My Grasp on the Chinese Language…

今天学了新的东西。那就是什么呢?那就是华语啊!什么?不明我所说的话吗?对不起哦 😮

Translation :
Today I’ve learned something new. And what is that? Well, it’s the language! What? You don’t understand what I’m saying? Oh, sorry 😮

Ooops, heh, sorry about that. I was just so caught up in being able to type in Chinese on my computer 😮 I seriously never knew thus I’m like a lil kid with her new toy XD 讲到这一点呢...(regarding this…) I have never taken languages seriously at all…

There was a time when I have scoffed at the usage of Chinese, I never liked that language before. I never got the hang of all the difficult words cause for every sound, there are very many meanings. I couldn’t cope with any of it. I often get frustrated when it comes to Chinese studies.

Ashamed to say, I gave up Chinese studies in Form Two, beginning of the year. This was because I wasn’t doing very well in classes and I just couldn’t get what was so important about knowing the confusing language and in the end, I got a measly 9% in my first monthly exam in Form Two. Frustrated, I gave up and just quit.

My parents had a fit when they found out about this, yet they already knew it was a long time coming. I’ve already mentioned before that I didn’t want to go for Chinese classes anymore in Form One, but I guess they have put their hopes up too high…as they always do…so after informing my teacher about my decision, I was free. Free from having to do a subject I never liked, free to go on to bigger and better things, free to…oh what am I saying, now the Chinese language in itself represents a lot seeing as how China is becoming a bigger investment in the world, that is where current job opportunities lie.

But hey, let’s say I’m not going to be placed there to work. But in Malaysia, majority Chinese don’t know English very well. And as a future Psychologist, wouldn’t I be a banana among my clients? I wouldn’t be able to help anyone if I can’t communicate with them. So what am I suppose to do then? Use hand language?

So like that lah, I’ll be using Chinese more frequent after my exams but I won’t be forgoing my deteriorating grasp on English ever since I started studying in KTAR up to now in UTAR. If you can speak and write at least 3 languages, you’re a damn lucky person and a highly educated one in my eyes. I salute you*!

* : Terms and conditions apply.



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