What? The other day just finished talking about Obsessions. Today pulak want to talk about Fantasies o_O nothing to write about meh?

Aiyah…I’m just doing it due to the fact that Robb asked me what was my fantasies here. So I’m just answering to that question la 😛

So what are my Fantasies? Hmm…this is a hard question…I never really thought on fantasies in a long time…usually cause I’ve always turned my fantasies into obsessions…so what makes me think fantasy is any different than obsessions? Well…in my opinionObsessions is where you WANT something and you do almost everything to HAVE it since you’re obsessed and that you MUST HAVE it. Fantasies on the other hand…you DREAM of having that certain something but you KNOW it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get it cause it’s either UNREAL or you wanted it on a CHILDISH WHIM. Thats my definition of obsession and fantasies…

Fantasy #1

I’d like to own a small cottage-like house in a valley somewhere with lots of trees with no pollutions, no cars, no factories, no babbling aunties trying to butt into your business every time you plan to go out…I want to live in a valley with nothing but the green grass, trees, river, birds and such. I’m a very simple person. I just need a small house so that I don’t need to do much house chores cause I’m not a domesticated person 😛, a quiet place to think, read, and do anything I want cause I am rather anti-social…, and a place unpolluted by human hands…

As you can see…this is MY fantasy…the fact that I labeled it as a fantasy is because,

  1. When I am able to afford such luxury, the probability of finding an unpolluted valley is next to impossible. Humans are a one-tracked mind being. They might say that it’s important to safe the environment and to bring mother nature and earth to it’s beautiful state again. However, in their thinking, everyone just goes “why should I be the one to make the world clean again? I’m sure there are millions of people out there who would do it…” and just go on with their normal life, polluting the earth and preaching “environment friendly”.
  2. It’s impossible to be alone in this world. Everywhere you turn, you see another person standing/walking/running/crawling/sitting in front of you. There’s just no where to hide. Not even in your own room…People are reproducing at the speed of light or better yet, not just the “happily married thus I need many kids to prove it” families but also the unmarried young adults who have just too much testosterone and progesterone…well, not all females are at fault…most of them get raped every year due to the fact that men can’t handle their libidos. Ever heard of masturbating and jerking off, boys? Or perhaps…condoms? o_O
  3. Well, again, I can’t be alone cause I want to take care of my family. Yes, although I might seem like the fucking-insane-dictator-person like I am, I DO love my family. I don’t want anything bad to happen to my family as most people out there feel too…I’m just a normal human being with feelings. And like most of the human population, I won’t abandon my family. I will always love them and be there for them through thich and thin.

Fantasy #2

No school, no homework, no assignment, no exams, no nothing…just holidays forever XD

Oh how I wish!! This is SO never ever gonna happen, man…unless I won in a lottery, invested it and got a gazillion dollars!! Then I’d be living in my fantasies LOL.

Fantasy #3

To meet the PERFECT woman and shake her hand and maybe give her a slap or two.

Why? Cause there’s no such thing as a PERFECT woman…nobody is perfect, that’s what makes us all unique…if everyone was perfect, life would be meaningless. Look at me…I am a happy, fat, mediocre-ly ugly with an ordinary life. It may sounds harsh but I enjoy it. It’s those things that makes me damn unique.

But if I were to meet up with a real PERFECT woman, I’d show her that even IMPERFECTION is a wondrous thing and NOT a scar in life.

I guess those are my fantasies for now…I just woke up and thought of these 3 fantasies…kinda impressive for a half-awake person like me to do LOL. Anyways, enjoy pondering my fantasies and leave a comment or two on your fantasies 😀


1 Comment

  1. Robb said,

    March 21, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    thank god u didn’t make this into a meme. haha

    Ah hahaha nah. I’ve figured that lots of people tagged by both of you hate me enough for now 😉

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