An Eye For An Eye

Alamak…last night, all cause of THAT chocolate, it’s causing me such pain D: I’m in terrible pain now and all this thanks to…


Yesterday, after doing some stuff over the computer, I went and watch some TV, Astro Channel 30 got Chinese Drama Series mah so must watch la. So anyways, I saw my sister eating chocolate and she didn’t bother to share so I mah ask her for some lo.

Reluctantly, she threw a few over to me and it was like I was bombarded by tiny bombs, painful D:!! So anyways, I ate the chocolates happily la seeing as how I’m a chocolate addict and it’s been a few days since I had any chocolates.

The thing is, after eating, my eye started to itch, so like any normal human being that is lazy enough to use the fingers/hand to rub at it, suddenly I cannot stop rubbing at it…the whole night I was just rubbing, rubbing and rubbing non-stop. It hurt so badly yet it’s itching like hell. It was driving me up the wall, I JUST had to get rid of the itch.

So after some hours of rubbing, my eye macam bengkak (swollen) already…my eye bigger than the other ( X _ x ) as if I was glaring at someone and to me it was like someone was forcing my swollen eye to close up!!! 😡

So frustrating la!!! And you know whose fault is it?! No la!! It’s not the chocolate’s fault, Chocolates are NEVER at fault!!! NEVEEERRR!!! It’s my SISTER‘s fault, I tell you!!!


What did she do? She gave me the Eye Infection which turns out to be the Bacterial Eye Infection!!!!! This eye is damn irritated OKAY!!! All I do is “cry” all day long. Some more wake up that time, eye cannot open at all. And yes, I said EYE not EYES cause only one side got infected…damn it man…how to study like this? Some more what’s worse, all of a sudden I get a sneezing fit!! Last night and today =.-” cannot stop sneezing at all.

But you know what’s funny, my sister is once again the STARTER or all DISEASES!!! The last time was during Chinese New Year, gave me the cough then I of course, had to pass it on to everybody else in my class WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

But now, it’s my study leave, got no one else to pass it to, but my sister however, she has had human contact since yesterday and guess what? 3 of her other friends got infected too LOL. Not to mention that we’re her family, so guess what? Yes, not only did I contract it but my mom as well as my maid got it too!!! HAHAHAHAHA But then ah, my maid is cooking lol so I’m expecting more red eyes soon =.-”

Anyway, we just came back from the clinic and like, we went in, registered and waited for our turn. There were only 4 other people there to see the doctor where only 2 were the patients and the other two just came to flirt with the nurses =.-” So when the nurse called the first fella in, we were expecting a long wait, but what do you know…he came out in less than FIVE MINUTES!!! Like WTF?!? The next fella went in and it was the same with him O.o!!!!!

So then, it was our turn 0.o” so we went in, all three of us, my mom, sis and me.And the doctor, looked at us and started prescribing medication for all of us without even asking more than one question O.o!!!!! Damn smart woi!!! So then my mom asked if she could give more eye medication cause there’s like 7 of us at home.

Doctor : “How many of you are there?

Mom : “7 of us.

Doctor : “Well seeing as this both…” (meaning me and my sis) “…are the more serious one, I’ll prescribe 2 bottles for each of them. Then I’ll give you another 3 for the rest of you since it’s not serious for you all yet.

Mom : “My maid also got it from her…” (my sis) “…and it’s already serious, so can you give her one as well?

Doctor : “Ok, then I’ll give 3 to each of them and 3 more for the rest.

Mom : “Why 3? There are four of us left

Doctor : “Well, it’s not serious right?

Mom : “No. But isn’t it better to give all four of us also?

Doctor : “You see, if you open all the bottles, it will be of no use in a months time, so it’s better if the four of you share cause it’s not serious and you don’t need as much as the other three.

Mom : “But there’s four of us, and what if it becomes worse overnight?

Doctor and Mom haggles and haggles and in the end, the doctor won due to her professional expertise. But hey, can’t blame my mom for being the mother hen 🙂 no wonder we love her ^^. During this whole visit, let me tell you, the doctor, she didn’t dare to look any of us in the eyes XD what a LAUGH!!!

So like that la, RM80 for the whole 10 minute visit and the medication which also includes PANADOLS, hey, my house got Panadol also okay, takyahlah give it to us and charge us some more!! ISH!! So blah, time for another round of medical eye drops…hopefully it gets better by Monday cause I have no more time to study T-T

See the pictures below!! That’s me with the “ZOMGWTFBBQ!!” infection…

Picture #1 : Look at that…my left eye is smaller compared to the right eye =.-”
Picture #2 : That’s a close up on the eyes, see the redness?

First time my eye is THAT red, kay!! Even when I cried over my beloved grandmother’s grave or when my daddy was admitted to the hospital or when my mom had a surgery or when I had a nervous breakdown and cried also not red. My eye was always grayish white…never red. And all this I have to thank my sister for =.-”



Eye Infections
Eye infections are characterized by discharge and usually crusting around the eyelid. This can sometimes cause the eyelid to be stuck shut in the morning. The eye is usually red and feels irritated like something is in it. Usually these symptoms come on quickly, within a day or two. It may spread from one eye to the next. The two most common causes of eye infections are bacteria and viruses.

Bacterial Eye Infections
Since this is caused by bacteria, antibiotics will kill the bacteria and make the infection get better. All of the antibiotic eye drops require a prescription and there are many different types of drops and ointments. Most of the drop require you to put one drop in the eye four times a day. The drops are comfortable and are well tolerated.



  1. Robb said,

    April 15, 2007 at 1:43 pm

    looks like some1 have been watching porn 😡


  2. Bell said,

    April 15, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    Isn’t that called conjunctivitis or something like that? There’s a bacterial and viral type. A girl at my work got it once, she managed to pass it to one other person before both being forced to take leave for 1 week each. I so suffer, we were short staffed and the bosses cousin came in to help out and she was so bloody useless, but cannot scold her cos she related to boss ma. *sigh*

    I heard it was terrible. eyes all crusted over and can’t open and constantly spewing pus. ewww! Hope it’s all better. *hugs*

    OMG!! That is SO the word!! I was looking for it ALL OVER!!! THANKS!! -Bows in awe- And yes, that’s the bacteria that attacked me with all those pus and whatever, but it’s only in the mornings. Can’t get my eyes to open -.-”

    And it’s now attacking both my eyes. Not painful anymore but I can’t seem to make my eyes stop blurring at everything. Hard for me to study for my exams which are next week T-T And thanks for the concern. -Stays far away to prevent massive eye-plague outbreaks!!-

  3. Bell said,

    April 15, 2007 at 9:57 pm

    Ya… i found the wiki site for it… so you probably had bacterial conjunctivitis…

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