A Questionable Morning

When I woke up today, all I had were questions in my head…it was really disturbing because every morning when I wake up, all I expect are thoughts of “Go back to sleep~~ waking up so early is bad~~ you should just drop your head back on the pillow~~ sleep~~ sleep~~” But NOOOO…today is so NOT a good day since questions are what is in my head first thing in the morning =.=;;;

So yea, the first question on my mind was, “How will omelettes taste with money?” !!! What kinda question is THAT i ask you?!?! Who in their right mind thinks of that when you wake up? Hmm?! So yea, I woke up thinking of that and then I kept getting more silly questions like “Will my shoe shine if I sprinkle fairy dust on it?”, “Will my cat talk today?”, “Am I looney?!?” and then I went out of my room and squinted out of my blurry eyes (didn’t bother wearing specs that morning…) and thought I saw my mother so I asked her “Will Rush Hour 3 be featuring Cinderella?” O_O!!! Yea, really!! I asked that XD. My mom, baffled at that question asked in return “What have you been studying at UTAR?!?!” in which I answered “Drugs and crap” LOL. Why I did that? I ono, maybe I was still in my psychotic dreamland.

Fortunately for my mother’s brilliance, she immediately saw through my questions as “daft and birdbrained” and just gave me my weekly allowance and somehow, I maneuvered back into my room and proceeded to fall asleep again forgetting that I had lecture at 8am that morning =.=;;;

So in return, today in this article, I’m going to be analysing my questions. So here goes!

How will omelettes taste with money?
Hmm, seriously? I have no idea, but i think it’ll taste expensive 😀

Will my shoes shine if I sprinkle fairy dusts on it?
Nah, it won’t. It’ll just make a wish and *POOF!!* becoming awesome new Nikes!!

Will my cat talk today?
Unfortunately, no. But watch out, he’ll be doing a duet tonight with the dog.

Am I looney?

Will Rush Hour 3 be featuring Cinderella?
I doubt that. Being in a rush, Cinderella just might leave behind not only her shoes but her dress and makeup as well!!

Does hoppity hop hop go with boom ba doom ba doom?
Nah, it’s like asking the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause to Tango lol.

I’m sorry there isn’t more questions but those are all I could think off from that morning =.=;;; I SO do not want to go through that again. But then again, it’s interesting, no?



  1. liss said,

    March 6, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    that was hilarious, just reading the sorta questions you thought of!

    I agree 😀 but it wasn’t hilarious when I first thought of it 😡 I thought I was going crazy XD

  2. sharina said,

    March 6, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    My mother wanted to start up an egg restaurant. And I’m not even kidding 😦

    XD good luck!! I heard it was an expensive business…well…according to the questions popped into my head 😛

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