The Plague Has Begun!

The plague has arrived, right here, just next to you. What do I mean? I mean the plague you foolish one!! Listen up now and listen clear. The tale that I’ll be telling is long and winded and to save yourself, you’d better listen, dearies.

Origins : Yen
Disease : Conjunctivitis

Victim(s) : Jessica

Victim(s) : Lucy, Yen’s Friend #1, Yen’s Friend #2

Victim(s) : Shan, Yen’s Friend #2, Yen’s Friend #3, Yen’s Friend #4

Victim(s) : Daddy, Yen’s Friend #5

Please be aware that 3 out of the 4 reds are now confined in their own homes to prevent the plague from passing. However, do not believe that you are safe in the least. Eight of the eleven other people infected by the disease are still running around the world highly excited of this passing disease and are heard bragging about how “funny” this situation is.

Originator : But you gotta admit, this is funny.

Me : =.=” how is it funny? I can’t even study now, woi…

Originator : Think la, if we all go to school and pass here and there, then the next time you see, all those who DIDN’T get it will be quarantined at home to keep the plague OUT XD~

Me : So that’s funny o_O”?

Originator : Yea!

Me : =.=”…

People from this (SMK Damansara Utama) school are asked to beware and look out for this disease. This is not to exclude the public but also as a warning that this disease is very passable (as in not get a pass for exams wokai? But pass from one person to another.) Please be cautious at all times. Do not touch your finger directly to your eyes. Even if you are not poking at your eyes, please use tissues at all times when coming in contact with your face. Wash your hands constantly and prevent from getting poked in the eyes by naughty individuals.

Please be cautious but do not be alarmed as well due to the fact that Conjunctivitis does NOT kill!!! It just causes you to have massive red eye and it would feel like someone is sticking their eyes into your cornea. And do not be alarmed and think that you have become an emo person if you find yourself crying at every tiny little thing like killing an ant. It’s dead, move on!

Also, massive amount of pus leakage will happen especially while you are sleeping and thus finding yourself unable to wake up in the morning because your eyes are sealed shut by the dried pus as if someone just cellophane taped-ed your eyes shut.

This is a service message sponsored by The Undeniable Beauty to the public.



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