Gawdamn Tired…

Bleh…so very tired…we just finished another (last) assignment around 8am this morning (thank gawd!!)…and can you believe it? We started it LATE again!!! Yes indeed, another last of the last minute work again *sighs* so we all been up all night with occasional naps in between doing the assignment.

Omg…we SO swear never to ever do last minute work ever again!! And this time, to make sure we stick to this, I’m gonna get us a trained dog whose job is to bite our assess when we seem to be procastinating DX that’s how serious I am about this T_T

The end of this semesters will mark the end of our first year in University…therefore, a good solid resolution is so DEFINATELY in order for us to go on to our next 2 years of University life D: Gosh, this sounds like a tiny problem eh? Well it’s NOT!!!

Ack I’m so very sleepy T-T still having classes to 5pm today…wonder if my bro is gonna fetch me from University today D: …he’s the most unreliable peson when it comes to fetching people from school…I hope I don’t black out in the middle of the road and snore right there and then =.=;;; ish…ISH!!!

Meh…got to listen to some presentation today T_T I’d probably fall asleep during the presentation leh…*sobs*…I NEED to SUPPORT my classmates!!! Not really o_O! I REALLY DO!!

Oh oh OH!! Guess what? I think that my hand will get worse lol due to the fact that I am damn rough. I was going to the toilet this morning and I banged my hand into the wall and it hurts FREAKIN’ BAD T-T and then just now, in University, while closing the lecture room door, I accidentally banged the door to myself making my eyes water with all the DAMN pain Y-Y…

Eh dunno what to write anymore now…my brain is shutting off and blacking out now…so sleepy…the floor seems to be tempting me to sleep there…oh floor, your sweet song is calling me~ thou shalt have me now!!!


1 Comment

  1. Rock said,

    March 31, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    my favoritess bar is full stop switching =P. miss ya, drop me a line sometime and get well soon you poor thing. ;_;

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