Absence From Life…(Part 5)

Continued from Absence From Life…(Part 4)

Hoorah!! The next and also the LAST episode of my absence!! *Does a congratulatory dance* So what are you waiting for? Let’s do the bogey wogey!!! On to the flashback!!

*Flashbacks* (Take note that I will be mentioning the events in present tense…with occasional past and future tense due to forgetfulness of my grammer…)

Monday (12/03/07)

(Continue from Part 4)…”WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!!” And there goes my alarm 😡 what time is it anyways ~.~zZ oh yea…I had a sleepover last night…and they’re still here *yawns* la~ really reluctant to get up…but pai seh la if I don’t wake up cause Joanne already woke up…


“What time you both leaving later?”

*yawning* “Later la…”

“Why? Wanna watch some more Blood is it?”

*laughs* “Ya la…mustn’t waste time!”


So I started the next episode of Blood+, Woan Ling who was half asleep who had replied me, kinda jumped out of the tiny bed and onto the other tiny bed facing the computer to watch Blood+ XD *claps* addicted liao the siao cha bo (silly/crazy girl)


Around 11 something they left la to Millennium Court and once again I was alone in my room 🙂 deliriously happy, I fell into bed and fall asleep till around 6pm. Woke up to bath, eat and watch tv and back to bed again till the next day 😀


What did you expect? Another long post like the ones before? Aiyah, last episode what, should make it memorably short…not happy meh?! Eh, what can you expect? I also sian (bored) already writing so much (typing)…so enjoy the shortness la, the next article, NO MERCY!!


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