Blog Addiction-Withdrawal Syndrome

Brief Explanation

Blog Addiction is when normal individuals with penned-up emotions deal in the higher power of “Journal Writing” where these individuals not only write their personal feelings into a electrical device called the “Computer” and transfer it into the online journal called a “Blog” and allows strangers to read their inner most darkest feelings. Blog Addiction occurs when these individuals, “Bloggers“, are finding a hard time getting off their “blogging device” and is unable to stop “blogging” for a certain amount of time. This term was discovered when time began and people started “blogging“.

It may be seen as a normal behavior since it resembles more of a child playing with their new toy. However, new toys will only last so long. Eventually all good things comes to an end. These blogging individuals would eventually fall prey to the Blog Addiction Withdrawal Syndrome..


Blog Addiction-Withdrawal Syndrome, commonly known as the Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Procrastinators is a very common disease that with the increasing amount of bloggers appearing on the online scene, the rate of these blog-victims are increasing as this report is being done. It can result to physical and mental weakening, and destruction of families and relationships around the blogger.

Although these Bloggers with this syndrome are often seen as procrastinators, only a minority of them are really dedicated to their blogs. And it is also these group of people that suffer the most while the rest are just blog spammers.

Physical and Mental weakening includes irritability, anxiety and insomnia after the blogger has stopped writing articles for their blog. Destruction of families and relationships are caused when the blogger goes back into a withdrawn state where they feel a need to pent up their thoughts and emotions causing those around the blogger to keep their distance.

Blog Addiction-Withdrawal Syndrome are commonly found in almost every blogger in the world and even blogders (Blog Readers) which is becoming increasingly common.


  • Irritability;
  • Anxiety;
  • Insomnia;
  • Blog Craving;
  • Obsessive Compulsive Behavior towards real life events;
  • Subconsciously writing in a diary;
  • Withdrawal towards real life situations;
  • Distances from family and friends;
  • Consistently staring at the monitor;
  • Fingers are constantly tapping on any surface available.
  • Often goes “He said, open quotation mark, bold, italic, he loves me, unitalic, unbold, close quotation mark


Obsessivecompulsiveometer (OCM) as well as the Addictiveogram (AG) is needed to examine the level of addiction and the withdrawal of the blogger. It may show the level as to which the blogger is at with levels between sanity and insanity.


There are a few treatments available to cure this syndrome :

  • Buy a stress ball and finger it.
  • Get a “How to NOT get Blog Addiction-Withdrawal Syndrome for Dummies” guide.
  • Get rid of the computer and anything to do with it and migrate to the mountains and live as a hermit.
  • Re-blog again.
  • Go for rehabilitation.
  • See a psychiatrist or a psychologist

And if those does not work for you at all, well you just need a dosage of “You-shouldn’t-have-blog-in-the-first-place-if-you-can’t-handle-it” pills or perhaps a whack in the head with our “It-looks-like-a-hammer-but-it’s-scientifically-an-amnesia-tool“.

Disclaimer :
This is merely a research done by a student (ME) on what people often suffer from. Most of these syndromes are commonly found near you or near your family. Other syndromes are found to have existed but are rarely seen these days. If you are found to have these syndromes, please, please, please! Call 1800-FREAKS-ALERT or email us at to try and solve your diseases!! Or if you noticed your friends, family or anyone around you with these symptoms, please email us at!!

To find out more of our researched case studies, please refer to our list of “Case Studies“, thank you. Help us, help you!!



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