Absence From Life…(Part 2)

Continued from Absence From Life…(Part 1)

Well now I’m gonna continue on day 2 of my absence from the blogging world…

Another Flashback please, kthx!

*Flashbacks* (Take note that I will be mentioning the events in present tense…with occasional past and future tense due to forgetfulness of my grammer…)

Friday (09/03/07)

(Continues from Part 1)…After finishing the assignment for Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy, we fell into bed and slept…pure bliss…but too bad, we had to wake up early around…4 or 5 something the next morning to put on some finishing touches to the assignment. The thing is…we were suppose to force ourselves awake at 4.30am…but you know la…our lazyness got the better of us XD we snoozed our alarms our handphones actually =.= a few times before forcing ourselves out of the bed lol.


So, forcing ourselves awake, it was around 5 something now, we rushed our tired bodies Woan Ling’s actually X3 to work the last finishing touches before changing clothes them…not me XD. Woan Ling and Joanne left around…I think 7 something to back to the Millennium Court to change and try to get some shut eye before going off to UTAR. And to tell you the truth…I skipped the classes that day lol. Too lazy to go 😛


I didn’t sleep anyways today…I TRIED to sleep but I couldn’t. As soon as my body touched the bed, I started to toss and turn, feeling restless as hell. So I got back up and thought to myself “I might as well go for classes if I can’t sleep…” But as soon as those words came into my mind, my eyes starts to close by itself, so I just went to bed and scoffed at the idea of going today. But again! I tossed and turned in bed…and again, I thought to go off to UTAR, and funnily, my body refused to get up and just got tired again lol


So guessed what I did? Yup…I stayed in bed. I had to keep thinking to myself that I had to go to UTAR so that my body would rest. Funny, right? And so convenient too XD I should try it again next time o_O


Oh yea, my house arrest didn’t end that morning…not by a long shot =.=;;; in fact, I was detained again, around 2 something 3 in the afternoon for the last assignment for the week T.T and that’s for Counseling Skills. This time all 5 of us are present. Chan Wai, Joanne, Li Rou, Woan Ling and me. Aiyah…hate this assignment k!! Cause in this assignment we have to make a sample dialog between a Counselor and a Client. And guess what? I became the client!! Damn sial you know, becoming the client. Her life is so pathetic I tell you, she should just kill herself to relive her pain =.=.


So again la, Chan Wai did the Background of the client for the paperwork. Woan Ling and Li Rou did the dialog transcript for the sample dialog. Joanne and I just lepak around getting hyper again like yesterday pulak. Gila sial (damn crazy) la both of us =.=. And again, around 7.30pm like that, we let Li Rou go cause she live damn far away. So kesian (poor thing). but by that time, the transcript is done and I was suppose to type out the whole transcript and even made changes to it too.


Basically, the whole dialog goes like this :

The client is a 19 year old student, going 20 in a month’s time. She’s a student in UTAR studying to be a shrink just like her counselor. Her problems? She went to see a doctor a few days ago, the doctor gave her really bad news. She’s got lung cancer and it’s in the first stage. She wanted to go for 2nd opinions but 2 things stopped her from doing it.

She’s afraid that all the doctors say that the cancer is real. And the other is that she’s dirt poor. She’s got 6 brothers and sisters actually we wanted to give her 12 siblings XD, her grandparents from both sides are parasiting off her family. Her mom isn’t working and her dad works but doesn’t get much pay. So she helps out with the income by studying on a scholarship during the day and working part time during the night. But that doesn’t really help much cause they still haven’t paid off the house and car loans and not to mention having to pay for the electricity, water, phone and other bills!

After talking to the shrink, she finds that she’s afraid to tell anyone cause she’s afraid that they might leave her to rot alone. Chan Wai wanted to make her suicidal but we cut out that part of the dialog… Also, she has communication problems with her family, they kinda ignores her. During the conversation, the counselor often pisses her off by confronting her worries and stuff.


If I was REALLY her, I’d just kill myself and get it over with XD Around 8 something, we were all feeling damn hungry and Chan Wai was ordered by Woan Ling and Joanne to get the Nescafe drink from shops nearby to sustain them throughout another night of torture. Seriously have no idea why he stayed on cause he wasn’t doing anything at all after finishing his part of the assignment… Chan Wai stayed till around 9 something, I think and went back home. Woan Ling and Joanne, however, stayed back to finish up the assignments =.=;;;


Yes, you go it, another night on the tiny beds for them and the big comfortable one for me XD Eh hehehe…


So lalala~ another night of pure brains and tiredness, we made it through the assignment with recording the dialog on my MP3 twice. 25 minutes the first time and 35 minutes the second. Damn it!! I hate the dialog and I hate being the client D: I was forced to cry a long time in the dialog so we can at least meet the time quota needed for the recording. Suppose to be between 30 to 45 minutes. 35 minutes is rather good if I may say so myself. And ‘sides, our dialog is unique ;D and I’m not praising us when I say that. I say that cause everyone else is talking about relationship problems -.- typical, huh…all I can say is…we’re brilliant at making misery 😀


Anyways, our nerves were all wound up tonight…seeing as we were lazy, we had left this assignment to the very last minute…meaning that we only started this assignment…TODAY!! v.v…we even started cursing at everything Meh, I am SUCH a bad influence on the both of them…made them evil and now they’re cursing too XD BAD, Jessica!! NOT 😛 Lalala~ oh yea!! we managed to dig up stuffs to give to Chan Wai as part of his work (he’s in his own home by the way…no way am I gonna let him stay in my house!!) but he managed to not do it correctly =.= doesn’t he even get HOW important this last assignment IS?!?! Man, I feel like kicking his stupid ass all the way to the moon -.-…


Somehow…we managed to finish the assignment around…to be continued in Part 3 of my blog ^^ remember to stay tuned for the next 3 parts =)

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