Absence From Life…(Part 4)

Continued from Absence From Life…(Part 3)

Another chapter to the 5 part story on why I wasn’t on for about a week…

*Flashbacks* (Take note that I will be mentioning the events in present tense…with occasional past and future tense due to forgetfulness of my grammer…)

Sunday (11/03/07)

(Continue from Part 3)…Meh…is it Sunday already? If it’s Sunday…why the hell am I awake at the crack of dawn? *sighs* My biological clock is going whack 😡 Bleh…oh well…hmm…oh yea!! I am suppose to go out with Joanne and Woan Ling today to get a well deserved break from our assignments 😛 Tee hee…I probably woke them way early too cause I messaged them early ^o^ at least I’m not the only one awake XP


Around 10am, my mom knocked on my room door and ordered me to change my clothes to eat “dim sum” at Paramount there. Got 1 place very famous for it’s Dim Sum. OMG damn pack, k! No place to sit at all lo…some more most of the people there already finished eating, but don’t want to leave at all! We had to wait mmm I think half an hour before someone bothered to move their lazy asses to give us a place to eat.


But before we reach the restaurant leh, my brother kena bombed by my parents for abusing the car when he drives…my dad was telling him to not immediately go forward after reversing because it will spoil the gear box and it’ll cost RM10k++ to get a new one. So he angry la! Giving us the black face all morning. From what was a good day become cloudy liao, some more got thunderclouds!! He some more so “mo lei mao” (no manners) towards us. He just got up from the seat at the restaurant as the food came and left by himself taking his black face along with him!! But ah, the atmosphere didn’t change. The thunderclouds is still hovering above us. My parents even began to argue that they shouldn’t have scolded him so badly =.=;;;


When we finished eating the Dim Sum dishes, we were quite happy again :D. But, FANTASTIC!! He decided to show up again with his black face and glare at us o_O I was almost afraid that my parents gonna scold him in front of the other customers. But funnily, they APOLOGIZED to HIM!!!! O_O!!! How come they never apologize to me even if they were in the wrong =.=;;; Just cause I’m the oldest is it?!?! Damn… Meh, so we started to leave the restaurant when my bro told me to tell mommy that “My friend is coming to fetch me so I might not come back for dinner…wait, I’m not coming back tonight la, tell her I’m going to stay over at my friend’s, and tell her don’t bother to call me cause I didn’t bring my phone out today…” and left. Huh wait…if he didn’t bring out his handphone…then how come he can tell his friend to fetch him?!?! 😡 Liar!!


So back at home, I told my parents that I am suppose to go watch a movie today with Woan Ling and Joanne and we planned to go out around…mmm…2pm but Woan Ling told us that her dad was gonna fetch us there so we got to wait till 2.30pm before she arrives. So I waited…and waited…and waited…2.40pm and still not a car in sight…well, maybe just the garbage truck, 3 Rapid KL buses, a couple of lorries, some Protons, BMW, Kancils, and many motorcyclists 😛


Then I decided to take another bath as it was a very hot, hot, HOT day. I took a rather quick bath (5 to 10 minutes) and when I came out, she was still not here yet o_O. I called her handphone and she told me to wait some more…”should be arriving soon, I’ll miss call you when I reach” So again, I waited la…and waited some more D: untill around 3.20pm only she arrived O_o how is THAT 3pm I ask you?!?! Cheh…


So in the car, I told them la what happened that morning and damn, were they as surprised as I was that morning when I told them that my parents apologized to him…


Whatever la…we reached to One Utama at last. we headed straight to the GSC cinema at the new wing. Whoa! Damn many people there leh! We went and lined up behind as fast as we can so we don’t have to wait longer. There we talk some more la we have so much to talk about o_O and we have been seeing each other for DAYS!!! We had the choice to watch…300, some chinese movie and Bridge to Tarabithia. And guess what we chose??

Gives time for a suspense moment…

Nuh uh!! It wasn’t 300…it was…Bridge to Tarabithia!!

Bridge to Tarabithia

And let me tell you this. This show is Hella an AWESOME show and deserves to be PRAISED all over the WORLD as the one most AWESOME-EST shows ever to be found on EARTH!!…NOT =.=;;; well if you were a kid from the age of 2 to 8, you’d this it’s the most awesome-est thing ever. But after that, it’s :

1. Boring
2. Lame
3. Got bad graphics
4. Dull
5. Makes you want to go “WTH?!?!?!” and “WTF is with that freakish squirrel?!?!” and also by a friend of mine “Wei, their scariest monster is a squirrel?!?! So stupid!!”
6. Storyline is damn weird and it’s not for those who has passed into teen-hood.
7. A waste of money!!

Note : You may think this movie is “COOL” but that’s YOUR opinion. This is MINE. So don’t flame me saying that I don’t appreciate good stuffs. Eff off if you can’t take my criticism!!


Damn it la…we wasted RM10 for such a che kai/lauya/sei chun (useless) show!!! Why the hell did we choose that show, I have no idea…well, we have learnt out lesson!!! No more happy-happy-joy-joy shows for us ever again!!! EVER!!! If you don’t believe me when I say it’s an awful movie and you shouldn’t watch, please go ahead, watch it as you please. Since we all have different tastes…like the woman sitting beside us in the movie…all she said was “Kenapa dia buat macam tu?!?!” when the boy threw his bag on the floor =.=;;;


Hello, Mak Cik!! That’s SO not the point, OK?!?!?! Tu bukanlah ganjil sangat!! Budak-budak memanglah macam tu!! Takkanlah anda tidak buat begitu bila muda, kan?!?! Cheh…(Hey, aunty!! That’s SO not the point, OK?!?!?! It’s not even that strange!! Kids are like that!! Don’t tell me you weren’t like him when you were young?!?!)


Some more before this, we went to the food court in One Utama’s old wing underground. And I had the special mee from the earlier stores near the Baskin Robbins. And the guy who was making the food, made it too long!! Become so sticky and thick…dou mm hai yan sek geh…(Can’t be eaten by humans…)

This is before I ate the noodles. Looks delish, no? Yea, I was fooled too!!

This is the After picture. Yea, I didn’t eat much as you can see…it’s too thick and yuck 😡 See that I only ate a little portion of the noodles and gobbled up the meat XD

Meh…wasted another RM5 on THAT noodles…should have gotten Chicken Rice…nice and simple…


After the movie, we went all the way underground again to get ice cream 😀 Italian Gelatto!! Whooo!! Awesome stuff!! Tastes better than Baskin Robbins and cheaper too!! ^^ Umph…I bet I gained a whopping after I had their ice cream ^^;;; So after eating the delicious ice cream, we all went back to my house to watch badminton.


Wasn’t me who wanted to watch it…I’m not much of a sports person, that’s why so fat, heh 🙂 We were FORCED by Woan Ling to watch it “We must sokong (root for) Malaysia you know!!! Be patriotic!! Sokong Malaysia!! Don’t sokong China, you know!!”


Being very unsportsman-like, I told Woan Ling, “I’ll sokong the one who is going to win and is the one who is gonna finish the game faster” while Joanne didn’t even bother, she just fiddled with all our phones XD It was so funny cause then I ended up having to root for Malaysia cause we were winning…the men’s doubles was winning for the first time in 10 years!! And we won XD There was a few claps and hoorah for the Malaysian team and we went back to watching the almost-finished “Fog”, the movie.


When the movie finished, we obviously went back to watching anime again lo. Ya, Blood+ again. Not even finished yet now. And yet again, bathing using the tiny towel. They have to share again la, since they didn’t have their clothes and stuff since we didn’t plan on them staying over…again XD So on and on, episode after episode, we continue to watch. but I fell asleep in the middle cause I watched before already. They pulak, watch until cannot stop…addicted liao hahahahaha…


So like that la, our day…MY day…so productive, right? XD So this is the end of Part 4 of my story during my absence. Wait la for the next and last part of this story 😛

Continue on to Absence From Life…(Part 5)



  1. March 14, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    […] Continue on to Absence From Life…(part 4) […]

  2. Joanne said,

    March 14, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    hmmm…u miss out the part that woan ling go and buy her very red hairband and also she went into sinma to look for another hairband then nvr buy anything,but in the end is me who spent in that shopXD

    Aiyah, details, details…you think my fingers can write so much detail mah? Some more I’m like, half asleep liao, watching anime and typing some more at the same time 😛

  3. March 19, 2007 at 12:15 am

    […] a spanish movie that has amazing graphics unlike the movie, Bridge to Tarabithia which is SO UNREAL!!! In this movie, even though it’s in Spanish, it’s very touching […]

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