Me Want Eats!!

Gah!! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO hungry!!!! I need FOOOD!!!

Go eat dinner la, sei chun!!

Eat liao la!!

Then why the hell are you still hungry?!?! Got 2 stomach is it?!?!

No la!! Eat liao but not full ma…the food I eat…eat liao also impossible to ever be full la T.T

Eh? Why leh? What did you eat worr?

What did I eat? Tonight kah? Lemme show you la…But hah…show liao you must belanja me worr…I’m starving here kthx!!

This is what I had for dinner…all meat and rice only…think can be full or not?!?!?

Before that…during the Chinese New Year…I became sick…and know what I ate?

Yes…that was my food for Chinese New Year starting from the fourth day till the 10th day ~.~” Some more the junk food at that time looks so yummy T-T

Chinese New Year junk food (Only 10% of the WHOLE collection of junk food…)

On the last day of Chinese New Year pulak, go out with friends to eat at “Wong Kok Char Chan Teng” in One Utama.

My only food (drink). I suffer la!! Only minum Hot Chocolate…while my friends…

That is Yen Shin and that’s her food…dunno what it’s called…forget liao…

That pulak, is Yen Er. And that is her lunch…some more didn’t finish it all…the drink also lol…

See or not?!?! So cham…T-T so hungry leh…so know what I did? I went to the kitchen and dug out some food…

My findings…MURUKU!!! +_+ Now lemme zoom it in for you cause so far look like worms only 😛

Better? Meh…finish liao worr…still hungry T.T Be a good person today and belanja me makan? Please? *.*


1 Comment

  1. Cedric Ang said,

    March 15, 2007 at 10:17 pm

    Hehehe look who’s talkin?! And she’s blaming me for gainin weigh… -_-” Hehe, yeah! I’mma link u up!

    Well you are!! I mean just LOOK at your blog!! Food, food and MORE food!! -Salivates- Tis making me hungrier!! *.* -stomach growls-

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