First Ever Hate Comment!

Was looking through my spam box in my Comments section in my WordPress dashboard when I came upon this interesting spam comment :

excuse me, best blog of all time? Could you be more disgusting? A bitch like you, a beginner like you to be nominated? Hahahahahaha… you’re not even original, attention seeking whore. Laugh at yourself, call yourself a beauty? Then the man will have to cry because there ain’t any other beauties left. You just don’t know how to blog. Nevermind, I will still stalk on you! 😀

by Nevermind My Name

Omg, when I saw this, I was laughing till I was practically rolling on the floor laughing with tears in my eyes. I mean, people, don’t you find this whole comment hilarious? I found it extremely hilarious and encouraging when I see this sort of comments.

When I found it, I pondered whether or not to leave it as a spam or just DE-SPAM it and let the whole world look at this immature fool (all this was done AFTER I have stopped myself from laughing…FORCED myself is more like XD) Anyway, what’s funny was the email and website she entered. Wanna know what it is? No, no, GUESS!!







What? You haven’t a clue? Oh well, since I’m in such an awesome mood now, even if it’s like…4.12am now, I’ll clue you in 😀

Name : Nevermind My Name
Email :
Website :

XD~ gawd, I really have to bow down to you for your “creative” ideas. Either that or your parents never taught you to be courteous to others 🙂 But to tell you the truth, this whole comment just serves to make me happier. You know why? Right before I saw your comment, I was about to announce that I have blog-withdrawal and would like to get a week’s break to just concentrate on my studies. But your comment just helped fire me up to write more 😛

Have you ever heard of “Nobody is ever perfect“? Well of course you have seeing as you aren’t a saint yourself by trying to crush other people’s hopes and dreams. But I got to admit, I truly like your blatant and to-the-point painful comment. I seriously do.

You’re the first honest person to tell me “You suck, go die, bish!” You know what my reaction was?

Oh wow!! I have hate comment!! Yay!! My FIRST EVER!!! Omg!! This is TRULY a moment to cherish 😀 Lol, I am just speechless o.o” the fact that you’re hitting on me is cause my BLOG in that category CAUGHT your eye, didn’t it? And if you plan to STALK me, then I MUST be THAT awesome now, aren’t I? So PLEASE, continue to stalk me 😀

Yes, that’s my reaction. Amazing huh? I feel like a damn jakun for reacting like that. But hey, it’s my first ever experience, need to act appropriately 😛

Ok, no more laughing at the “Jess Hater“. Now I shall proceed to analyzing your comments.

excuse me, best blog of all time? Could you be more disgusting? A bitch like you, a beginner like you to be nominated?

Like you have said in this part of your comment. “A beginner like you to be nominated?” And yes, see the emphasis on the NOMINATED? So how could I be disgusting for what my friend, thought as a joke to nominated me using my blog description I had a long time ago. Indeed, HOW? Were you jealous that I got nominated and not you? -pats- Don’t be sad, maybe someone will nominate you…if they can find your BLOG!!! Hahahahahaha!!! -Wipes tears from eyes- Omg…I’m back to laughing uncontrollably again.

Ok, ok. WAIT!! I’m not done yet. “A bitch like you” and what makes you think you’re not one yourself, honey? I can’t help it if I am. But babes, I don’t deny it. Do you?

Hahahahahaha… you’re not even original, attention seeking whore.

Oh I’m eccentric all right. Do you fall asleep listening to rock music? I do. But that’s not the point here. Oh wait…it IS!! What makes you think I’m not an “Original“? Is anyone really “Original” nowadays? Let me point out to you that even if you are wearing a pair Vincci shoes, you’re already NOT an original. Why? Cause you’re wearing someone else’s style and everybody is wearing the same thing. So practically anything and everything you do ISN’T original. And besides, when have I ever said I was original, hmm? I said I was “Eccentric” not “Original

Besides, I love attention. But never all the time. I only seek attention when I feel that I need to have some love showered upon me. And by posting this comment, aren’t you a “attention seeking whore” too?

Eccentric (adj.)
Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern.

Eccentric (n.)
One that deviates markedly from an established norm, especially a person of odd or unconventional behavior.

Original (adj.)
– Preceding all others in time; first.
– Not derived from something else; fresh and unusual
– Productive of new things or new ideas; inventive: an original mind.
– Being the source from which a copy, reproduction, or translation is made.

Original (n.)
– A first form from which other forms are made or developed
– An authentic work of art
– Work that has been composed firsthand
– Archaic The source from which something arises; an originator.

Unless you created the word “Original“, you’re not so original after all now, are you? NEXT!!!

Laugh at yourself, call yourself a beauty? Then the man will have to cry because there ain’t any other beauties left.

OHMUHGAH!! When did I say I was a beauty, honey? Never once did I mention I was a hot sexy chick did I? All I have is the name 😛 and it means INNER beauty, though I doubt you’d understand that seeing as how you have LOOPHOLES in every sentence that spews out of your comments. I wonder how you are as a person in whole, hmm? Doesn’t matter if the males don’t got no other females prettier than I am. I have wit and spark. And that’s enough for ME.

Besides, with men now only looking at outer beauty, I doubt they’ll look at me and go “Oh Lord!! Don’t tell me SHE’S the beauty?!?!“. They’d probably go “Hey Jess” and I’d go “Hey 🙂

You just don’t know how to blog. Nevermind, I will still stalk on you! 😀

If I didn’t know how to blog, I wouldn’t be replying to all your simple-minded statements now would I? I would probably slink away because you HAVE seen through my weakness. But NO!! I will not fall down at your feet and lick it just cause you’re an anonymous person and I’m “not“.

But then again, by all means, stalk me ^^ I’ll have the pleasure of dissecting your comments one by one. It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so much. Truly, I have only you to thank ^_^!! If you have anymore hateful comments, bring it on, honey, I’ll take you up on the challenge. I have no idea what’s your damage. But when insulting someone, you should have the decency to link me back to you D: I would truly love to know who you are.

And besides, I have your IP address, I could most definitely ask any of my computer majored pals to get Intel on you and find you ^^ but then again, I like the trill of an argument~

Oh oh!! Guess what, with you helping me, my stats will go up again. And that’s all thanks to you! MUAXS!!~ thanks~


PS : You can see where he/she placed the comment, right here! When he/she should be commenting on it here!! Can a person over-laugh? If you say yes, then I’ve done it XD~

PPS : I wonder if he/she will come back and reply? I so hope he/she does. Which would then prove my whole point ^^ Well, talk to y’all laters~


The Difference Between Men and Women

This is something I’ve come across while looking through my books and I thought it was hilarious and just wanted to share it with all of you out there needing a good laugh 🙂


If Laura, Suzanne, and Sarah go out for lunch, they will call each other “Laura”, “Suzanne”, and “Sarah”.

If Mike, Charlie, Dave, and John go out, they will refer to each other as “Fat Boy”, “Stinky”, “Dude”, and “Four-eyes”.

Eating Out

When the girls get their bill, out comes the pocket calculator.

When the bill comes, Mike, Charlie, Dave, and John will each throw in RM10, even though it’s only for RM32.50. None of them will have anything smaller, and none of them will actually admit they want their change back.


A woman will pay RM1 for a RM2 item that she doesn’t need but it’s on sale.

A man will pay RM2 for a RM1 item he needs.


The average number of items in the typical woman’s bathroom is 337. A man would not be able to identify more than 20 of these items.

A man has six items in his bathroom: toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel.


A woman has the last word in any argument.

Anything a man says after an argument is the beginning of a whole new argument.


Women love cats.

Men says they love cats, but when the women aren’t looking, men kicks the cats.


A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.


A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.

A successful woman is one who can find such a man.


A man marries a woman expecting that she won’t change, but she does.

A woman marries a man expecting the he will change, but he doesn’t.

Dressing Up

A man will dress up for weddings and funerals, and then only if they are his own.

A woman will dress up to go shopping, water the plants, empty the bins, answer the phone, read a book and get the post.


A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house.

Ah children! A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments and romances, best friends, favorite foods, secret fears, hopes, and dreams.


Whoever wrote this at that time (year 2002) must have been disillusioned. As we all know, now, in the present, compared to the past, men and women have changed a lot. Where women are becoming more aggressive and men becoming softer. However, there are also men and women who live strictly to these traditional times where men are the ones who wear the pants in the house and women are there solely for the purpose of becoming a slave to the husband and a loving mother to the children.

I might sound discriminating and disgusted, but in actuality, I am most fascinated as to the how the human instinct works. For example, a man, dissatisfied with with work, goes home and vents their frustration at their wives and children. Women, feeling frustrated, feel it’s their right to shop endlessly and or, eat.

I however, embarrassed to say, I tend to vent and throw my frustration into my possessions. Not only that, I do hide in my room for days just staring out the window, not moving or eating, it’s like I’ve gone into a depressed state that I can’t seem to snap out from. But then again, my emotions usually run rampant for about a day or two and then I feel fine again. Yes, I tend to do that. The longest would be three days, I suppose…

Didn’t mean to bore you all 😛 was just ranting about my depression phase when all I wanted to talk about the difference between a man and a woman. Oh well… 😡 I’ll talk about it the next time then…till then, cheerios~


Digi And Me

Lol, yes, the title says it all ^^ On Sunday, we went to the curve and we saw the yellow coverage men…so cute woi!! Yellow, round, fat people posing here and there and waving at cameras XD~

And I even went up to him and took a photo with him 😛 so cute lerr…eh, I’m acting like a jakun la now…as if just came from the kampung ulu area into the glamorous city for the first time 😛 but it was fun XP

And yesterday, the 2nd of April, I got a testimonial on my Friendster account from non other than……….the yellow dude!!!!

Some more today just reloaded my phone, reloaded RM50 and got a bonus, 50% making it RM75 woi!! Feeling damn happy now ^^ and also, another thing, a friend of mine, he’s gonna help me get a domain, perhaps he’s gonna get it for me first and I’ll pay him back later using my paypal as well as getting my blog hosted on his webserver for FREE!!!! But pai seh la, I told him when I got money I’ll pay him monthly/yearly lo, I’m not that greedy, k!!

Anyways, thanks to all who’ve greeted me a happy birthday ^^ I really appreciated it lots, thanks!! Love all of you for greeting my old age 20th birthday ^^;;

My Kidnapped Experience

So, last Sunday, meaning April Fool’s day, I went out with a couple of friends. Heh, was evilly fun la that day, wanna know why? -whispers- cause they paid for all my expenses!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Initially, I didn’t plan to go out at all on Sunday, wanna sleep the whole day away but horr…these 2 friends of mine FORCED me to go out with them lorr…I mean, WHAT KINDA PEOPLE FORCES OTHER PEOPLE TO GO OUT WHEN THE UNWILLING PERSON WANNA SLEEP?!?!?! =.=” So anyways, these kidnappers forced me to go to Cineleisure and The Curve la.

At first we went there, so damn deserted wan woi!!!! So we walked through the deserted Cineleisure at around 3pm like that towards the cinema la. Kidnapper #1 (Joanne) pulak, the signs all say go up, she pulak wanna go down, they say go left, she go right, if the sighs say “Walk into the wall”, she’ll sure jump off the 3rd floor la!! Aiseh…hang lou mou dai ngan (Didn’t bring the eyes along while walking)

When we reached there, we found out what had happened to all the living species on the face of the earth, apparently they were attracted like flies to the cinema, just like us. So over there, both my kidnappers pay la for the ticket to watch Mr. Bean.

Me : Damn glad I don’t have to pay anything 😀 -laughs smugly-

Woan Ling (K2) : Eh ya la!! That means I have to pay Joanne RM10 plus your share…-counts-…RM5!!! -groans in frustration-

Me : Hahahahahahaha…

After that, we went to hunt for a place to makan (eat). We went out of Cineleisure towards “The Street” where we saw a lot of flea market stalls around. But we didn’t care, eating comes first!! I pulak, as the kidnappee, went aimlessly to every shop I deem expensive and it’s SO FUNNY!!! Both the kidnappers kept pulling me away from there saying “Jessica~ come, we go to where you want to go~ SECRET RECIPE!!” -pulls and thugs with desperation-

At Secret Recipe, all 3 of us, looked at the menu, we looked, and looked, and looked and decided all 3 of us want Fish & Chips (hahahaha came ALL this way for some fish and fries lmao) and a small piece of cheesecake, yogurt I’m thinking…anyways, later I’ll post up a video of Secret Recipe la. Yea, we took videos of the outing but too bad at the end of the day, takdalah battery lagi T-T

Drink #1 : Ice Cafe Latte (Joanne)
Drink #2 : Ice Blended Cappuccino (Woan Ling)
Drink #3 : Hot Chocolate (Me 😛 )
Drink #4 : Not a drink, it’s a tiny cup of sugar water (thought it was mine 😡 )

Side Dish : Cheesecake (Joanne & Woan Ling)

Lunch : Fish & Chips (all 3)

The Bill : RM 80.50
Service Charge : RM 7.00
Government Tax : RM 3.50
Payers : Joanne and Woan Ling
Freeloader : Me 😛 and DAMN proud about it ^_-

After eating, we went back into “The Curve” and I tried to enter the shops but they ABSOLUTELY refused to let me in!!! T-T know why? Cause I told them that if I were to spend even 1 cent!! They would have to pay me TRIPLE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! As we walk out of The Curve, guess who we saw!!!

The yellow coverage man!! Also known as the Digi mascot!! This Digi dude looks CUTE woi!! his face, baby face la!! -Screams hysterically- Anyways, K2, Woan Ling is in LOVE with him lol but too bad, she didn’t even dare to approach him LOL. But guess who did~


After that we just went off la to visit the flea market, but we didn’t buy anything whatsoever so went back into the Cineleisure la over there, omg so funny!!! We had a suspense moment where the kidnappee managed to run from her kidnappers but in the end kena tangkap jugak -sigh- again, you must wait for the next post when I post the videos. After that we went to sit la, still have a lot of time ma before the movie, so sit down and talk la, and again, another video later on.

After all the talking, we went la to drink (suggested by me of course, will never be suggested by them cause they’re the ones paying XD~) so we went la to the Zone Smoothie Bar and all 3 of us ordered juices.

Me : Berry Berry Licious Drink (RM 6.80) This is the most expensive and the nicest drink of all 3
Joanne : Strawberry forgotten the name liao (RM 5.80) At first it’s like, no taste, but it’ll turn sour later in your mouth.
Woan Ling : Lemon Lime (RM 2.80) The cheapest drink and the most awful XD

This goes to show that the more expensive the thing is, the better 😛

And then we went la to watch Mr. Bean. Fuyoh!! Funny woi!!

It was a really funny movie, we had our share of laughs and giggles and guffaws. Yes, we did all three, do not doubt our laughing abilities!!


Well, Mr. Bean is on holiday. Apparently, he’s won a trip to a the beach in Cannes, France but got into lots of trouble on the way there. Before boarding the train, he asks a man to take a video of him going into the train. Mr. Bean, being the usual selfish idiot he is, had the man take the video over and over again until it was perfect causing the man to miss his train. Mr. Bean however just said “There is nothing here.” and filmed the man running along with the train and laughs smugly.

What’s worse is that the man’s son was on board the train. When Mr. Bean realized this, he felt horrible and sat across the boy shame-faced. You could see it on his face. There, he tried to cheer the little boy with his antique tricks, such as the twitching of his ears.

Incidentally, Mr. Bean tried to help the boy find back his father. When Mr. Bean and the boy were at the next train station, the boy’s father passed by in a train that was not going to stop. The boy’s father was holding up a piece of paper with the word ‘Cannes’ on it and his telephone number. Seeing this, Mr Bean tried to find something to write on but grabbed onto his camera instead in the inner pocket of his shirt and thus filmed the paper. Unfortunately, the boy’s father accidentally covered the last two digits of the telephone number. Here, Mr. Bean, like a smart ass he is, wrote out all the possible numbers for the last two digits (from 00 to 99) and he and the boy tried to call every number on his list.

In the middle of the show, Mr. Bean and the boy got separated somehow. Mr. Bean even meets a beautiful young actress who was kind enough to give him a lift to Cannes who thought he was Russian since all he ever says is ‘oui, oui’ (oui = French for yes) to every question she asked.


Thus we have come to the end of the day, we went off to the ATM machine and withdrew some cash and end up calling my brother to fetch us from the entrance of The Curve however, we ended up regretting cause we had wanted to go over to IKEA and TESCO but had forgotten.

At the end of the day, the 2 kidnappers escaped and no one was able to capture them. Thus seeing the WANTED poster below, help this blogger by apprehending them.


Sometimes, you can find them walking together wearing identical clothing as well as identical branded T-shirts. But I’m sorry to say…there are no rewards for apprehending them. However, they are disposable.


Today, while surfing other blogs, aight? I came across “The Whisky Club” and there’s this link there called “Satellite-GPS-Locate” that supposedly helps you locate someone you know by number through the satellite by tracking their GPS signal on their hand phone.


If you don’t want to know what I saw and found out, don’t scroll down yet till AFTER you have tried it yourself.


You sure you don’t want to try it out yourself first?


Are you ABSOLUTELY sure?!?!


I SWEAR if you read now, sure potong stim wan!!


But ahh…it’s your choice la whether you want to be surprised first or just bore yourself…


Eh…I REALLY recommend that you check it out woi!!


I’m SERIOUS!! TRY it yourself before reading my comments!!


Whatever la!! Your choice~


Loading comment.


Loading comment..


Loading comment…


You sure you don’t want to try it out yourself first?


You’re missing out man!!


Well, it’s your feelings I am taking into account here~


Oh well, your choice, your disappointment then~


Loading comment…


Loading comment..


Loading comment.


Loading complete!


Damn…you live a boring life…BE BRAVE!! …Suckers~


Continues as if the interruption meant nothing at all…

I’m like WHOA!! And tried to check if it could spot me la so I went to the site and typed “016-677****” and chose Malaysia as country. I thought to myself as it loads “whoa…look pro woi…wonder can find me or not!! If cannot I’m so gonna kick their ass!!” And then ahh…dunno head, dunno tail, it says tracked me liao worrr…so it went closer and closer on the map till you can even see the houses liao, my expectations quite high.

Then all of a sudden, from that high wall, I went crashing down cause got a bomb suddenly rocketed towards me. Diu!! When they wanna show the area I am supposedly at…suddenly came out…a couple there having sex outdoor woi!! Apa ni?!?! (Censored la of course!!)

After they finished showing, horr…I came to a different page automatically and this was shown to me…

Just kidding!!

To locate someone is not that easy. Public records are free for all people to search and get private information.

But this time you can publicly punk someone private

Just make a friend smile…

Eh?!?!?! WOI!!! Why like this wan!! T-T so siao!! I also kena tipu liao ._.

Our Love-Hate Relationship

I love you…I truly do.

I love you…I truly do. I love the way that I can see you everyday. I love the way that you are always by my side, always there when I needed you, always ready to entertain me when I am bored, to humor me when I am down and in the dumps, to enfold me in your knowledgeable world.


I love you…I truly do. I love the way when I wake up every single day, you’re just there, right in front of me. You’ll be there waiting for me to come home when I’m off making a living as a overworked student in University, giving me a sense of longing to go back into your embrace. And you are always there when I go to bed, giving me goodnight toot toots and making me smile.


I love you…I truly do. I love the way that when I’m with you, I feel exhilarated at the fact that I could be with you and you will be there, sitting quietly just entertaining me and humoring my whims and desires. You’re everything a girl like me need in her life.


I love you…I truly do. I love the way you feel under my exploring fingers. I love it when you submit easily to my fingers and my caresses on your lengthy board. I sometimes wished you were smaller to fit me but I love your length the way it is more. At times you make me clean you, I love it when I see you all cleaned up and feel proud that I did it myself.


I love you…I truly do. I love it when I have to look into your face and see what is going through your thoughts and sometimes by my order, you take me into all new different worlds. You even take me all around the world for you never deny me any of my wishes. You are always there for me.


I love you…I truly do. You may be big in size, people tend to stare at us from afar when I bring you out along with me. But I like the way they ooh and ahh when they see us together and admire my strength and bravery in having you. It feels oh so good.

I hate you…I truly do.

I hate you…I truly do. I truly do not love you at times…you get all too jealous and that makes it difficult not only for me but for you as well…every time I have friends over to entertain, you turn yourself blue by making jealous noises, wanting me to leave them and entertain you alone.


I hate you…I truly do. Yes, I truly hate you when at critical times, you seem to want attention, and when we (my friends and I) do give you attention, you go all out to show your attitude by shutting yourself out from the world. What did you want me to do? Say no when we have to do assignments? Stop being childish!!


I hate you…I truly do. Why is it that you feel that you have to be jealous when I am not with you but with someone or something else that doesn’t include you? Don’t I give you enough time of my life? I even wasted half my year in 2006 doing nothing but BE with you…is that not enough? Do you want my life too?


I hate you…I truly do. Why won’t you respond to me when I talk to you while I eat in front of you? Read in front of you? Playing with my cat in front of you? Even my cat loves you. He often find you comfortable enough to sleep on…WHY?

I love you and I hate you…I truly do.

I love you and I hate you…I truly do. You are my first and probably my last, will you not cooperate with me? Are you sick? Do you need to see a doctor? Recently you have been looking down and blue…sometimes even going blank in front of me, scaring me…What do I do? Do you have a unknown virus in you? What kind of treatment must I attend you with…WHAT??


I love you and I hate you…I truly do. Oh computer how I love you so…don’t leave me cold and alone in this growing IT world…in this cruel assignment-filled world where I can’t be without a computer and be left behind…why can’t you understand how I feel and STOP turning into a blue screen and kicking me off without saving my assignments…Gawd…how I love-hate you…

PS : What were you guys thinking o_O I’m not THAT open to having sex before marriage…I’m a true modern Chinese but with traditional thinking on sex before marriage thanks to my parents. And I believe that if love is worth it…sex can come later in life even if it means having no kids…that way, I can adopt and refrain from overpopulating human kind…I mean…look at Singapore, they’re practically sinking!! Especially now that their government has dropped the curtains on their “1 child per couple” curfew. They should just have changed it to “2 child per couple” in stead of the “have as many as you want”.

PPS : Also, yes, I’m in love with my computer…why? Cause without computer, I’ll be useless in terms of my assignments, entertainment, news, communication and whatever else…so DON’T diss my love for my computer, people!!

Personal ATM Machine

Have you ever wondered what’s the other name for ATM mean? ATM is also known as Automated Teller Machine. So why do most people always tend to mention ATM Machines?

Well let me just give you a NEW perspective on the Personal ATM Machine. An ATM Machine is also known as the At The Moment Machine. So why Personal ATM Machine? A Personal ATM Machine is a machine that you can find almost virtually everywhere at your disposal. In your neighborhood, in your house, on your table, in your cupboard…EVERYWHERE!! But how is this possible? Well it is!!

This is an ordinary looking ATM right? Wrong! Look further!!

Yes!! This is the NEW and IMPROVED ATM!! You don’t have to worry about shortage of cash anymore! With this baby, you can take it along with you everywhere, anytime!! You can even leave it in your house and withdraw any amount of cash you so wish.

We are now offering a ONE time offer only for this NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHENOMENON!! We have a whole shelf of Personal ATM Machine just waiting to be grabbed by you today!! So what are you waiting for? Buy today and show off!!

We are located in here!! Come one come all!! No need to be shy!! It’s cheap and affordable!! You can even buy it for you friends today!!

Disclaimer : This advertisement is NOT a paid post, in fact this article is BOGUS and is thought of by the blogger who invented this advertisement due to what she has seen and done. However, the item on sale is NOT at all BOGUS. In fact, it is REAL and you can find it in One Utama. Too bad it doesn’t spit real cash T-T