A Birthday Like Usual

Yes, it was the normal birthday as expected from my family. Wait for the whole family to come back from school/work and then the cake appears on the kitchen table, candles get lighted and placed onto/into the cake and then first I take individual pictures posing with my cake (marble cheesecake, mind you!!! -slurs- Caaaaaaaaaaake!!) then came the whole family (6 of us) behind the cake posing ๐Ÿ˜€

Don’t have us posing with the cake yet cause it’s still embedded into the digital camera and not in my phone. If it was then I could have shown it here now. Next day la, I’ll edit the article ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Then the birthday song is sung in the usual dull, hanging, dead-like way yay!! Happy Birthday to me! -sarcastic- Note the happy…should have been “Happily Dull Birthday To Me” and then the cake is chopped!! With a plastic knife, wheeeeeeeeeeee!!

Heh, I was posing with the butcher knife but it looks horrible!! Like I’m a gluttony or something T-T it’s NOT true I tell you!!! I deny!!!

Oooo and I had 2 different other cakes too!!! Loook!!!

Cake #1 : Tiramisu
Cake #2 : Chocolate Cheesecake

Looks delish, no? XP


Before that, when I went to University yesterday, I got a really awesome present from my gal pals lol. Wanna know what is it? Wanna, wanna, wanna?? Eh, why should I show you? So busybody wan, ish!! Lol just kidding. I’ll show it anyways cause it’s like…CUTE!!!!

Ta da~!!!! CUTE ain’t it?!?!? Tell me that those aren’t the most uberly-ebilly-cutest things you have ever seen in your whole life!!! You can’t huh!! Well cause it’s the TRUTH!!! FACE IT!! YOU’RE JEALOUS!!! LMAO

So anyways, the people who got me these cuties bought it (according to them) through the Internet and wanted to NOT give them to me!!! Cause they love it too XD~ Imagine that!! You got a present for the birthday girl and find it too irresistible and keeps it for yourself instead…oh man!! If I were them, I would have kept it ๐Ÿ˜› yea I know, that’s the way I am X3 Anyways, here’s my appreciation and gratitude to you all ๐Ÿ˜€


I truly mean it, babes!! So suck it up, cause you won’t be seeing that again for a looooooooooong time (a newly made one that is ๐Ÿ˜€ )

So that’s how my birthday went la. Thanks again to all who gave me a “Happy birthday” greeting , hugs, kisses and such ^^ it’s seriously humbling to know that all of them knew my birthday whereas I can’t even remember half of their names >_> yea, I know, I deserve to be hanged.

But hey, if they choose to remember me, that’s their business, aight? ๐Ÿ˜› I, too, have the right to not remember their names =.=” it’s a free country after all!! So anyways, that’s all fer now ^^ Bais~

PS : I can’t believe it!! As soon as the rain came, I’m sick…AGAIN!!! Some more my exams are coming soon!! On the 25th no less T-T HELP!!! I neeeeeeeeeeed the warm weather back again, but I DOOOOOOOOOOOOO so love the cooling weather we have now ๐Ÿ˜› so contradicting, right? Hahahaha, that’s just me lol ^^


My Kidnapped Experience

So, last Sunday, meaning April Fool’s day, I went out with a couple of friends. Heh, was evilly fun la that day, wanna know why? -whispers- cause they paid for all my expenses!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Initially, I didn’t plan to go out at all on Sunday, wanna sleep the whole day away but horr…these 2 friends of mine FORCED me to go out with them lorr…I mean, WHAT KINDA PEOPLE FORCES OTHER PEOPLE TO GO OUT WHEN THE UNWILLING PERSON WANNA SLEEP?!?!?! =.=” So anyways, these kidnappers forced me to go to Cineleisure and The Curve la.

At first we went there, so damn deserted wan woi!!!! So we walked through the deserted Cineleisure at around 3pm like that towards the cinema la. Kidnapper #1 (Joanne) pulak, the signs all say go up, she pulak wanna go down, they say go left, she go right, if the sighs say “Walk into the wall”, she’ll sure jump off the 3rd floor la!! Aiseh…hang lou mou dai ngan (Didn’t bring the eyes along while walking)

When we reached there, we found out what had happened to all the living species on the face of the earth, apparently they were attracted like flies to the cinema, just like us. So over there, both my kidnappers pay la for the ticket to watch Mr. Bean.

Me : Damn glad I don’t have to pay anything ๐Ÿ˜€ -laughs smugly-

Woan Ling (K2) : Eh ya la!! That means I have to pay Joanne RM10 plus your share…-counts-…RM5!!! -groans in frustration-

Me : Hahahahahahaha…

After that, we went to hunt for a place to makan (eat). We went out of Cineleisure towards “The Street” where we saw a lot of flea market stalls around. But we didn’t care, eating comes first!! I pulak, as the kidnappee, went aimlessly to every shop I deem expensive and it’s SO FUNNY!!! Both the kidnappers kept pulling me away from there saying “Jessica~ come, we go to where you want to go~ SECRET RECIPE!!” -pulls and thugs with desperation-

At Secret Recipe, all 3 of us, looked at the menu, we looked, and looked, and looked and decided all 3 of us want Fish & Chips (hahahaha came ALL this way for some fish and fries lmao) and a small piece of cheesecake, yogurt I’m thinking…anyways, later I’ll post up a video of Secret Recipe la. Yea, we took videos of the outing but too bad at the end of the day, takdalah battery lagi T-T

Drink #1 : Ice Cafe Latte (Joanne)
Drink #2 : Ice Blended Cappuccino (Woan Ling)
Drink #3 : Hot Chocolate (Me ๐Ÿ˜› )
Drink #4 : Not a drink, it’s a tiny cup of sugar water (thought it was mine ๐Ÿ˜ก )

Side Dish : Cheesecake (Joanne & Woan Ling)

Lunch : Fish & Chips (all 3)

The Bill : RM 80.50
Service Charge : RM 7.00
Government Tax : RM 3.50
Payers : Joanne and Woan Ling
Freeloader : Me ๐Ÿ˜› and DAMN proud about it ^_-

After eating, we went back into “The Curve” and I tried to enter the shops but they ABSOLUTELY refused to let me in!!! T-T know why? Cause I told them that if I were to spend even 1 cent!! They would have to pay me TRIPLE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! As we walk out of The Curve, guess who we saw!!!

The yellow coverage man!! Also known as the Digi mascot!! This Digi dude looks CUTE woi!! his face, baby face la!! -Screams hysterically- Anyways, K2, Woan Ling is in LOVE with him lol but too bad, she didn’t even dare to approach him LOL. But guess who did~


After that we just went off la to visit the flea market, but we didn’t buy anything whatsoever so went back into the Cineleisure la over there, omg so funny!!! We had a suspense moment where the kidnappee managed to run from her kidnappers but in the end kena tangkap jugak -sigh- again, you must wait for the next post when I post the videos. After that we went to sit la, still have a lot of time ma before the movie, so sit down and talk la, and again, another video later on.

After all the talking, we went la to drink (suggested by me of course, will never be suggested by them cause they’re the ones paying XD~) so we went la to the Zone Smoothie Bar and all 3 of us ordered juices.

Me : Berry Berry Licious Drink (RM 6.80) This is the most expensive and the nicest drink of all 3
Joanne : Strawberry forgotten the name liao (RM 5.80) At first it’s like, no taste, but it’ll turn sour later in your mouth.
Woan Ling : Lemon Lime (RM 2.80) The cheapest drink and the most awful XD

This goes to show that the more expensive the thing is, the better ๐Ÿ˜›

And then we went la to watch Mr. Bean. Fuyoh!! Funny woi!!

It was a really funny movie, we had our share of laughs and giggles and guffaws. Yes, we did all three, do not doubt our laughing abilities!!


Well, Mr. Bean is on holiday. Apparently, he’s won a trip to a the beach in Cannes, France but got into lots of trouble on the way there. Before boarding the train, he asks a man to take a video of him going into the train. Mr. Bean, being the usual selfish idiot he is, had the man take the video over and over again until it was perfect causing the man to miss his train. Mr. Bean however just said “There is nothing here.” and filmed the man running along with the train and laughs smugly.

Whatโ€™s worse is that the manโ€™s son was on board the train. When Mr. Bean realized this, he felt horrible and sat across the boy shame-faced. You could see it on his face. There, he tried to cheer the little boy with his antique tricks, such as the twitching of his ears.

Incidentally, Mr. Bean tried to help the boy find back his father. When Mr. Bean and the boy were at the next train station, the boyโ€™s father passed by in a train that was not going to stop. The boyโ€™s father was holding up a piece of paper with the word โ€˜Cannesโ€™ on it and his telephone number. Seeing this, Mr Bean tried to find something to write on but grabbed onto his camera instead in the inner pocket of his shirt and thus filmed the paper. Unfortunately, the boyโ€™s father accidentally covered the last two digits of the telephone number. Here, Mr. Bean, like a smart ass he is, wrote out all the possible numbers for the last two digits (from 00 to 99) and he and the boy tried to call every number on his list.

In the middle of the show, Mr. Bean and the boy got separated somehow. Mr. Bean even meets a beautiful young actress who was kind enough to give him a lift to Cannes who thought he was Russian since all he ever says is โ€˜oui, ouiโ€™ (oui = French for yes) to every question she asked.


Thus we have come to the end of the day, we went off to the ATM machine and withdrew some cash and end up calling my brother to fetch us from the entrance of The Curve however, we ended up regretting cause we had wanted to go over to IKEA and TESCO but had forgotten.

At the end of the day, the 2 kidnappers escaped and no one was able to capture them. Thus seeing the WANTED poster below, help this blogger by apprehending them.


Sometimes, you can find them walking together wearing identical clothing as well as identical branded T-shirts. But I’m sorry to say…there are no rewards for apprehending them. However, they are disposable.

Me Want Eats!!

Gah!! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO hungry!!!! I need FOOOD!!!

Go eat dinner la, sei chun!!

Eat liao la!!

Then why the hell are you still hungry?!?! Got 2 stomach is it?!?!

No la!! Eat liao but not full ma…the food I eat…eat liao also impossible to ever be full la T.T

Eh? Why leh? What did you eat worr?

What did I eat? Tonight kah? Lemme show you la…But hah…show liao you must belanja me worr…I’m starving here kthx!!

This is what I had for dinner…all meat and rice only…think can be full or not?!?!?

Before that…during the Chinese New Year…I became sick…and know what I ate?

Yes…that was my food for Chinese New Year starting from the fourth day till the 10th day ~.~” Some more the junk food at that time looks so yummy T-T

Chinese New Year junk food (Only 10% of the WHOLE collection of junk food…)

On the last day of Chinese New Year pulak, go out with friends to eat at “Wong Kok Char Chan Teng” in One Utama.

My only food (drink). I suffer la!! Only minum Hot Chocolate…while my friends…

That is Yen Shin and that’s her food…dunno what it’s called…forget liao…

That pulak, is Yen Er. And that is her lunch…some more didn’t finish it all…the drink also lol…

See or not?!?! So cham…T-T so hungry leh…so know what I did? I went to the kitchen and dug out some food…

My findings…MURUKU!!! +_+ Now lemme zoom it in for you cause so far look like worms only ๐Ÿ˜›

Better? Meh…finish liao worr…still hungry T.T Be a good person today and belanja me makan? Please? *.*