Dear readers,

Having problems with my new blog. Apparently the database whatever deleted something by it’s own and now there’s fucked-up problems and I had to delete the WHOLE blog. What’s worse, I can’t even get to reinstall the wordpress platform again due to my domain name is still being used to house the old blog’s stuff and needs to be sorted out later on.

So now that there is trouble in paradise. I would have to say that I feel like bashing someone now and I’m damn frustrated. Now I shall go and study for my next exam tomorrow. Good night.

Angrily yours,


Wind of Change

Something big is coming soon…a big change is about to happen…the lid is shut tight on the case…nothing is coming out from source.

No one is talking, nothing is being said. All they know that a change is coming underway. It’s all planned. Something big is coming and the change will begin. A cover up story is being made and ready for the day when changes will come.Till then, everything will be closed up and nothing will be mentioned.

What is it? What’s happening? WHAT?!?!

Calm down, I’m sure it ain’t that that…

What’s it gonna DO to US?

Nothing dear, it’s just all a lie to make us panic

But dear sir, it’s not a emergency drill and it’s not just to make you panic. It’s big…it truly is…you should prepare for the storm…it’s coming your way soon. Take cover, get ready!! There’s no place to hide, really. It’ll eventually get you. But don’t worry, embrace it for it will…Change.Your.View.

Be prepared…


The Plague Has Begun!

The plague has arrived, right here, just next to you. What do I mean? I mean the plague you foolish one!! Listen up now and listen clear. The tale that I’ll be telling is long and winded and to save yourself, you’d better listen, dearies.

Origins : Yen
Disease : Conjunctivitis

Victim(s) : Jessica

Victim(s) : Lucy, Yen’s Friend #1, Yen’s Friend #2

Victim(s) : Shan, Yen’s Friend #2, Yen’s Friend #3, Yen’s Friend #4

Victim(s) : Daddy, Yen’s Friend #5

Please be aware that 3 out of the 4 reds are now confined in their own homes to prevent the plague from passing. However, do not believe that you are safe in the least. Eight of the eleven other people infected by the disease are still running around the world highly excited of this passing disease and are heard bragging about how “funny” this situation is.

Originator : But you gotta admit, this is funny.

Me : =.=” how is it funny? I can’t even study now, woi…

Originator : Think la, if we all go to school and pass here and there, then the next time you see, all those who DIDN’T get it will be quarantined at home to keep the plague OUT XD~

Me : So that’s funny o_O”?

Originator : Yea!

Me : =.=”…

People from this (SMK Damansara Utama) school are asked to beware and look out for this disease. This is not to exclude the public but also as a warning that this disease is very passable (as in not get a pass for exams wokai? But pass from one person to another.) Please be cautious at all times. Do not touch your finger directly to your eyes. Even if you are not poking at your eyes, please use tissues at all times when coming in contact with your face. Wash your hands constantly and prevent from getting poked in the eyes by naughty individuals.

Please be cautious but do not be alarmed as well due to the fact that Conjunctivitis does NOT kill!!! It just causes you to have massive red eye and it would feel like someone is sticking their eyes into your cornea. And do not be alarmed and think that you have become an emo person if you find yourself crying at every tiny little thing like killing an ant. It’s dead, move on!

Also, massive amount of pus leakage will happen especially while you are sleeping and thus finding yourself unable to wake up in the morning because your eyes are sealed shut by the dried pus as if someone just cellophane taped-ed your eyes shut.

This is a service message sponsored by The Undeniable Beauty to the public.


An Eye For An Eye

Alamak…last night, all cause of THAT chocolate, it’s causing me such pain D: I’m in terrible pain now and all this thanks to…


Yesterday, after doing some stuff over the computer, I went and watch some TV, Astro Channel 30 got Chinese Drama Series mah so must watch la. So anyways, I saw my sister eating chocolate and she didn’t bother to share so I mah ask her for some lo.

Reluctantly, she threw a few over to me and it was like I was bombarded by tiny bombs, painful D:!! So anyways, I ate the chocolates happily la seeing as how I’m a chocolate addict and it’s been a few days since I had any chocolates.

The thing is, after eating, my eye started to itch, so like any normal human being that is lazy enough to use the fingers/hand to rub at it, suddenly I cannot stop rubbing at it…the whole night I was just rubbing, rubbing and rubbing non-stop. It hurt so badly yet it’s itching like hell. It was driving me up the wall, I JUST had to get rid of the itch.

So after some hours of rubbing, my eye macam bengkak (swollen) already…my eye bigger than the other ( X _ x ) as if I was glaring at someone and to me it was like someone was forcing my swollen eye to close up!!! 😡

So frustrating la!!! And you know whose fault is it?! No la!! It’s not the chocolate’s fault, Chocolates are NEVER at fault!!! NEVEEERRR!!! It’s my SISTER‘s fault, I tell you!!!


What did she do? She gave me the Eye Infection which turns out to be the Bacterial Eye Infection!!!!! This eye is damn irritated OKAY!!! All I do is “cry” all day long. Some more wake up that time, eye cannot open at all. And yes, I said EYE not EYES cause only one side got infected…damn it man…how to study like this? Some more what’s worse, all of a sudden I get a sneezing fit!! Last night and today =.-” cannot stop sneezing at all.

But you know what’s funny, my sister is once again the STARTER or all DISEASES!!! The last time was during Chinese New Year, gave me the cough then I of course, had to pass it on to everybody else in my class WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

But now, it’s my study leave, got no one else to pass it to, but my sister however, she has had human contact since yesterday and guess what? 3 of her other friends got infected too LOL. Not to mention that we’re her family, so guess what? Yes, not only did I contract it but my mom as well as my maid got it too!!! HAHAHAHAHA But then ah, my maid is cooking lol so I’m expecting more red eyes soon =.-”

Anyway, we just came back from the clinic and like, we went in, registered and waited for our turn. There were only 4 other people there to see the doctor where only 2 were the patients and the other two just came to flirt with the nurses =.-” So when the nurse called the first fella in, we were expecting a long wait, but what do you know…he came out in less than FIVE MINUTES!!! Like WTF?!? The next fella went in and it was the same with him O.o!!!!!

So then, it was our turn 0.o” so we went in, all three of us, my mom, sis and me.And the doctor, looked at us and started prescribing medication for all of us without even asking more than one question O.o!!!!! Damn smart woi!!! So then my mom asked if she could give more eye medication cause there’s like 7 of us at home.

Doctor : “How many of you are there?

Mom : “7 of us.

Doctor : “Well seeing as this both…” (meaning me and my sis) “…are the more serious one, I’ll prescribe 2 bottles for each of them. Then I’ll give you another 3 for the rest of you since it’s not serious for you all yet.

Mom : “My maid also got it from her…” (my sis) “…and it’s already serious, so can you give her one as well?

Doctor : “Ok, then I’ll give 3 to each of them and 3 more for the rest.

Mom : “Why 3? There are four of us left

Doctor : “Well, it’s not serious right?

Mom : “No. But isn’t it better to give all four of us also?

Doctor : “You see, if you open all the bottles, it will be of no use in a months time, so it’s better if the four of you share cause it’s not serious and you don’t need as much as the other three.

Mom : “But there’s four of us, and what if it becomes worse overnight?

Doctor and Mom haggles and haggles and in the end, the doctor won due to her professional expertise. But hey, can’t blame my mom for being the mother hen 🙂 no wonder we love her ^^. During this whole visit, let me tell you, the doctor, she didn’t dare to look any of us in the eyes XD what a LAUGH!!!

So like that la, RM80 for the whole 10 minute visit and the medication which also includes PANADOLS, hey, my house got Panadol also okay, takyahlah give it to us and charge us some more!! ISH!! So blah, time for another round of medical eye drops…hopefully it gets better by Monday cause I have no more time to study T-T

See the pictures below!! That’s me with the “ZOMGWTFBBQ!!” infection…

Picture #1 : Look at that…my left eye is smaller compared to the right eye =.-”
Picture #2 : That’s a close up on the eyes, see the redness?

First time my eye is THAT red, kay!! Even when I cried over my beloved grandmother’s grave or when my daddy was admitted to the hospital or when my mom had a surgery or when I had a nervous breakdown and cried also not red. My eye was always grayish white…never red. And all this I have to thank my sister for =.-”



Eye Infections
Eye infections are characterized by discharge and usually crusting around the eyelid. This can sometimes cause the eyelid to be stuck shut in the morning. The eye is usually red and feels irritated like something is in it. Usually these symptoms come on quickly, within a day or two. It may spread from one eye to the next. The two most common causes of eye infections are bacteria and viruses.

Bacterial Eye Infections
Since this is caused by bacteria, antibiotics will kill the bacteria and make the infection get better. All of the antibiotic eye drops require a prescription and there are many different types of drops and ointments. Most of the drop require you to put one drop in the eye four times a day. The drops are comfortable and are well tolerated.

Pure Unadulterated Hate…

As I sit here writing this article, my body is shaking in frustration, there is an itch inside of my body that I yearn to scratch…it’s truly unbearable…my head aches in pain, the voice inside screams to be freed, the voice screams and screams and screams…


Can life be anymore unfair? Why is the Lord taking my life into his hands? Why can’t he leave it up to me when I wanted to die? Why must he take the strings of time and shorten it? WHY?!?! Have I sinned, my Lord? Have I done something in my past life to have deserved such a punishment? Or do you have a personal grudge on me that needs to be scratched?


They say that I’m not suppose to hate you, Lord. They said that it’s me whose at fault, I who didn’t want it to begin with, I who had no inkling of what is happening to me, I who am afraid of burdening my family, I who am not Your devotee…but why did You have to condemn me for being all those? Do You not have enough devotees to kill off to be Your minions? Why me? Am I not good enough to live for at least another 70 years on this earth You had created?


“It’s very treatable. All you have to do is go for the surgery and get rid of it”

“How much would the surgery cost me, doctor?”

“…it’ll be a lot, that is for sure, but the most important thing to do here is get you to do the surgery and be treated for chemotherapy…”

“I’ll have to think about it, doctor…”


Did You like to see my saddened face? My downfall in life as I blindly walk through life? My emotionless eyes look around me, I see everything yet I see nothing, nor could I hear nor speak…tears are coming to me as I thought back on my short lived years…20 years, Lord. That was all You wanted to give me, wasn’t it? Was this planned from the beginning? Since the day I was born, perhaps? If You had wanted me so much, why didn’t You just take me at birth? Why now? Now when MORE people will get hurt and mourn for my leaving?

You are truly cruel, Lord. Yet people see You as THEIR savior, THEIR Lord beyond the pearly gates of heaven…yet you tear love ones apart and leave them all in desolation…

But guess what, Lord. I shall not give in to this fate that You had created for me. I shall live my last days happy, my family shall know nothing of it and be clueless of the cruel crime You have committed till the very end, cutting short their pain and leaving all the burden of mourning to me until I give out my very last breath…

But needless to say, You have my pure unadulterated hate for the rest of my pitiful life, now and forever, I shall not forgive you and will never when I see the ashen-ed faces upon my loved ones when my time grows near. Till then, I shall let them believe nothing is wrong and everything is right in the world, Amen.

Broken Relationship

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

i’m too busy because of school to come online…i’m sorry for being a fucking bother to won’t have to worry about me talking to you anymore i’m fucking done. sorry for acting like i stalker i guess fucking bullshit.

Posted by Rock at 7:34 PM

Regarding to this post of yours, “i’m too busy because of school to come online” I’m assuming that you were quoting me. As a matter of fact, I AM busy. I thought you understood my situation and accepted it. I’ve told you time and time before that I didn’t want to make you sad again after just a couple minutes of coming online and disappearing again for weeks, even months! I thought you understood this…you even said you did…

i’m sorry for being a fucking bother to you.” A bother…? Then I guess you just don’t understand me at all. You think I don’t get emotionally down when I don’t see you? I fucking do, ok! Satisfied? But you know what? Since we don’t get each other…it’s better we don’t try at all. It’s just hurting both of us.

you won’t have to worry about me talking to you anymore i’m fucking done.” Done? I thought you already decided that when you posted this a while back…

Saturday, March 3, 2007
History Repeats in Reverse

Some say the most important thing in a relationship is trust and i agree, honestly i trust you 100% and i can say that honestly because while you’ve been gone i wasn’t worried about who you were with but rather sad at the fact that you’ve been gone for so long. But you’ve always known that i’ve trusted you in the first place. The second most important i think is communication and lately we haven’t had alot of it. saturday has come and gone for you and i’m writting this at about 2:11 AM sunday. Anyways I’m just writting this i guess to let you know how i feel. It goes without saying that i’ve been missing you alot and that’s been causing me to be more depressed as the days pass. I read your blog alot to see how you’re doing but for some reason that’s not enough. I know that you’re busy with school and you have a life of your own to live and all, but if everything else is so time consuming that i can’t see you more than twice a week and on the slim chance that you do come on that you’re swamped with work or having a meeting with your class mates then where do i fit in on your list of things to do? I always try to look at things from both sides, so i can understand that you have alot of work to do and projects and what not to get done and that getting on would probably put you behind. Also with your free time you probably go hang out and do stuff i’m guessing. yeah i guess i understand somewhat. and with you being sick lately that doesn’t make it any better. You’ve always tried to be there for me in the past and i don’t think that’s changed but lately i’ve been feeling more and more alone, left missing you and i don’t want to feel like that anymore. Yeah it’s selfish i guess to want to talk to you sometimes(all the time for about a month) but you’re no where to be found for quite a while. Plus right now you probably have more important things to be thinking of besides me honestly. if you closed your eyes and thought about it right now i bet you could think of about 5 if not more right away. that’s why i thinks it would be better if we split up again for a while…i was gone for a bit last time but wanted to do nothing but sit and chill with you when i got back like normal, but things won’t go back to normal for quite a while. (if it ever does go back) And on the off chance that it goes back to the normal before this whole thing became regular than who’s to say it won’t go back to being like this again? As you said before you are all I need, with that being said if a human also needs let’s say oxygen, in order to live right? so in a sense if you wanna look it in a weird way you’re like oxygen to me in the sense that i need you to keep going. but what happens when a person has no oxygen? of course they suffocate or in my case i feel lonely, depressed, and not like i used to…So knowing that i’ll probably still be the same because i still i have the same feelings for you that i’ve always had but i feel that you should be able to spare a few hours sometime to talk to me as long as we share the bond of lovers. so by breaking that bond i’ll be able to think about you not being on as what it is…you just not being here. so what i’m trying to say is that by you being my lover i feel that you should be here more often and that’s what’s aggitating/aggrivating me to the point of depression, if i know that you’re not my girlfriend anymore i won’t have to feel those feelings anymore because you’re not linked to me in a way that gives me the right to feel anything about you not coming on. i’ll still miss you…but the way i miss you now is much worse than i’ve felt before. There is still sunday left in which i’m still hoping to see you…i already got y hopes up to see you today but we all know how that went…anyway i’m not angry at you but rather i’m just too sad to keep going, seeing you for one day tommorow won’t change how i feel i think…because it’s most likely that from monday till who knows when i won’t see you again…so i’d like to talk to you sunday if you still want to come on…i probably won’t post here anymore after this there would be no point…Come talk to me about it if you can.i’ll be ready whenever you see me online next.I love you and goodbye. after this i doubt you’ll just wanna split up for a while i understand if you never speak to me again for this sorry for being so selfish.

Posted by Rock at 10:05 AM

Didn’t think I’d have saved it did you? Well I did. Granted that it’s long, but it’s obviously a breakup letter to me. I’ve been staring at this article for days since you posted, talked to me and deleted it away up till now. And I got to say, it was really selfish of me to have made you decide otherwise cause I know the hurt you’ve gone through since that day is more now. We should have ended it then and there…

sorry for acting like i stalker i guess fucking bullshit.” Stalking? I hardly thought so. I had great times being with you. It was my most precious memories there with you. I know, I know. We haven’t even met!! But still, I did love you with my whole heart and I still do. I just don’t think with us behaving this way, it’s gonna ever work. Maybe if we were on the same continent, it would have been better but I ono…

Oh well, I got to start my studying now, my exam is on the 24th and it’s only 18 day away. Well, goodbye my love, I’ll talk to you when you’ve calmed down a bit and see it from my perspective and then we’ll talk. Maybe after my exams which are on the 5th onwards in May. Love you…


Chester Bennington in KLCC

Ok, so like, on the 4th of April 2007, we – Woan Ling, Seok Ping and her sister, and I went to Tower Records in KLCC, Malaysia to go see Chester Bennington, live. He’s promoting his group, Linkin Park‘s newest album, Minutes to Midnight. And cause Seok Ping and her friend are fans I think… all 4 of us went la, without her friend of course, no idea why though…

So anyway, we went there around 2 something in the afternoon cause it’s suppose to start at 4pm but it was a REALLY bad idea cause there were already people lined up near the stage. They’ve booked (actually, more like they came really fucking early) all the breathing space near the stage…awww man!!!

Before we went there however, we were like a bunch of numb nuts cause we didn’t know where was the place!!! From the entrance to the LRT, we went all the way upstairs and tried looking for it, but no luck. When we neared the cinema, we saw the full map of KLCC and guess what? Tower Records was located all the way at the bottom…Concourse level, actually…aiseh, so we went to catch the SUPER TINY elevator to the bottom, missed a few cause we were distracted by the RM5 we saw on the floor and oh yea, the fact that we just stood around yapping and the tiny elevators were FULL.

When we managed to go down, we went straight for Tower Records and whoa!! Banyak people woi!!! 😡 Then we went in, we wanted to get the poster so he could sign it but we heard from the cashier (needed to PRE-ORDER the CD to get the poster) that it all depends on them (The Tower Records people, Chester, his bodyguards, and Serena C from whether he will only sign 50 lucky poster holders or 100 and more of them. So we decided not to buy la. Why waste so much when you can’t even get it signed…yea, I’m not really a fan…know why? Rock music put me to sleep…yea, I’m just weird that way 😀

So like that la, we went to stand near the side entrance assuming he’ll be entering from there but after one hour after the assumed time (meaning 5pm), it was TRULY unbearable to stand there waiting for him to show up =.=” you can even smell the sweat of the people around you and people are just yakking and screaming in front of the cameras it was DAMN LOUD man!!

SO anyways, he entered NOT from the most obvious entrance, but from the BACK of the room!!! So unexpected man…but luckily Woan Ling caught sight of him from her position at the back of the store and videoed him. Unfortunately though, she was confused as to WHICH one was he D: therefore we only saw a glimpse of him in the first video 😮 but the 2nd video isn’t any better cause we were quite far from him -sighs- and what’s worse, with the already small space, people were pushing us in some more!!!


During the signing session we went off la, not to mention we took a pic of him from the TV XD while he was signing!!! Well, can’t really blame us cause while he was signing, if it wasn’t the fans blocking him, it was his HUGE bodyguard who was opening the posters and handing it to him. Felt like strangling the bodyguard la!! Some more, there was this one dude, we asked to be EXCUSED politely, “Excuse me, please” so that we could get outta the crowd and you know what he said? He said “What fucking excuse la!!” and just mumbled it o_O eh dude, wanna insult people also say it into my face, kthx!! Ass!!!

Chester Bennington

This is how Chester Bennington looks like in photo shoots by professionals. I’m showing you this cause the videos might have butchered his look a bit la, blur ma…

This video was taken by Woan Ling

This video was taken by me, quite good considering that I videoed it without being able to see anything in front of my face but armpits =.=”” And lemme tell you, it wasn’t a pretty sight @_@

After leaving the place, we went to Burger King to eat. I had Apple Pie didn’t get to eat it till I was in the car home, but only ate half, the other half went into my brother’s grumbling tummy lol, large fries which got gobbled up by Woan Ling =.=”, ice-cream which melted half-way cause a sweet talking salesboy, yes, boy cause he’s too swift and young, tried to sell us cheap, probably fake, perfume which got rejected by all of us ;D and a medium Sprite didn’t finish it cause Woan Ling had the “pleasure” of dumping her Apple Pie wrapping into my cup and even played with it… celaka la!! Eating also cannot eat in peace =.=;;

When we finished and came out, an hour passed only and Tower Records was practically deserted!!! Damn fast horr he sign…then we went la to buy Sushi and then went onto the LRT and went home.

Also, I just made this signature for myself ^^ nice or not? Comment a bit la, kthx!! ^o^


PS : There are more pictures of that day, I’ll post it the minute I get the pictures from Seok Ping’s friend’s camera 😀

Awww D:

Aww man!! According to Sharina, everybody got the same thing from their dashboard on WordPress D: and apparently this is an April Fool’s joke ;_;

How cruel you are WordPress team…but I don’t blame you, I’m just glad I got such a nice surprise just right before my birthday ^^

But still, it’s a disappointment knowing that it’s not real T-T I would have had a blast if it were real though. I would have been motivated like hell to have posted more articles and even release a few case studies early *_*”

Ishnya!!! Anyways, I signed up with Paypal at last and even now I’m applying for a Public Bank Visa Electron (Thanks Cedric for the info 😛 ) now I just gotta print out the letter and send it off hoping for some great results, such as the approval so I can collect it X3

Also, due to my birthday thingy, Digi gave the 50% bonus for topping up my credit today. So I got like…RM75 credit =) (I know everyone gets it but this is the first I did :O ) Yay happiness!

So whatever la, with this and that happening today, I’m sure there’ll be lots of disappointment tomorrow D: I can’t say why, but I just feel it. Usually at this time of the year I feel left out and alone o_O yea, people tend to forget my birthday even my siblings. But I’m used to it seeing as it’s just another day of the year 🙂 everyone has birthdays, so this is just common loneliness I am feeling.

So that’s all for now, I’m off to the post office and to pay my bills and such. Bais~

In a Bind…

Awww man!! I can’t believe it!! I’m bandaged D: and it looks as if my hand is bloated T-T

I got tortured in many ways just to get the bandage on my hand ._. and now it hurts WORSE than the sprain I got…it sucks bad D:

That’s the first time it was bandaged. It was badly done all cause I told my doctor cum friend that I needed my fingers to write 😛

This is my new bandaged style, looks a lil better right? RIGHT! But ah, my hand can’t even bend cause he bandaged it too tightly DX he forced me “insisted”!! And it’s even tighter now…my whole hand is aching and itching D: what kinda sick, sick, SICK torture IS this?!?!?! T-T

I am SO uber unhappy D: this is SO not a good time to have my hand in a bandage man…I don’t want to turn 20 like this lerr…anyways, look at my unhappy looks D:

How it happened? I don’t know worr…all I know was I felt the pangs of pain in Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy lecture while copying notes…ish, hurts!!!

Bah, this ain’t gonna pull me down!! I’ll live to be 20 even if it kills me!!!

What’s That?

What’s with this getting hack business?!?! You hackers out there got nothing to do is it…so free to hack poor unsuspecting bloggers out there who are merely voicing out their opinions that have nothing whatsoever to do with you and you lot.


Lately a blogger and his host got HACKED by you lot…what’s that all about, huh? Does it excite you after you ruined their works? Hmm?!?!?


What happen to freedom of speech and human rights? Is it so bad that you have to erase what others have voiced out and have done a damn good job of saying? Are you just jealous per say? Or perhaps, you are siding with those anti-bloggers and want to get rid of potential bloggers that you think may take the world by storm?


Or perhaps, you’re just an adult living in a child’s mind, having not been able to go through your operational stages properly therefore are stunted where you, an adult, is stuck living like a child. This childish behavior is NO excuse for what you are doing…in fact…it’s downright pitiful!!


Don’t you see that you are just degrading yourself and also making you UNWORTHY not only in human eyes but the whole net community other than other pitiful, ego-maniacal, childish hackers like you!


You are being childish to think that what you are doing will stop people from blogging and perhaps shed tears for you. YOU ARE WRONG!! We bloggers stand TOGETHER no matter WHAT and what you have done to these people is just DOWNRIGHT LOW of YOU. What is your purpose in doing this, hmm?!? To have fun? To get kicks outta this? To feel the adrenaline of not getting caught? What?!? Is this some sick joke to you? Perhaps. But it isn’t for those you’ve hacked. So GROW UP!! You’re disgracing other fellow hackers like you…



I just got word that 5Xmom got hacked too!! What kind of sick sick joke is this, huh?!? You all got nothing to hack already is it? Now you’re targeting prominent bloggers that are read by many…what is your PROBLEM?!?!


Some more I just screenshot all the mischief they have done…starting with 5Xmom’s :


The next are Ah Pek’s Blog :


Eh!! People so nicely BEGGED you for any wrongdoings he did and you just IGNORED him and carried on…that is already LOWEST of the LOW!! You have no MORALITY in you as well as HUMANITY!! People politely begged for forgiveness, and what did you do?!?! You kicked him right in the face and continue =.=;;; I have nothing more to say other than that you’re a disgrace to all mankind…



Got word that even Jiun Jie and Wingz from Rojaks had one of his private blogs, hacked D: Why are they hacking them? I don’t know. Perhaps they are all on the same server or perhaps too famous liao la lol (and got reprimanded by CincauHangus and Endrei pulak…so pai seh la 😛 you all must forgive my ignorance leh, new blogger as well as dumb fucked in computer systems and anything technical D: so forgive this blogger, kays?)

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