Recently, while surfing the net for more blog hopping (a hobby of mine 😛 ) I came across an interesting forum that I never knew existed actually, I never knew anyone would bother making one 😡. I happened across a bloggers forum named Blogpal and I was like “Hmm, why not?” and joined on a whim XD

Yes, I love to do things at the spur of the moment before even thinking about what I’m doing and what might happen. In fact, after registering, I started thinking…”maybe this was an elite forum kinda thing? And I’m not THAT prominent of a blogger to be in D:” so I started going through all the forum topics and FINALLY gave a sigh of relief.

Yes, I did NOT intrude on any elite forum but instead found myself in the middle of a small social group of bloggers and Malaysians too!! In fact, I’ve never met any of the Malaysian bloggers yet, the only other blogger I know are Jolin a.k.a. the Honestly Dead Bodicea and Greg a.k.a. the Et3rnal Dream3r of my heart who in fact…I have never met as well…

So now, joining this forums is actually going to help me get to know more bloggers that I never knew before and read their blogs which would be much fun, I’m predicting 😀 it might be in the beginning stages now but it’ll improve in time with a few suggestions here and there in fact, I hope I could actually help out in those suggestions and get to moderate the forums XD yes, wishful thinking is all I have.

And actually, I’m blogging this to promote that forums =D it’s actually a better way to make events for Bloggers meet and stuff and you can just chill to chat there all you want. I recommend that all you bloggers and readers join the forum to join in the fun early so you get to know everyone. It’s going to be a ride to the end on who does what and what happens there XD So come along and join us to just chill and hang out there ;D


1. Must have a computer.
2. Internet access is a must!
or if you lack 1. and 2., go to 3.
3. Have any access to the Internet!!
4. Bring your typing fingers/toes/teeth/whatever along
5. and ENJOY!!!

Where is it?

Here at Blogpals!!! Don’t be shy and just register to have fun ^^!!!


1 Comment

  1. Relax said,

    March 7, 2007 at 10:27 am

    thanks for promoting the forum
    it is only 1 week old
    actually, the forum is anti-elite
    that is why it is small size and lack of celeb bloggers
    I think the same as you as well, elitism is a big problem in msian blogsphere.
    glad to have you on the forum ^_^

    yeah if you live in KL, maybe we can meet anytime 🙂
    already some of us managed to meet by arranging it on the forum
    it was really a fun experience

    Oh hey look!! We have the forum creator here, Relax!! Hiyas Relax, welcome to The Undeniable Beauty =) and thanks for the welcome and yes indeed I live not in KL but in PJ *cough* I’m a PJ kampung mui here XD don’t know my way around the outside of PJ at all =O

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