Money Be Mine?

Ish…I so need money now D: for what? Well, for a lot of things!! Let me list em all down, yea.

  • A Credit Card!
  • Yes!! I need a credit card!! For what? So that I can participate in blogging for fun and money community D: Don’t look at me that way…I need the cash for a LOT of reasons and one of them is my studies but that’s another point later on…

    Anyways, I need credit card cause most things is in Paypal form and Paypal requires that you have a credit card to join them…I’ve kinda begged my parents to get me one so I can get some income for myself instead of asking them for money all the time but they told me to print out every single detail on Paypal and there’s like…a whole shitload of it D:

    Reaching out to my Readers :

    Can someone help out this undeniable beauty by giving information on how safe Paypal really, truly is? I remembered being told by a friend of mine that he hacked into someone’s Paypal and ate some of that fella’s money…so HOW safe IS it?

  • Upgrading WordPress
  • Why? So that I can put up adverts by Nuffnang, so sorry to Nuffnang that I registered with them but cannot put any adverts up, luckily the management at Nuffnang were kind enough to let me off, truly nice people!! But see la, if I get credit card and Paypal liao, I can obviously afford 15 USD to upgrade this current blog as well get a better layout ^^

  • Advertising
  • After getting the first 2 over and done with, I can begin to start doing adverts for Nuffnang, Advertlets, PayPerPost and so on cause can register for membership liao with credit card cause they all use paypal to pay bloggers except Nuffnang…that one, I got the upgrade so that I can place some adverts (Not too many though…I don’t want to fill this blog up with just adverts since it’s my personal blog…)

  • Get My Own Domain Name
  • After months of hard labor work, I can finally begin to think about getting my own domain name…of course, I’m a n00b, thus I need help from all you pro-domain-bloggers out there when the time comes for me, yea? 😀 But this process is a no hurry thing cause I can also live with my current web link 😛

  • New Computer/Laptop
  • Let’s all go back to why I need money. I need money cause my current computer, although still usable, it’s falling apart…cannot say I want to kill it la…it’s been with me since last year (belong to me alone) and been in the family 2 or 3 years before it came to me. So obviously got some attachment to it. But horr…it’s hard drive got problem liao, says my dad. And then after reformatting it, it’ll just go slower. It’s like when you’re old liao, got sickness, you go and see doctor, doctor give you medication and then you get better, but horr, your metabolism rate goes bye bye due to your previous illness.

    That’s how my computer is la. So now need to let it rest more, still got use but need a new computer to carry on the work, right? Unless how? I learn how to write like a computer kah? My handwriting damn bad wan, kthx!!

  • Saving Money for Masters Degree
  • Yes, need to start saving liao. My parents promised that if I could get enough for my CGPA to do Masters, they’ll be sending me off overseas to study “We want you to have overseas exposure”, that’s what they said to me. I don’t want to burden my parents with all the cost in sending me to overseas as well as the living expenses (especially since I know I can’t get any scholarships). So side money is good to support myself when I go overseas without making my parents cut cost and making my siblings have less good stuffs in life, right?

    I’m not usually a good daughter, I know la, that’s why I don’t want to make them suffer by working so hard (they working damn hard now, go to work damn early and come back damn late…) my parents is being burdened by our school books, my University fees, our lifestyle and even pet food…I don’t want them to look old even if they’re not even 50 yet…I love my parents a lot though they think I’m rebellious and irresponsible, I’m still their eldest daughter…need to be more responsible now that I’m going to be 20 in 2 weeks D:

  • Save Money to Treat Parents
  • Last 15th of March was their anniversary…didn’t give them anything at all, paiseh la D: so now want to save for their next anniversary, maybe treat them to a weekend somewhere alone lo. Seeing as how we kids always worry them…so wanna treat them to an all expense holiday la. Or maybe an all expense spa or something.

    Reaching out to my Readers :

    Any suggestion on what ANY parents would like as their anniversary gift from their kids? I’ll gladly read all of them ^^

Aiyah…run out of ideas liao worr…for now heh 😛 So what do you think? Could you help answer my questions when I have so boldly reached out to all of you to answer my unanswered questions? Please? Or even if you don’t have the answers to my questions, just a comment or two to support me would be damn wonderful 🙂



  1. zewt said,

    March 25, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    i think your last reason is most valid.

    Well, I thought my last 2 reasons were most valid not only the last one 😛 But to get there, I need the first few, that’s why I left the last 2 at the bottom 🙂

  2. CincauHangus said,

    March 26, 2007 at 12:09 am

    I started having my own wordpress (the .com one) when I started to blog again.. then i complained about the limitation.. soon a fellow ex boss heard me rant, and offered me a subdomain name + hosting.. ‘live’ there for about 8 months and finally i got my own domain plus free hosting from a friend…

    😮 such a cool ex boss and friend you have there

    now i’m living on my own domain, hosting my sis’ blog as well. now im trying to earn enough money from blog to be financial independant enough to pay for my blog + hosting + flickr.

    if you’re dedicated enough, you’ll get there sooner than you think. 🙂

    I’m sure I will 😀

    Credit card, I got myself ambank NexG debit card, it’s still a master card and it should be valid with paypal. I’m still waiting for my confirmation letter from ambank.

    Thing is, I’m a student, no income can get own credit card mah? If cannot, have to go on my knees and beg lo.

    Paypal is safe, as long you keep your password safe. Don’t get con with phishing sites.

    x.x scared kena hack into, my friend did that without any hacking skills =O

    A present? I’m not a fan of getting presents because it hard to think of one to buy (thus you asking right? 😛 ) so.. i’ll go with doing something lovey for them. maybe cooking a nice full course dinner..

    Thing is, I’m not domesticated, thus, no cooking skills u.u

  3. huei said,

    March 26, 2007 at 9:09 am

    u can’t put up ads with wordpress? Sowwiee me noob! hehe

    Yea, you can’t cause it involves all the scripts to be put into the CSS scriptings. So unless you paid to upgrade your blog to allow you to edit your CSS coding, you’re going to live ad free lol. But if there are other alternatives, I’m sure it’ll still involve money D:

    as for once got a spam mail asking me to login via their link x(
    but luckily i didnt

    I don’t know anything about paypal D: can someone give me a low down as to what it does and how totally safe is it?

  4. Ah Pek said,

    March 26, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    You are a really an organised person.

    Eh? How did you come up with that conclusion? Lol.

  5. Robb said,

    March 26, 2007 at 9:03 pm

    get a credit card! then next time spend me italianese XD

    i think it’s ok to get 1, as long as you don’t start overspending

    Ah hahaha, need to negotiate with parents first worr…parents are both financial managers, money is their thing 😛 Always kena reprimanded when ask them for money and stuff XP

    And ah…I’m not a big spender…only always loan people money XD (100% interest woi!! Hahaha)

  6. Mic said,

    March 27, 2007 at 12:19 am

    hey thanks for the comment…btw just cant imagine we actually at at the same spot enjoying the same show…

    great show indeed…

    btw nice meeting yaa…. =)


    My pleasure 🙂 and welcome to The Undeniable Beauty. Well, Malaysia is rather small compared to other places (except Singapore). Eventually every blogger in Malaysia would be bumping into each other everywhere lol.

    Indeed it was a great show 😀 and it’s nice knowing you too ^^

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