Absence From Life…(Part 1)

These past few days (08/03/07 – 12/03/07) are days that had the least activity in “The Undeniable Beauty” as well as in my blog stats. It’s as if I’ve dropped off from the face of the earth and never to appear again *sighs*

Well just lemme recap as to what has been happening in my life lately…

*Flashbacks* (Take note that I will be mentioning the events in present tense…with occasional past and future tense due to forgetfulness of my grammer…)

Thursday (08/03/07)

Once again…I got kidnapped by my assignment team to do assignments today…and in my own home!!! The gale of them all =.=;;;…we needed to finish our “awesome” last minute assignments (2 in all actually). We’re just unbelievable awesome, don’t you think? We’re suppose to finish up our Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy and Counseling Skills assignments but seeing as how Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy seems easier and we are forced to wanted to hand it up on Friday. So begins our own personal hell enthusiasm towards the assignment.


We started our torturing tools assignments at around 2.30pm today…there was Joanne, Woan Ling, Li Rou, and myself…again…the same old bunch of lazy-last-minute-freaks people…and what’s worse!! Almost all of us are sick…horribly sick 😑 it was a horrible sight x.x Damn it!! My house is infected with germs!!! But we shall prevail!! At every passing hour, our nerves went out of whack…Woan Ling and Li Rou looked half dead when evening came by whereas Joanne and I became more hyper to the point that we were giggling over any little thing that came past our thoughts XD Did I mention that Chan Wai didn’t join us today…well, he’s sick also =.=;;; (omg, all of us is sick…you don’t see us abandoning the assignment, yea?! Gawdamnit!!)


Aiseh…so tiring doing assignment although almost everything is done by Woan Ling by the time it was 7.30pm, I doubted that any one of us are presentable anymore to the human race people might just assume we’re walking-talking-breathing zombies u.u;;;


Due to the fact that Li Rou stays damn far away from us, some more having high fever…we decided to spare her and let her go home to sleep off her sickness and not teman us during this warfare…not only that, Woan Ling and Joanne forced me to agree decided that they should stay over and continue to do the assignment since it’s due tomorrow…so I ended up having to take down mattresses for the both of them…lol it was damn funny if you see on what bed they were sleeping on XD hold on…lemme upload the pictures…


Bed #1, Bed #2 and Bed #3

Bed #1 : Occupied by Woan Ling
Bed #2 : Occupied by Joanne
Bed #3 : Occupied by Jessica (Me!!)

Ah hahahahahaha!!! Damn, I am so NOT a good hostess…XD well too bad, live with it. You don’t like it??

Bite me!! I dare you!!

So after having dinner and doing some more of the assignment…we decided we needed a bath!! Gah!! We reek!! And we’re all damn sweaty and sticky D: But seeing as how my room’s toilet light is out, we went to the outside toilet to bath. Woan Ling was first to go, it wasn’t that frightening going to the toilet actually, it’s just that both Woan Ling and Joanne are afraid of my dog and my cat too, which is silly since he’s such a tame, pretty kitty :3 =.=;;; but since it’s night time, Angel, my dog, isn’t active. She just lies there and stares at you while slobbering all over the marble floor 😑 So I sent her off to the toilet outside, which is located in the kitchen with a tiny towel that she can only 50% of since Joanne is gonna be using it too XD Don’t look at me like that…it was in the middle of the night!! And I couldn’t have gone to my maid’s room to get another spare towel, she’s asleep!!


Whoo…Woan Ling sure can take a LONG bath o_O;; and miraculously, she came back with the towel barely wet mainly cause she didn’t wash her hair XD and next went Joanne. Joanne’s bath time is reasonable, not as long as Woan Ling’s XD and then it was my turn to bath…with a huge towel lol…


After I came back, due to our lazy streak, we decided to watch an anime!! XD Damn…we get too easily distracted la… The anime we watch is…Blood+!!



This anime is about a girl named Saya who is living in an anemic and amnesiac, but otherwise ordinary schoolgirl life. After being attacked by a Chiroptera (a monster), and learns that she is the only one who can defeat them. Armed with her sword, Saya embarks on a journey with her family, allies and faithful servant, Haji, to rid the world of Chiroptera and rediscover her identity. In that time period Saya finds out that she has to kill her sister, Diva because Diva is a threat to human kind that should not have been released from her prison decades ago.

*Spoiler Ends*

That’s a damn nice anime with enough blood and gore to keep me wanting more even if I finished all 50 episodes.


So anyways, we watched a few episodes and we had to actually FORCE ourselves to STOP watching and get back to work lol. And we did finish doing the assignment around 2 something 3am u.u gah I’m so damn tired =.=;;; need sleep…


After finishing the assignment for Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, we fell into bed and slept…pure bliss…but too bad, we had to wake up early around…well, I tell you that later in Part 2 of my blog πŸ˜› stay tuned!!

Continue on to Absence From Life…(Part 2)



  1. Joanne said,

    March 13, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    ei ei ei…not lar i wan to stay overnite in ur house tat very much lar (okay i admit for the sake of the anime i did got some willingnessXD), somemore have to sleep in the little tiny square thing…so u got extra towel actually izit? next time when u noe we are going there better bring out one first so in case, IN CASE we have to stay overnite there AGAIN…haha…anyway, i think Blood+ is a very nice anime to watch (tat make me addicted to it n dun wanna go bek my sweet home to sleep, and rather stay in ur house and sleep on tat little tiny square thing) hehe πŸ™‚

    Aiyah, like I said, I only got 1 towel the other towels not mine leh, those are old towels, you want or not? Maybe got a hole or 2 only mah, sure can use wan!!

  2. Joanne said,

    March 13, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    cheh…dun care i next time bring one set of my things there…since we still have 2 years more to suffer there…ur house will become our base of “war”…haha…

    Walao, like that also can kah? Might as well stay at my house till finish our course. I expect rental fee and so on X3

  3. March 14, 2007 at 12:09 am

    […] Mar 14th, 2007 by Jessica Continued from Absence From Life…(Part 1) […]

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