Absence From Life…(Part 3)

Continued from Absence From Life…(Part 2)

To continue my blogging on my time away from blogging, I’ll now be presenting Part 3 of the 5 part story on my Absence From Life…

*Flashbacks* (Take note that I will be mentioning the events in present tense…with occasional past and future tense due to forgetfulness of my grammer…)

Saturday (10/03/07)

(Continues from Part 2)…Somehow…we managed to finish the assignment around…6 something. Even managed to print it out around that time 😛 After punching some measly holes into the pathetically late assignment, Joanne and I went back to bed (Woan Ling was already in bed after she finished checking all Chan Wai’s grammar mistakes in his part of the assignment.)


I’m back from the phone shop…and I’m not happy…I’ve only gotten HALF of my bao bei T-T

I was about to enter into my own “lala land” when all of a sudden we got a call from Chan Wai around 7am to hand the assignment over to him to pass it up to the lecturer (yes, we tired lazy asses are not getting our tired butt off the bed for only an hour and a half worth of lecture today D:) So I got up from bed, reluctantly, went out into the cold morning and handed him the assignment. Had to tell him that the recordings weren’t playable using Media Player. Only Real Player was compatible…not to mention that I had to threaten him not to lose the assignment or risk losing his head…


And again I went back off to bed happily…UNFORTUNATELY…Chan Wai calls to tell us that we had gotten the Index page wrong and needed to send him the right one to be printed at UTAR. So AGAIN, Joanne and I got back up to turn on my poor, dying computer (yes, it’s dying. Been getting alot of instant shut downs and sudden appearance of blue screens…) that would just die in the middle of rushing our assignments but miraculously continues to prevail and not die when we are not doing any work but watching anime 😡 so dum dee dum dee dum….we sent him the correct Index copy through email and went back to bed again.


Thankfully, this time we were able to sleep through the morning till around 10 something in the morning when my mom asked me if Joanne and Woan Ling are going to be having their brunch at my house. “Yes” and again…back to sleep 😀


Around…10.30am, all of us got up to change and so on. Feeling glad that the assignment is DONE, we continued watching “Blood+” the anime. And what do you know…the computer is ALIVE and not DYING on us =.=;;; oh well…as long as we get to watch, I’m fine with it X3


Ohhh!! Guess what?! Today is the DAY that I get my bao bei!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG XD So off I go to get the phone while my friends stay back to watch “Blood+” (damn…I got them addicted lol)

Time Goes By…

I’m back from the phone shop…and I am NOT happy…I only got HALF of my Bao Bei…I WANTED the VIOLET and not the GREY…

Grey W710i

THIS was what I GOT…

Sony Ericsson W750i

And THIS was what I WANTED!!

Damn it!!! The violet looks WAY better than plain grey…grrr…oh well…I got some condolences from my brother that I should be able to change the cover at any Sony Ericsson Providers out there…


So la la la…we all fiddled with the phone and watch MORE “Blood+” till around 7pm in the evening…got to Episode 27 lol out of 50 episodes XD Yes, we are damn addicted to it especially now that our assignment is done…for now *sighs* Well, around this time, Woan Ling’s family came to pick Woan Ling up. And due to her clumsiness in not telling her parents about fetching Joanne too, the car was too pack for her. In the end I forced my brother to take us there hahahaha. Not laughing in happiness. My brother’s driving is to DIE for lol. Damn freaking scary and he’s younger than me a year…damn…


After saying farewells to Joanne, he drove us back home and even had me SMS a request for a date with a girl he likes since he can’t SMS while driving would be DAMN deadly!! and that’s when I found out that he LOST his other, newer, more canggih phone and is hiding it from my parents. La~ so we got back home safe and sound, thank gawd… and nothing was mentioned about what we had spoken in the car. It’s all hush hush besides, typing is not like talking so I didn’t break any promises 😛


It’s saturday evening, time to watch some TV with my parents, have dinner, bath, watch more TV and go to bed. Good night all…to be continued in Part 4…another 2 more parts to go 😛

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