We Shouldn’t, Wouldn’t, Couldn’t!

I shouldn’t.

I wouldn’t.

I couldn’t.

It’s too soon. We’ve only just begun. We’re not familiar to each other to go there yet. It’s an impulse we shouldn’t take. It’s too dangerous! I couldn’t, couldn’t couldn’t!

You shouldn’t.

You wouldn’t.

You couldn’t.

You mustn’t make me go to the next level. it’s too soon. It’s unthinkable. What would our parents say. What would we tell them! I wouldn’t, wouldn’t, wouldn’t!

We shouldn’t.

We wouldn’t.

We couldn’t.

You’re too cruel. Using emotional blackmail on me. Making me make this decision. It’s just not right. It’s all too soon for us! I shouldn’t, shouldn’t, shouldn’t!

I shouldn’t.

You wouldn’t.

We wouldn’t.

It’s all a mistake. I shouldn’t have gone to you. You shouldn’t have taken advantage. And we shouldn’t be here now doing this. It’s too cruel. How can you make me do this! Why did I make you make me do this…

I’m guilty.

You’re guilty.

We’re both guilty.

Those days of fun and youthful disregard has finally lead to our downfall. We’re now forced to get together by both our parents. I see no other way out. I told you it was a bad idea to do it. And now we have to pay the price.

I’m sorry.

You’re sorry.

We’re sorry.

But now it’s too late. What is done is done. We are now stuck together till the deed is done. Nothing can be done to stop them for making us finish what we started. We’re sorry. But we’re guilty. So from now on, we shall do your bidding and let our baby go…

Bye bye baby, we love you with all our hearts. Mummy will always love you. But we’re sorry we can’t keep you. You’ll always be in our hearts. We love you!!

My Baby – Adopted

We’ll miss you!! T-T



  1. huei said,

    April 19, 2007 at 9:31 am

    i’m sure she understands..u’re a good mummy!

  2. wan yean said,

    April 19, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    u shouldn’t, tell me u wouldn’t write like that anymore. makes my imagination run wild.

    But it’s oh so fun. It seriously is 😛 and besides, we (him and me) did it and we (him and me) got a baby lol. So what’s so wrong about writing that? -Looks innocently around-

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