Signature Of The Week [5]

Sig Week 5

Name of Signature

Jessica – My Loneliness Calls For You…

I ono…I just feel lonely all of a sudden…as if I was alone in this world…as if…nothing mattered anymore…not my feelings…not my thoughts…not anything…as if…I been abandoned…I know this feeling is unfounded because I have my family, my friends, my lover and so on…I just don’t know why…but the loneliness is there…

Directed at who?
No one…everyone…?

Amount of time to make it?
2 hours.

Anything else?
I like the render of the female in the siggy…it just called to me with it’s lonely figure 😡 does that make sense?


1 Comment

  1. Daniel said,

    March 6, 2007 at 10:08 pm

    Hi, If you are lonely you got a friend. Thanks for your comment. Its very encouraging. Cheer up!

    Thanks for the cheer, Daniel. You are indeed a nice person. Bless your kind heart =D I am hoping this unfounded loneliness goes away =)

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