Sleepy Changes…

Something new is coming…I can taste it!! It’s so close that it’s causing me to feel damn tired…so tired…I feel my eyes just shutting all the time!! And I can’t let that happen…I have to go to my cousin’s new shop opening later at 11.30am.

What’s more, when I get back, I wanna go to the salon to get a haircut, go to Sinma to shop for some hair clips, choose the clothes I wanna wear to tonight’s outing to go see Good Charlotte, come back and blog about it and then study some more for my exams and THEN only I sleep…

And I’m estimating that to be around 2am in the morning tomorrow…not 11.15am today D: aiks T-T so sleepy D: what to do!!!

Anyways, the change is coming soon, just be sure to check it out for I’ll be announcing it pretty soon 😀


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