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Aiseh…today bangun, bath, brush teeth, change clothes, ate lunch, come back blog a “little bit” then go kap ha the PPS and I saw “this” and with a sneaking suspicion, I saw “THIS” as well woi!! After reading 5Xmom‘s blog and Cedric‘s blog I of course, breath a sigh of relief la cause it’s a 2 in 1 tag teaming against me lo. But then ah, 5xmom she tagged everyone in her list XD so it’s all Cedric XD!!! This tag had originated from this dude from “The Urban Monk

So oklah, thanks to both of them, I shall now tell you all what I would do and say if this were to be my last post due to the fact that the Blog Apocalypse has fallen upon mankind all thanks to the “bloody government” which I DO NOT DOUBT WILL HAPPEN!!! So okay lah lemme begin so I can finish this off before you all for asleep XD

Blog Apocalyse

Ok, assuming this is the last time I will be blogging due to this net-wide phenomenon I would probably go numb la cause I so samfu blog about things that are important to me and now cannot blog about those kinda stuff anymore so…I will say this :

Dear Readers,

You may or may not know me. But I am the author and owner of The Undeniable Beauty. I haven’t been blogging for very long. However I did have 2 other blogs before I came to achieve this Blogging Obsession. So anyways, when I thought back as to why those other 2 blogs failed to achieve any long term bloggings by me, I realize that I never dared to talk about my feelings before in the past. I chose to close myself up because inside, I knew that I’d be showing my weaknesses to others around me and that just sucks…

But that was years ago. However now, I realize that to have courage is to be afraid and be able to say that I am afraid. So what if I can’t tell people how I feel? I write because I WANT to and not think what other people WANT from me. I realize that living my the other people’s rules, by conforming to them is not actually helping me out in a good way. It’s just making me more like THEM, the society. Therefore I created The Undeniable Beauty to bring out the real me and the me that I want to see and others to wake up and smell and Bunga Tahi Ayam (Chicken Shit Flower) and say “Oh wow, so THAT’s her…what a difference…I’m not sure what to say…” yes, I don’t want to be the thorn in my ass just cause you want me to be that way. That’s just bull…

Many people have asked me before “Why The Undeniable Beauty? You’re not even beautiful. In fact, you’re downright fat and ugly” hahaha, thanks 😀 but hey, I don’t mind being ugly. At least I don’t look like you who looks just about like everyone in the world. The super thin, and slick kinda person. Reminds me of Barbie. What’s “beauty” anyways? Well, can you truly say that what you think is beautiful is what others think too? No 🙂 What I think is beautiful, to you would be downright ugly and is not worth mentioning about at all.

So what I am trying to say, don’t judge people before judging yourself. What might be ugly is not necessarily be bad and what is beautiful may not be good at all. Don’t you know? Most serial killers look pretty innocent and good looking and you would never think that person would ever kill. However, the most hardworking person who have slaved for your attention could be the most ugliest person in the world yet he would be the most beautiful individual cause he has a good heart. That’s what I think.

I don’t know if I can thank anybody for inspiring me to carry on with this blogging because all I can say is that without my feelings, I don’t think I would have continued, without my readers comments and support, I would have just left this to go to waste and just carry on in life as a common being, emotionless. Well, I should also thank my alter ego since she have helped me through to commit to this blog. My alter ego, is me. I would most of the times switch from my Id, ego and superego. They keep me sane and keep me true to myself.

So, according to my sources, this would be my last post ever on this blog and on all blogs for that matter…I shall consign myself to writing again in my diary and hide it away from your grubby eyes and shall never see my writings again. And all I can say is that we shall be able to get through this apocalypse with courage and hope that the “blogging ice age” will thaw off soon to let me continue 😀

Good bye and thanks for the support from reading and commenting. I love you all!!


And THAT people, would be my last article to all of you reading out there. I hope you all would get a life and stop mourning for my blog’s death. NOT!! That wasn’t a REAL REAL last article!! That’s just the meme I got from Cedric the monkey and 5xmom the K-Mak of the monkey 😀

Whoa…that was long…didn’t know I had it in me XD anyways it’s my turn to tag people around here, right?!?!? And besides, if the person who created this tag gets 500 participants, he’s gonna donate $500 to some charity. So it’s ALL for a good cause, kthx!!

So I’m gonna tag :

Well, enjoy this tag my beloved tagees 😀 And remember to link back to “The Urban Monk” so that he knows when he gets more participants I bet he did this to get up in ranks XD and tag me too kthx ^^ and all who aren’t tagged, you of course can participate as well 😀 $500 to charity is a fair amount to a Malaysian right? $500 = RM1750!!! Anyways I’m off to do another tag XD truly a tagged day =O




  1. theboinq said,

    April 9, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    aw man… I have to do it? lol

    Yea, you have to do it XD~ know why? Cause I did it too hahaha~

  2. April 9, 2007 at 10:12 pm

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  3. April 10, 2007 at 3:53 am

    […] was blog-surfing among my friend’s blogs. And soon after I stumbled upon a post in this blog, The Undeniable Beauty, a friend of mine.  The title of the post suggests something similar to the title above. However, […]

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