Blogwhoring and Fucked-Up Kids…

Ish…I’m such a blog whore la…when get a new blog only, I’ll be so damn excited in blogging in that new one that I’ll forget the old one LOL. But not to fear!! I’m too in love with my MAIN blog to forget it…I’m just anxious to fill up that blog now LOL. Wanna make it seem damn full, y’know? Of course you do!!!

I mean, when you get new toys, like a new laptop kah, new handphone kah…you SURE wanna fiddle with it, aight? RIGHT!! So that new blog is like a new toy to me la!! Seeing as how much of a blog-whore I am, you’d want to read what I say, right? RIGHT!! Lol, I just love to type a lot even if it’s SO random and full of bullshit…

Anyways, it’s almost time to go la…sister’s birthday today some more I’m damn sleepy now and tomorrow got LOTS of stuff to do for the assignment and if Li Rou’s school tak approve us to go to her secondary school pula…we all need to go back to my old school, Samad la…some more, my brother, lately he’s been telling me that the Form Fives in my old school has been bullying the innocent and naive Form Two students who just graduated from their safe haven from the afternoon classes of Form One in morning classes of Form Two…these kids were like…”Hooray!!! Morning classes, here we come!!!” one moment and the next moment pula… “MOMMY!!! DADDY!!! HELP!!!!!” like…what the fucking man…

I didn’t have any of these problems during my time when I studied there…before they say Samad was famous for Gangsterism and their great Form 6 academics but now…it’s truly an ALL GANGSTER school…like…BASTARDS!!! I don’t feel proud at all to call Sultan Abdul Samad my school…stupid fucking kids…I am SO GONNA camwhore when I go back there and stick their bloody faces up on my blog for the world to see these fucking juveniles!! Stupid kids!!

Just you wait la…I mean…what the hell is wrong with kids nowadays?!?! Wanna act macho is it? Being macho is all fine and dandy but it’s just fucking degrading if you just wanna act big by stepping on others below you!! Gawd!! Take a hike and get a life, man!! Ish…I bet the school authorities also tak buat apa-apa pun!! WAKE UP TO WHAT’S HAPPENING AROUND YOU, SAMAD!! DO SOMETHING!!!

Meh…talk more later when I get home la…need to take into consideration as to what is happening there la…yea, I’m going there later after this English Trivia competition…I’ll be there to spy on unhealthy activities 😛 be sure to stay tune!!!

Over and out!!


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  1. April 9, 2007 at 3:38 pm

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