Cute Buttons

Recently I’ve become a member of several little groups that I thought it’d be nice just to add an Affiliates to my sidebar. But then again. it’ll look boring!! So what do I do? I whipped out Photoshop and started making new documents of 100 by 30 pixels and just did my ordinarily simple thing and voila!! It doesn’t look so plain now lol.


My Affiliates - Before


My Affiliates - After

Now tell me that doesn’t look interesting to you 😀

So I added la more buttons cause suddenly become crazed for more little buttons ^^ make the blog look livelier mah 😛 And this is my end result :

My Affiliates - End Result

Nice, right? So hows about it? Want me to make a/many simple buttons for you? I can do it but please, I only do simple ones cause I’m a n00b at Photoshop. I never really bothered to look at tutorials at all cause busy, busy, busy.

If you want to pluck any of my Affiliate Buttons from my sidebar, you can. On one condition. You credit me by linking to me =D You do that and I’ll be ever grateful (no credits means you STOLE from ME you THIEF!!!).

Dictator Wanna-Be

Hands OFF my button, please. This is MINE and MINE only ^^ If you want something with almost similar caption, please post in the comment area like thus :

Button Color :
Button Caption :

Here’s something I’m throwing into the pile just in case you feel that you’re worthy to be muh slave 😀

Jess's Slave Button

The rest are normal affiliate buttons that you may pluck, of course, credit me for those as well 😀

Blogger's Community Blogpals Project Petaling Street

And if you are involved in these communities, you may take them as well ^^ (creditted of course 😛 )

Midnight Jewel Online PsyChe Forumer UTAR Slaver

After picking out the ones that you want, please!! And I say again, credit me by placing this :

The Undeniable Beauty

and then place a link into it or below it and if you have no idea what my link is, it’s this :

Other than that, all comments and ratings are appreciated thanks!! ^^



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