My Favorite Bloggers

As the title says, my all time favorite bloggers are out there somewhere in this huge, polluted, discriminated, racist, sexist world. (Actually got many more but I’m not gonna be long-winded about it…)

Actually, just recently, a friend of mine, a loyal reader and a non-blogger asked me who were my favorite bloggers and I blinked back at her and said “I…erm…seriously don’t know…” and she replied back “Sure got a few favorites, right? Tak mungkin don’t have wan!! Everyone have favorites!!”

So here goes…(no…it’s not ordered from 1 to 10, I’m going through it alphabetically…)


By Who?
Ms. Lilian Chan
What’s It About?
Anything and everything!! From unpaid to paid posts. From good to bad. From “niasing” to “niamah”.
Why That Blogger?
I love her writing style. Damn unique and colorful (her words XD) laughter all the way when reading her blog. And did I mention unique?
How Often Do You Read It?
Once every 2 days…ever since I found her blog through Project Petaling Street


By Who?
Ms. Jolin Kwok
What’s It About?
Her personal life, her struggles with people around her and issues surrounding her.
Why That Blogger?
I can’t really say she’s my favorite blogger…she is…was…my best friend in secondary and life just went on and pulled us apart when we went off to different colleges…I read her blogs to know what’s been up in her life and all seeing as I’m curious and worry about her as a friend would. We are…were…soulmates in terms of friendship where whatever we did and think were at most times the same and we were always depending on each other back then 🙂 those were good times.
How Often Do You Read It?
At least once a week. Sometimes I don’t really agree with what she writes. Somehow we don’t think alike anymore 😡 oh well…


By Who?
Mr. Cedric Ang
What’s It About?
Err…his views on his life, overall issues, humor, daily issues and so on.
Why That Blogger?
His blog is kinda impressive when it comes to pictures of food 😀 yes, that’s right. Food. Also, the way he expresses himself and things he’s seen and done daily is rather impressive.
How Often Do You Read It?
Hmm, I try to read it every 2 days when I’ve got the time in between assignments 🙂


By Who?
Mr. Robb Yaoi
What’s It About?
Lol, it’s about his life and humor and YouTubing-ness.
Why That Blogger?
I like the way he expresses himself in his blog and says “I’m gay. Who cares what you think? I’m loving it.”
How Often Do You Read It?
As many times as I try to read Cedric’s. Every 2 days 🙂

Jessica (Me!!)

By Who?
Ms. Jessica Ee
What’s It About?
It’s about my life, my views, my criticisms, my view on others and so much more.
Why That Blogger?
Because it’s me. I’m my own favorite blogger and blog reader. I like to read back what I write. Reflect upon my self and maybe try to ease up on life, seeing it in a more positive light. In a way…my blog is helping me get through my hectic, insane, black & white, young adult life…
How Often Do You Read It?
I read my own blog everyday. Why? To check for spelling errors, check for comments (Yes, I’m a comments whore. I strive to see what others say about what I have to write. Be it surprise, anger, or laughter.) And I reflect upon my blog, thus reading it daily helps me feel better about life ^^

I actually have more bloggers that I admire…but I don’t have the time now…it’s late…I’ve been awake since 5am this morning and it’s now…11pm -yawns- so g’night all~

PS : Maybe I should make a chain out of this…”Your 5 favorite bloggers and tag all 5 of the favorites =D”

PPS : If you’re not mentioned here, don’t fret. It’s not that I don’t like reading your blog. It’s just that it’s late and I couldn’t remember what blogs I like.



  1. Cedric Ang said,

    March 18, 2007 at 12:04 am

    Damn! You’re so kewl! Well i have to say, you did your best to help me out when I’m juz crawlin out from Blogspot to WordPress. Your blog is amazing too, and yes, you’re pretty! 😀 Cheers to you!

    XD So I’m kewl when I talk about you? Lol just joking. Hey, I was a newbie to WordPress too once you know. Had to learn it all by my lonesome. And my blog isn’t amazing yet. But it’s going to be 😀 -laughs-

  2. Robb said,

    March 18, 2007 at 12:14 am

    Of course she’s pretty! undeniable fact that she’s an undeniable beauty. 🙂

    and thanks jessica for the compliment

    appreciate tat a lot 🙂

    Lol, thanks Robb, and what I said wasn’t a compliment. It’s the truth 😉

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