Yes!! Read the title!!! I was KIDNAPPED!!!! Want more details? Please read on…

When : 7th of March 2007 around 2 am
Where : Outside my house
By Who : Mel
How : She called me out of the house and kidnapped me!!

Now you’re probably wondering how I’d know my kidnapper’s name and why the hell was I so stupid as to allow her to kidnap me, right? Well, let me explain!! Chill D:

Last night around 2am…I got an urgent call from Mel telling me that she was “UBERLY depressed” and doesn’t feel at all like herself and needed someone to talk to. I thought to myself that there wasn’t any harm in asking her to come by to talk about it since I don’t want her to go finding the tallest building there is around here and go soaring from it 😡 So there I was waiting for her outside my house, letting myself get eaten by merciless mosquitoes all for her sake… it was around 3am when she arrived at my house with her mother’s car which I was afraid of…not sure if she could really drive…

I asked her if she wanted to come in which she said no to. Instead, she asked me to step outside to talk in which I said yes to. And before I knew it, she dragged me into her mother’s car and locked the doors (it’s the kind of doors where when it’s lock, the lock goes all the way into the door…couldn’t pull it out at all =.=) I kinda…sorta panicked and asked what she was about. She kept quite and drove all the way to her house with me panicking against the way she drove. I think it was about 10 minutes later that we arrived at her house. There, she suddenly cried and told me her sad and depressed story which I am not going to parrot about here since she begged me not to tell anyone…

So there I was…at her house for the whole night till around 7.30 am before I reached home and was able to sleep at last!! And on and on I slept missing 2 lectures today due to fatigue and lazyness. But too bad I couldn’t have slept forever seeing as how I will be having my assignment group meet at my house today *sighs*.

When : 7th of March 2007 around 10 am
Where : In front of my computer
By Who : Blogpal and it’s a “what” not “who”
How : By surfing the net innocently D:

But before that, I was kidnapped again by “Blogpal” while I was surfing the net today. I was hooked by them and by hooked, I mean I forum-whored 😛 and surprisingly I was the 15th member to have joined and as they say, “the early bird catches the worm”. But in this case, “the early blogger gets the deal”. And indeed I did. The people there are nice people and are really good bloggers too 😀 they have their own unique writing style which are unique to each of them…I feel lousy next to them ._. seriously!! I feel lame 😛

And best of all, I got to chat with the creator of Blogpal, Relax!! He’s such an outgoing guy from what I take with our conversations today and what’s more!! He travels to almost everywhere!! I’m so damn jealous of him D; the only places I remembered ever going and enjoying it are Perth, Australia and a few places in China 😀

When : 7th of March 2007 around 2 pm
Where : Inside my house
By Who : Woan Ling, Li Rou, Joanne and Chan Wai
How : By making me do the damn assignment ._.

But as time has it…it was time to part and time to meet my next set of kidnappers D: the assignment group members!! Yes, indeed, they have kidnapped me and restrained me inside my own home T-T how very sad, indeed…today we had to do “Counseling Skills” assignment where we had to record a conversation between client and counselor and make a transcript out of it…it was…a nightmare!!! enjoyable…yes it was…I ended up as the client who is going through the first stages of lung cancer who has no friends, no money, no job, no nothing except bills, bills and MORE bills and 12 siblings, 2 parents and parents parents to take care of =.=;;;

Yes it was a pitiful scenario…I hope no one out there has to ever go through this kind of scenario cause it’s just INHUMANE!!! Too NIGHTMARISH to imagine!!! Gawd, it’s such a sad scenario that we had to laugh at ourselves for acting so nightmarishly pitiful. Yea…oh well…so that was my day…being kidnapped 3 times over against my will yet I can’t ever go to the authorities about it since they do not break any kind of man made law *sighs again*

When : 7th of March 2007 around 10 pm
Where : In my bed
By Who : By my bed itself and it’s a “what” not “who”
How : By sleeping in it’s comfortable embrace ;D

Well, I’m off to get kidnapped by the bed now, I’ve got an LPI workshop to wake up at 8am for tomorrow and another assignment date at 2pm with the same team mates…yet another day without buying my phone…such sadness…bao bei ah, bao bei…wait for me!!!


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