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All right, so here I go again explaining stuffs that is going around in my blog these days. It may be confusing for the some of you what kind of links I have up there at the top of my blog, yea? Well, if you had looked at it once or twice, you WOULD have known what was in there…but since you didn’t bother, I shall take the time to do the explaining.


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Before, it was only these



Home :

This is where all my articles are. Also known as my “home“. A place where you come and visit, maybe have a cup of tea and listen to my “old wives tales

“Me” :

This is where you can find out more about me and what I want to tell you about myself. There will be other additions here in future. Just not now. Perhaps in May during my University break.

Archives :

This is where all the links to my articles are. An easier way to find my articles. If you are still oblivious to where an article is, just click on all the monthly archives. That should make it easier for you to find any article.

Case Studies :

This is where all the links to my research on human behavior are located. My observation might sometimes be cruel and merciless but it’s been studied and researched. Nothing could be more real than social maladaptive behavior and social ignorance. You don’t have to read it or believe me, after all, it’s MY observation. Not YOURS.

Links :

This is where you obtain/register/ask/beg/inquire about linking up to my blog. If you’d like to see your website/blog/post or anything whatsoever being linked up by me, please read the conditions and also the categories you should be linked under. It’s all fine and dandy to be linked up by me but please do link me back as well.

TUB Policy :

This is what you should read before you even begin to post, read, comment or flame my articles. I highly advice that you read this. Why? Cause it’s beneficial to both YOU and ME.


Coming Soon

Awards :

I would probably be starting an Awards page to give “The Undeniable Beauty” Awards and other sorts of category awards to those who I see deserve it. Added in are also banners/trophies/blogcerts to honor all those who wins any awards. The winners, obviously, can pluck these awards from here and into their website/blog/whatever. Credit should be given to me if and when you have taken my awards and placed it beautifully into your blog.

Stay tuned in for that page for it’s going to be a bit of a tough one cause I’m going to do a bit of a voting thing to let you readers vote for your most likable or whatever website/blogger/blog. Not all the awards can be voted upon. Some will be decided solely by me. But most will be decided by YOU, the READERS.

That is all for “Coming Soon” I shall repost again when there are more changes and such in “The Undeniable Beauty


PS : I don’t live to please you with my bloggings. You live to please me by reading it.

PPS : Was that easy enough for you? I have put in every detail of each of the link at the top of my blog. I’m sure now, with these knowledge, you are going to put them into good use, right? For example, reading them up and maybe give a whooping hug and say “I love you, Jessica!! This guide was MARVELOUS!! THANK YOU~~!!!


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