Top 10!!

Cheh wah!! Proudnya!!

What you talking about woi o_O

Aiyah…I’m TOP 10 on the Blog Top List woi!! Proudnya~~

Serious?!?! Where?!?!

Lemme show you!!

See!! So proud leh ^^

-Jealous silence- “Huh!! So what?!? It’s just Top 10 on this list o_O not even real. SO proud for what la!!

Aiyah…today I’m top 10 online, tomorrow I will RULE the WORLD!!! Bruhahahahaha!!!

PS : The standings will obviously drop throughout the day cause it’s early afternoon when my position is number 9. But I’m still proud ^^ and thanks to all those that stopped by and help voted or just stopped by and didn’t vote (you help vote for me by just stopping by too 😛 ) Thanks all, love you, my devotees 😛 XD


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