The Lady Iron Chef

Last Sunday, I went out with 2 gal pals of mine, Yen Er and Yen Shin. We were suppose to go out for last minute “Ang Pau Shopping” but we didn’t get the chance seeing as how it’s Chap Goh Meh and people would most probably be off dumping rotten oranges into the ocea in hopes of any soul mate.

So in the end we just decided to go to One Utama to watch a movie. As students with no life other than our pitiful studies, we haven’t been able to watch any of the new movies that have recently came out. Due to this fact, we just decided to go with the feel of the last day of the Chinese New Year and just watch a Chinese movie.

The Lady Iron Chef

The Lady Iron Chef (美女食神) is one of the Chinese New Year’s comedy Chinese films this year. At the beginning of the movie, we see Ceci (Charmaine Sheh) riding her skooter while touching up her enamoured nails, zipping up her brown suede boots and adding some mascare to her unbelievable long lashes. Fortunately for her, there were no other vehicles in sight. If it were me…would probably have ended up in the hospital for being so vain XD

Anyways, a review isn’t a review without a…yup!! A synopsis!!

Plucked from GSC Movies

On the day of the Supreme Dim Sum competition, Madame To and his son SK To (Hacken) were appointed judges, since they owned one of the largest catering corporations in HK. The winner was Jade (Lau Yeung) and Madame To wanted his son to marry Jade. Ceci (Shermaine), a lower class girl employed to introduce the chefs onto the stage, was much impressed by SK more than Jade. Though SK was impressed with Jade, he refused to marry her.

SK was kidnapped one night and was held to ransom. However, luck would have it that the kidnappers imprisoned him in a small room on the rooftop of the building where Ceci lived with his father, Souza (Wong Jing). Ceci saved SK, and hid him in her home. Ceci took SK on a tour of Mongkok where SK did many things his mother never permitted him to do. He found Ceci’s carefree attitude to life refreshing and fell in love with her.

SK took Ceci home to see his mother, who insisted that she would only consent to Ceci marrying SK if she cooked as well as Jade. Souza took her to Macau to learn the art of cooking from his ex-girlfriend Lady Green (Yuen Qiu) who was a descendent of another school of royal chef and an expert in using ordinary food to make a superb meal.

Ceci worked hard, and learned everything Lady Green taught her within a few months. She was confident enough to challenge Jade. It was not only a personal duel between Jade and Ceci, but also a contest between two schools of cooking, the North versus the South. During the last round, Ceci gave Jade a loaf of bread, by means of which Jade make the “Emperor toast” which won applause from all the judges. Ceci was given some noodles, by means of which she made a plate of “Brokeback Noodles”. Who will finally win over the judges and become “The Lady Iron Chef”? Will Ceci live happily with her Prince Charming after all?

Overall, the movie is the typical “I love you and you love me but Mama hates you and wants me to marry her” kinda syndrome. It’s a sweet movie but not really to my taste…too sweet and unrealistic to my taste. It was just another “Chinese Chick Flick” movie to me. I would have gone for the Ghost Rider movie if it was shown earlier a bit that day D: but oh well. It was an OK movie, I guess…a few laughs were expected and a few of the unrealistic moves as there have always been in Chinese Comedies. Didn’t really expect much from it.


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