Ooooh Boy…

What’s up with the male species these days, hmm? Are their Y chromosome shrinking or are males having less testosterone lately?

::::::::::::::::::::Scene One::::::::::::::::::::

Female : How are you these days, Male #1?

Male #1 : Not bad, Female, in fact, after meeting you, I felt much cheerful and all I can say is, I love you.

Female : …You love me? But we don’t even know each other…

Male #1 : I know 😀 that’s the best part!! It’s as if you’re my soul mate!! My soul felt like it’s known you before 😀

Female : …

::::::::::::::::::::Scene Two::::::::::::::::::::

Female : Hi Male #2 😀 you said you wanted to tell me something?

Male #2 : Yea, Female…you know how we been friends a while? Well…

Female : Yes?

Male #2 : Well, Female, I’ve always been in love with you…

Female : …Why are you telling me this now?

Male #2 : I can’t just bottle it up anymore D:

Female : …

::::::::::::::::::::Scene Three::::::::::::::::::::

Female : How’s life Male #3?

Male #3 : Not bad. You?

Female : Not bad too 😀 omg!! I so want to go to Perth and live my life there!!

Male #3 : Really? So do I! Wanna go there together?

Female : Sure, but where am I spose to get the money? Lol…oh well, i can still dream 😛

Male #3 : Am I in it?

Female : …


As you all know, I just recently had a fight with my ex-boyfriend, Greg, ending up broken. Well, just recently, I started to feel up to it to face the world again and all of a sudden I receive this kind of mix signals all over…what is happening? Are their bodies/mind tuned into my “She’s single!!” brainwave? Ish!!

::::::::::::::::::::SMS with I::::::::::::::::::::

So anyways, lately, I have been receiving SMSes from a certain guy, I. He’s a Malay guy and he’s studying to be a pilot. Now he’s in the midst of his Industrial Training where he is placed at the helicopters, maintaining and such. So now, we have some not-so-frequent SMSes between us and this is how a part of it went :

I : Hey there…what’s up, hope everything is going pretty well.

Me : Everything is fine except for being busy 😛 and how are you?

When he didn’t reply :

Me : Are you mad that I didn’t reply early? Was in a seminar. Couldn’t reply till last night. Sorry.

I : So sorry my dear, I should have told you earlier. My handphone is having problems sending smses. Darn annoying and the answer is no. I’m not mad at you. You’re such a darling. I’m the one whose at fault. Sorry.

And when he told me he was tired (he always said he was tired :O ) :

Me : Why are you always tired anyways?

I : Aircraft repairs related work. I had to move a helicopter from one hanger to another alone without any special tools lol.

Me : Eh? What happened to “goodwill among men”? Why no one helped?

I : Cause I’m superman…

Me : Lol. But batman is way cooler. He’s a normal human being who works alone most of the times.

I : But I seriously think he would rather be in my shoes if he had a choice. No, I’m positive. You sure you prefer batman? I could take you to the moon anytime.

Me : Well, only if I get to see the men oof the moon and find the cheese he hides there as well as the cow that went over the moon. Then I’ll choose superman any day 😀

I : Consider your wish fulfilled. Hang on to me princess, we’ll be there in no time.

Me : Well, I’ll keep you to that promise then.

And recently when I just sent an SMS saying “Hi” :

Me : Hiyas, you don’t have to reply. I just wanted to say “Hi” 🙂

I : Oh but I insist. Betcha miss me huh…awww…miss you too…

What does all these mean? I have no idea…is he trying to say he likes me? Or is he just having a good nature bantering between the both of us? Or maybe he’s just playing me for a fool? Or maybe he’s gotten influenced by how the foreigners like to use endearments? -Sighs- It could be anything x.x

::::::::::::::::::::MSN with S::::::::::::::::::::

This just happened yesterday morning when I was waiting for Woan Ling to show up, which she was LATE FOR!! Anyways, he was asking me if I knew where to get something :

Me : Mm no.

S : By the way if its not too much trouble…SAY HI ONCE AND A WHILE!!!!!!!! it makes me feel special when people say hi. :3

Me : Been busy, didn’t say “Hi” to others.

S : So? I don’t care who you DIDN’T say hi to I don’t care who your with you can at least say hi to your friend -_- I’m not asking for a full conversation o_O just say hi i ask you how your doing you answer i follow it up and thats it. I mean. I know I’m not the most important person. But hey. I did “entertain” you for a month. Lil over a month.

Me : -sighs- I’m sorry, I haven’t been in the mood considering it’s been over between me and Greg for a couple of days now.

S : Well see. I don’t know that since you never tell me anything. I’m still your friend aren’t I? o_o

Me : Yea.

S : By the way I uh…I’ve changed a lot since we were together not that you could notice from this conversation I guess

Me : That’s good to hear, well, if it’s for the best that is. If it’s for the worst then I’m sorry to hear that.

S : Eh, well I’m not a pushover anymore, I’m not as invasive. If you start hanging around me again then well you could find out. By the way how is school? Mines doing good. My GPA is 4.1 ;o

Ok…how the hell does someone get GPA 4.2?!?!?! I thought the max was 4.0 o_O oh well, it’s a US citizen…maybe it’s different? O_o but anyways, let’s skip all that to the later part…:

S : It may be un-needed but just to let you know. I still love you.

Me : Well I hope it’s like 0.1% considering you have this Marie you love 🙂

S : Oh no, it’s full strenght. However I am with someone else, and I don’t expect to get with you I just had to say that.

Me : Oh…

S : It’s just easier to ignore because I know you have no more feelings for me.

Me : I’m sorry again for the last time though, I didn’t mean to do that though.

S : It’s ok, it’s happened before. Just. Not that bad XD no worries. I’m good.

Me : Feelings doesn’t go away. It just becomes fond memories 🙂 Anyways tell me about this Marie, is she nice? Well, I assume she is cause you like her lol

S : Yeah, she’s nice ^^ she actually says how she feels and so on, expresses what she thinks XD sometimes without thinking XD

Me : 🙂 good. Grats for the both of you. Things are much better if you share stuffs like feelings.

S : I’m still here for you to talk to, Jess. Yeah, you never shared what you thought with me which is why what happened, happened XD. You know what hurt the most? When you posted up on your message that you’d been with Greg for 9 months or so. As if us didn’t happen. Like I didn’t matter. But that’s in the past I guess XD

Me : I said that but I also said “parted” too. Meaning that 9 months + the time we broke up. Meaning that although there was a gap in between, I only counted the time we knew each other.

S : XD yea yea anyway

Me : Besides that’s another scrapbook to keep away now.

S : Stop using analogies ._. you’re confusing me. Lol XD

Me : Well, I’m being more matured and erm old and erm spinster-like considering I’ve just turned 20 lol.

And then we started talking about my birthday and such but let’s skip all that 😛

S : Ok well old person, what happened between you and pebbles? 😛

Me : He found out that I blocked him…for ONE day cause I didn’t want him to get his hopes up when he sees me for 10 minutes and I go off for the next couple of weeks again…

S : Oh so you’re just going to get back together again lol

Me : No…I don’t think so…

S : Heh

Me : Cause according to me busy University schedule. It’s better to not be together cause he’ll just go emotional for not seeing me a long time…again. I don’t want that though and I probably won’t live past 2 years. So it’s WAY better 🙂

S : STFU about the dying crap 😛 or I’ll beat you ;3 got it missy!?!

Me : Well then, that means you haven’t been reading my latest post which I password protected it after being public for 4 hours at most 🙂 oh well.

S : I’m sorry, I don’t “stalk” you anymore

Me : Funny…greg said “stalked” too…

S : Well you did say that I stalk you before. Which is why I said that. Mainly because you fail to understand that i was using something i did not know how to use in order to call you.

Me : I get it already…and luckily…I’m not prone to be emotional cause I really feel like crying now

S : Though I will admit I was a bit wacky -_- crying for what? Pebbles? -_-

Me : Maybe, maybe not

S : There is no sense beating around the bush, Jess

Me : But my job is to beat around the bush till the client spills all

S : Yeah, but guess what Jessica…I’m not one of your client

Me : Maybe I’m doing it to myself, hmm?

S : Don’t be all analytical. Make things simple for once why don’t you? You always complicate things more than they should

Me : Lecturers have been saying things to us, I can’t help it. They told us, when we feel down, take a day off then come back being normal again after. Maybe that’s why I wanted this profession, it has me written all over 😛

S : A crazy person can’t be helped if the helper is crazy themselves 😛

Me : That’s why I am not crazy? I am rational at all time, kthx

S : Rational my ass XD

Me : I’m eccentric-ly rational 😛

S : Lol I love you XD

Me : Oh psh

S : you brat 😛

Me : I’m no brat, I’m an old bat

S : Ye ol’ bratty bat

Me : I can’t wait to migrate to Australia and adopt kids and just live a solitary life with em

S : Pshaw, I’ll be bugging your happy ass

Me : D:

S : Why do you think I’m trying so hard? In school.

Me : o_o why? For your future of course

S : Well, yea. But there’s more to it than that

Me : Erm…to be all-knowing?

S : Eh no c’mon don’t act stupid

Me : You know I’m damn stupid =.=”

S : Don’t start that shit XD C’mon Jess, gimme an honest guess

Me : Ever wonder why I went into psychology? To use confusing words to confuse my clients into talking. I don’thave to guess.

S : The tell me the answer

Me : I meant I don’t have to guess the client. The client tells all

S : I’m not your freakin’ client, I’m your fucking friend

Me : Thus why I don’t get what you’re saying -sighs-

S : Thus my ass XD

Me : …

S : C’mon Jess, I know you’re not that stupid

Me : I’m like an ostrich with her head in the ground, S…

S : I noticed, and I’m gonna yank it if you don’t pull it out…that didn’t sound right…but you get the idea 😛

Me : Erm…you’re studying damn hard to…come to Australia to bug me?

S : Well yea. I want to go to school with you…I want to be near you in general. I have enough money to go to Malaysia and back 4 times and a GPA that could get a scholarship bu just saying Hi…this is all thanks to my beloved AP courses XD and I love history…

Me : I hope you meant that in a double way that Marie is in Malaysia too o_o

S : o_o; I guess I’m bragging but I don’t mean to look like I’m bragging or look self centered x.x no she lives in Canada, in Toronto. I don’t know what I’m gonna do XD but I’ll figure it out I guess o.o maybe meeting me would uhm cause you to like me again…but I don’t know

Me : Ok…I have no idea what to say except that you should be holding onto Marie. cause to tell you the truth, I’m planning to just keep single now

S : Who said anything about it happening now

Me : Life would be WAY better if I’m a old spinster 😀 old meaning that I die as one XD

S : Ye won’t 😛 I won’t letcha XP

Me : Why are you doing this to me knowing that I just got out of another relationship…painfully -sighs-

S : Jess, I’m not asking you to be with me now, I’m asking you to talk to me, that’s it.

Then we started going into other topics cause he knows he’s stressing me out I guess? And that was about it…Ok, to give you a brief idea. When I broke up with Greg, after a few months, I started dating S. But then Greg wanted to get back with me again and I just don’t feel that S and I really clicked so I told Greg, yes. So when S found out, we had a huge fight over it and then he tried to emotionally blackmail me back my saying he wanted to die, he’s dying and such but no, I didn’t retun and stuck to Greg…till now that is……

::::::::::::::::::::MSN with D::::::::::::::::::::

Ok well, this is going to be hard cause I can’t seem to get the earlier history for our conversation. Basically he was saying that he has had a bad relationship where the girl he used to date was dating him a week and the next thing he knew she left him and got impregnated by another guy. Like omg!! I’m feeling sorry for D, really!! So I said not to worry because there are better girls than her in the world and that he shouldn’t be so caught up in that. And he said yea, he already found her…and that’s me o_o so I decided to tell him stuffs about me

Beginning : (Can’t remember how it went but basically like this)

Me : I’mma make a server but I need to keep money for a dedicated host 😀

D : Hmm, if you married me, you won’t have to worry about those lol

Me : Why’s that?

D : Well you obviously don’t know what a future tech (something can’t remember what) earns.

Me : How much?

D : About $500 per hour (hour/day, not sure D: )

Me : Lol not that desperate to marry into money XD

Later : (I have the history records for these at least 😀 )

Me : You know what?

D : ?

Me : The other day on my birthday, my friends told me that I am of bad girlfriend quality.

D : Why?

Me : Well, they said I am a expensive girl with expensive taste XD Did I mention I get bored easily? Another reason why you shouldn’t like me 😛

D : One thing you should know about me. I’m a very thicj brick wall and the only thing that’s gonna break me is a missile.

Me : And what kinda missile is that?

D : The missile my ex holds

Me : D: you know I won’t do that…too traditional for my own good…

Well…that’s all I remember but there was more to it that disappeared from my MSN history list…cause I remember asking him how come he likes me even if he haven’t seen me before and he said that I haven’t seen him as well yet I’m still friends with him and well you get what I mean. He even told me he wanted to live in Perth with me cause I told him before that I wanted to move there…when I said, it might not come true about me living there cause I haven’t the money and he asked if he was in that dream of mine as well…

-Sighs- is it too late for me to go in Lesbianisme? Cause I think I should either convert into a Lesbian or lock myself up in a monastery and I heard I get to live longer as a nun 😀

Also, a friend of mine is ALSO having this problem…granted that she’s pretty good looking, intelligent and as fair a snow white!! They can both shout into the mirror and ask “Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?!?!” and the mirror will think for YEARS and still not get an answer XD

The whole point of this article is…are men the ones now looking for love and companionships rather than the females nowadays? Are the roles of men and women starting to switch between each other? I mean, personally, I think wanting to be together all the time with the same person is boring…I need my own space and other people too…not just one 😛

So what are your opinions on this, hmm? Oh wow…such a long article XD

and now I shall end it with a quote :

Relationships are like buses. You miss the first bus, never mind, catch the next bus. And if you miss the next bus as well, no worries, there are more where that came from 😀

by Mr Sivan, Counseling Skills Lecturer of UTAR




  1. April 9, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    […] Aiseh…today bangun, bath, brush teeth, change clothes, ate lunch, come back blog a “little bit” then go kap ha the PPS and I saw “this” and with a sneaking suspicion, I saw […]

  2. wan yean said,

    April 10, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    hey there stranger. i love you.

    that’s so lame. are those guys you were talking to in form 3?

    I wished they were, but they’re not unfortunately D:

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