Pan’s Labyrinth

Today a friend and I went to watch Pan’s Labyrinth.

Pan's Labyrinth

It’s a spanish movie that has amazing graphics unlike the movie, Bridge to Tarabithia which is SO UNREAL!!! In this movie, even though it’s in Spanish, it’s very touching and the storyline is very gan joing wan!! While watching the movie, I felt myself leave the seat to try to help the main character in the movie, Ofelia (a.k.a. Princess Moanna).

I’m not gonna say it’s the best gawdamn movie and should be given every single piece of award. But it’s on of the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. And it’s in Spanish too!! My admiration is showing now lol

Spoiler Begins

This show is about a girl who is a princess who lives in the underground world. Because of her bat gua-ness (curiosity)…she ran from her bodyguards and into the living world. In the process, she got amnesia from the sunlight more like ultraviolet rays due to global warming!! And eventually died from diseases aiseh…kena bird flu kah? Or maybe overexposure to EVERY disease known to mankind!! and other natural causes like the cold weather.

Then in comes Ofelia, she and her mother are embarking on a rough trail into the mountains to meet Ofelia’s new father. Vidal, is the leader of the fascist devotees. The captain is a very cruel man who is without feelings. Basically, he married Ofelia’s mom to hump her get a son out of her to replace his dead father who died in war.

In the beginning of the show, we see that Ofelia makes a new friend in a belalang fairy that becomes somewhat like a fairy with the big wings and such…just have weird colored skins is all.

Fairy slash Belalang Belalang become something like this!!

Then this belalang lead her to the labyrinth near the Captain’s housing area which looks like a maze…sure can get lost if the belalang didn’t do this job in taking her there. If he got them lost, he’s out of the tourism business, man!! Aiseh…then again, meet another funny/scary looking goatman/horsey.

Goatman slash Horsey Faun close up!!

Those are the good guys la!! The bad guys pulak…

Mr. Frogeyman Mr. Why-the-fuck-are-my-eyes-in-my-hands!!

Mr. Frogeyman and Mr. Why-the-fuck-are-my-eyes-in-my-hands!!

Then tra-la-la the show continues on la, with many going ons like betrayal, battles, killings, blood, gore, death and so on la. You know what I mean…don’t want to spoil the movie too much for you 😛

Also I can’t believe that when the people was given their daily rations…when the commander gave out bread…he bagi lecture percuma jugak!! Like…LOL. To eat bread also need to listen to lecture first…aiyah…starve liao la before you get to eat the bread…so cham 😮

Spoiler Ends

Mmm, this movie good la. Not bad at all. I was even able to shed some tears around the end. Ooo!! I love the anxious parts where they put us in suspense as to what is gonna happen soon and such. This is a good movie. It’s surprising that many Malaysians went and watch it too, today.

It’s a good movie. I recommend you to watch it…but make sure to bring your eyes cause you have to watch the movie in a most difficult way!! Watching with one eye on the graphics and the moving people and so on and the other eye have to follow the translation LMAO. Thank gawd I’m used to doing this that’s why boleh enjoy the movie 😛


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