Awww D:

Aww man!! According to Sharina, everybody got the same thing from their dashboard on WordPress D: and apparently this is an April Fool’s joke ;_;

How cruel you are WordPress team…but I don’t blame you, I’m just glad I got such a nice surprise just right before my birthday ^^

But still, it’s a disappointment knowing that it’s not real T-T I would have had a blast if it were real though. I would have been motivated like hell to have posted more articles and even release a few case studies early *_*”

Ishnya!!! Anyways, I signed up with Paypal at last and even now I’m applying for a Public Bank Visa Electron (Thanks Cedric for the info 😛 ) now I just gotta print out the letter and send it off hoping for some great results, such as the approval so I can collect it X3

Also, due to my birthday thingy, Digi gave the 50% bonus for topping up my credit today. So I got like…RM75 credit =) (I know everyone gets it but this is the first I did :O ) Yay happiness!

So whatever la, with this and that happening today, I’m sure there’ll be lots of disappointment tomorrow D: I can’t say why, but I just feel it. Usually at this time of the year I feel left out and alone o_O yea, people tend to forget my birthday even my siblings. But I’m used to it seeing as it’s just another day of the year 🙂 everyone has birthdays, so this is just common loneliness I am feeling.

So that’s all for now, I’m off to the post office and to pay my bills and such. Bais~


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  1. seneca said,

    April 2, 2007 at 1:52 pm


    WordPress got me too!

    I was surprised that I didn’t get any hits in spite of the publicity.

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