Wind of Change

Something big is coming soon…a big change is about to happen…the lid is shut tight on the case…nothing is coming out from source.

No one is talking, nothing is being said. All they know that a change is coming underway. It’s all planned. Something big is coming and the change will begin. A cover up story is being made and ready for the day when changes will come.Till then, everything will be closed up and nothing will be mentioned.

What is it? What’s happening? WHAT?!?!

Calm down, I’m sure it ain’t that that…

What’s it gonna DO to US?

Nothing dear, it’s just all a lie to make us panic

But dear sir, it’s not a emergency drill and it’s not just to make you panic. It’s big…it truly is…you should prepare for the storm…it’s coming your way soon. Take cover, get ready!! There’s no place to hide, really. It’ll eventually get you. But don’t worry, embrace it for it will…Change.Your.View.

Be prepared…



1 Comment

  1. wan yean said,

    April 18, 2007 at 10:29 am

    u’re turning this site into a sex blog complete with pictures and vids? that’ll really change my view! 🙂

    We’ll see 😉

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