of paper front and back FTW!! She’s insane la =.= know what she said? “I don’t know what I’m writing also, my hand moved by itself” XD.

La, anyways, I walked home today, coughing all the way, almost kena bang by many cars. Who’s fault is this? My brother’s. He was s’pose to fetch me back from University but he himself just finished tuition only. Geramnya!! So then, came back, watch a bit of American Idol, laugh at the trashing Simon likes to give, got attacked by the dumb dog, gave kitty his dinner, had my own dinner, which sucks by the way, since it’s just plain porridge. Kononnya sick people can’t have fried food, tasty food, delicious food, solid food, oily food, chicken, oranges or anything at all!! Meh, so I just had 1 bowl of yucky porridge and just came in here to type this.

Well that’s about it, it’s time for my medication now, I’m so gonna take a photo of it and show you those irritating drugs. Till then, goodnight!

PS : Today I been using a lot of “La-la” language, was in the mood for it, so don’t go trashing my English kthx!



  1. Joanne said,

    March 1, 2007 at 9:04 pm

    ei did i saw my name there?yes i saw my name over there!
    ahaha actually that thing u say paiseh not really that paiseh also lar since most of the others also doing the same thing….:P
    ya bcoz of the teaching today so we muz strive for two days later midterm…make sure u dun get distract again ya…haha…

    Lol, to me is pai seh ma, cause I haven’t done it since like form 4 leh u.u out of touch liao. Aiyah, Mr. Sivan, he practically gave us the questions what. And sure get distracted one, that’s a sure thing XD

  2. January 3, 2008 at 2:39 am

    […] Day Of Reckoning! […]

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