Packing Up And Moving On…

Yes, you read the title correctly! I’m gonna pack up my typing tools and moving on in life. I’m not gonna blog here again after this…it’s my choice to let this blog go and rot in the corner of the World Wide Web (WWW). No, I would not, WILL not change my mind now and forever.

It’s just my time to let go of The Undeniable Beauty the blog that I’ve grown like a baby, it’s grown up now and it’s time for it to leave it’s mommy (me) and do with it what it will.

It’s saddening to leave this blog, it truly is. I’ve been faithful to blogging almost 5 months now…I’ve never lasted that long before…usually I’d just stop after almost a month either by will or by force. And now I’m saying goodbye to this baby and moving on T-T

I’ll miss you, baby. I’ll still come back to pluck links off you. I’ll even come back to remember the old times, the good ol’ past of ours. This I will cherish. You shall hold within you, a part of my past. A past that after this post will be left with you and be protected by you. Yes, I’m handing all these to you, my baby. I love you D:


On a lighter note, dear readers, aren’t you curious where and what I’m gonna do from now on? Of course you are. Even if you aren’t, you’re interested enough to be thinking that “I knew it!! She couldn’t even LAST 6 months!! HAH!! And she calls herself a beauty. What a LAUGH!!!” well? you, aren’t you? 😉 I knew it all along.

But I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, your disillusionment of me going off to play with myself and be nice to the other kiddies or even start writing in my own diary again. NO!! I’m too far gone to go back. In fact…I’ve got myself a My “Oh-So-New” Sanctuary!! Lol, yes, a new blogging arena 😀 and this time I’mma be a big girl as my age tells me to be and start paying for things I need.

And indeed I did. I’m going to pay for my new domain!! And it’s called ““. What? It’s short and nice!! And it’s just the RIGHT name for my blog kthx!! …oh all right!! I only took that name cause and is TAKEN T-T

Anyways, link me back up again, ok you guys? I’d appreciate it if you showered me with congratulatory comments and if you wanna, hate comments too. LOL. Anyway, I gotta go now. Look at the time =.=” I been up ALL NIGHT!!!

So? What are you waiting for? Oh right, the name. It’s called :

The Undeniable Beauty – Revamped

Hey, why change my identity when I’ve already gotten such a moderate reputation with it? 😛



  1. huei said,

    April 23, 2007 at 10:00 am

    a new start!
    i’ll change the link! hehe =D

    Thanks ^^

  2. Guang said,

    April 23, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    Looks like the Blog Apocalypse post killed this blog huh?! LOL

    Good to hear you got a new better shinier more sparkly blog! 😉

    Yea man, it so totally did. My poor blog. It got caught in the middle X3

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