How to Navigate in “The Undeniable Beauty”

In case you aren’t as bright as you think yourself to be, I would highly recommend that you read this post. As you can see, recently I have added and removed a few links from the top of my blog.

Before, there was :

Home | About Me | Random Musings | TUB Policy

But now, there are :

Home | “Me” | Archives | Case Studies | TUB Policy

I even added the link location for all of you, so make use of it and bookmark it if you still can’t find the place I have placed these links…


Home : This is where all my articles are.

“Me” : This is where you can find out more about me and what I want to tell you about myself.

Archives : This is where all the links to my articles are. An easier way to find my articles.

Case Studies : This is where all the links to my research on human behavior are located.

TUB Policy : This is what you should read before you even begin to post, read, comment or flame my articles.

PS : I don’t live to please you with my bloggings. You live to please me by reading it.


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