So much to say, so little time…

Okay, okay, I know I got lots to blog about in here since yesterday but I’ve not the time to do so now so I’ll do it later after I announce what the coming changes are. But I’m gonna keep a tight lid on the whole affair. So be patient yea?

Anyways, wanna know about the Good Charlotte concert and all? Sure, I wanna know too if I didn’t go that day but I did and I can’t talk about it now. I’m busy with studying and some other stuff. So be patient yea. I promise that it’ll be SO worth it to know!!

Yes I’m serious. And due to my current inactive-ness, you’ll be seeing more short articles instead of long ones like I’m used to making. So for now, be PATIENT!!!

PATIENCE is a virtue you know!! Anyways, I really got to go now. I’ll be in serious trouble for my exams if I can’t concentrate for longer than 3 hours per day D; so I’ll just sign off now hoping that it rains so that I can’t distract myself from my studies by blogging D:

Damn my blog-addicted self ):


1 Comment

  1. zewt said,

    May 22, 2007 at 11:10 pm

    we are all blog-addict… we all are…

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