Digi And Me

Lol, yes, the title says it all ^^ On Sunday, we went to the curve and we saw the yellow coverage men…so cute woi!! Yellow, round, fat people posing here and there and waving at cameras XD~

And I even went up to him and took a photo with him πŸ˜› so cute lerr…eh, I’m acting like a jakun la now…as if just came from the kampung ulu area into the glamorous city for the first time πŸ˜› but it was fun XP

And yesterday, the 2nd of April, I got a testimonial on my Friendster account from non other than……….the yellow dude!!!!

Some more today just reloaded my phone, reloaded RM50 and got a bonus, 50% making it RM75 woi!! Feeling damn happy now ^^ and also, another thing, a friend of mine, he’s gonna help me get a domain, perhaps he’s gonna get it for me first and I’ll pay him back later using my paypal as well as getting my blog hosted on his webserver for FREE!!!! But pai seh la, I told him when I got money I’ll pay him monthly/yearly lo, I’m not that greedy, k!!

Anyways, thanks to all who’ve greeted me a happy birthday ^^ I really appreciated it lots, thanks!! Love all of you for greeting my old age 20th birthday ^^;;


Cyber Blog Awards, Anyone?

Lately I’ve been considering about making the Cyber Blog Awards. I’ve added some categories and removed some to give you a brief idea as to how it is. But it isn’t a definite yet. If responses are good, I’d go on with the Cyber Blog Awards (Cyber Blog Awards : Real life prizes and cash money are unfortunately, not given. Awards are all merely graphics and your name being stated as “Best“). The following categories are as followed, below.


Vote-able Categories

  • Best Blog
  • Best Article
  • Best Designed Blog
  • Best Female Blogger
  • Best Male Blogger
  • Best Newcomer
  • Best Writing
  • Best Personal Blog
  • Best Individual Blog
  • Best Group Blog
  • Most Sought After Blogger
  • Most Humorous

Non-vote-able Categories (Any blogger can give out personal awards here. They choose the individuals/groups who receives it.)

  • The Undeniably Beautiful Award – This award is personally given by me.
  • Worth A Million Smiles Award – This award is personally given by me.


Would you say I should go ahead with “Hosting” the Cyber Blog Awards here on “The Undeniable Beauty”? Before you start commenting/agreeing/flaming/bashing this article of mine, let me give out more information of the Cyber Blog Awards.



  • The Cyber Blog Awards will be held every 6 months.
  • If responses are good, a forum made solely for the Cyber Blog Awards will be made by me.
  • On the first 2 week, bloggers far and wide should register their blogs/names and be categorized in their respected categories.
  • The following 12 weeks will be when the voting of the nominees begin.
  • And on the 15th week, the award ceremony!! (Cyber wan la~) You’ll be getting your very own graphical trophy!!


I know la…doesn’t sound very glam right? But horr…this is a small scale awards thing. If in the future got sponsors, then it’ll be fun, right? Actually, why am I doing this? This is because it’s just fun to gather all the bloggers around and have an event, yea? Even if it’s over the Internet. It’s still a fun thing to do. Even non-bloggers can participate in this event by nominating and voting for their favorites and even get to see and read other blogs they’ve never known about too.


So what do you have to say about this topic? Agree? Disagree? Staying on the fence? Just comment/flame/support to give me your responses to this idea. If you like it, say you like it, if you don’t, heck, just say no. I want to find out responses and then perhaps get brainstorming, LOL. So what are you waiting for? What are your responses to this idea?

My Favorite Bloggers

As the title says, my all time favorite bloggers are out there somewhere in this huge, polluted, discriminated, racist, sexist world. (Actually got many more but I’m not gonna be long-winded about it…)

Actually, just recently, a friend of mine, a loyal reader and a non-blogger asked me who were my favorite bloggers and I blinked back at her and said “I…erm…seriously don’t know…” and she replied back “Sure got a few favorites, right? Tak mungkin don’t have wan!! Everyone have favorites!!”

So here goes…(no…it’s not ordered from 1 to 10, I’m going through it alphabetically…)


By Who?
Ms. Lilian Chan
What’s It About?
Anything and everything!! From unpaid to paid posts. From good to bad. From “niasing” to “niamah”.
Why That Blogger?
I love her writing style. Damn unique and colorful (her words XD) laughter all the way when reading her blog. And did I mention unique?
How Often Do You Read It?
Once every 2 days…ever since I found her blog through Project Petaling Street


By Who?
Ms. Jolin Kwok
What’s It About?
Her personal life, her struggles with people around her and issues surrounding her.
Why That Blogger?
I can’t really say she’s my favorite blogger…she is…was…my best friend in secondary and life just went on and pulled us apart when we went off to different colleges…I read her blogs to know what’s been up in her life and all seeing as I’m curious and worry about her as a friend would. We are…were…soulmates in terms of friendship where whatever we did and think were at most times the same and we were always depending on each other back then πŸ™‚ those were good times.
How Often Do You Read It?
At least once a week. Sometimes I don’t really agree with what she writes. Somehow we don’t think alike anymore 😑 oh well…


By Who?
Mr. Cedric Ang
What’s It About?
Err…his views on his life, overall issues, humor, daily issues and so on.
Why That Blogger?
His blog is kinda impressive when it comes to pictures of food πŸ˜€ yes, that’s right. Food. Also, the way he expresses himself and things he’s seen and done daily is rather impressive.
How Often Do You Read It?
Hmm, I try to read it every 2 days when I’ve got the time in between assignments πŸ™‚


By Who?
Mr. Robb Yaoi
What’s It About?
Lol, it’s about his life and humor and YouTubing-ness.
Why That Blogger?
I like the way he expresses himself in his blog and says “I’m gay. Who cares what you think? I’m loving it.”
How Often Do You Read It?
As many times as I try to read Cedric’s. Every 2 days πŸ™‚

Jessica (Me!!)

By Who?
Ms. Jessica Ee
What’s It About?
It’s about my life, my views, my criticisms, my view on others and so much more.
Why That Blogger?
Because it’s me. I’m my own favorite blogger and blog reader. I like to read back what I write. Reflect upon my self and maybe try to ease up on life, seeing it in a more positive light. In a way…my blog is helping me get through my hectic, insane, black & white, young adult life…
How Often Do You Read It?
I read my own blog everyday. Why? To check for spelling errors, check for comments (Yes, I’m a comments whore. I strive to see what others say about what I have to write. Be it surprise, anger, or laughter.) And I reflect upon my blog, thus reading it daily helps me feel better about life ^^

I actually have more bloggers that I admire…but I don’t have the time now…it’s late…I’ve been awake since 5am this morning and it’s now…11pm -yawns- so g’night all~

PS : Maybe I should make a chain out of this…”Your 5 favorite bloggers and tag all 5 of the favorites =D”

PPS : If you’re not mentioned here, don’t fret. It’s not that I don’t like reading your blog. It’s just that it’s late and I couldn’t remember what blogs I like.


Recently, while surfing the net for more blog hopping (a hobby of mine πŸ˜› ) I came across an interesting forum that I never knew existed actually, I never knew anyone would bother making one 😑. I happened across a bloggers forum named Blogpal and I was like “Hmm, why not?” and joined on a whim XD

Yes, I love to do things at the spur of the moment before even thinking about what I’m doing and what might happen. In fact, after registering, I started thinking…”maybe this was an elite forum kinda thing? And I’m not THAT prominent of a blogger to be in D:” so I started going through all the forum topics and FINALLY gave a sigh of relief.

Yes, I did NOT intrude on any elite forum but instead found myself in the middle of a small social group of bloggers and Malaysians too!! In fact, I’ve never met any of the Malaysian bloggers yet, the only other blogger I know are Jolin a.k.a. the Honestly Dead Bodicea and Greg a.k.a. the Et3rnal Dream3r of my heart who in fact…I have never met as well…

So now, joining this forums is actually going to help me get to know more bloggers that I never knew before and read their blogs which would be much fun, I’m predicting πŸ˜€ it might be in the beginning stages now but it’ll improve in time with a few suggestions here and there in fact, I hope I could actually help out in those suggestions and get to moderate the forums XD yes, wishful thinking is all I have.

And actually, I’m blogging this to promote that forums =D it’s actually a better way to make events for Bloggers meet and stuff and you can just chill to chat there all you want. I recommend that all you bloggers and readers join the forum to join in the fun early so you get to know everyone. It’s going to be a ride to the end on who does what and what happens there XD So come along and join us to just chill and hang out there ;D


1. Must have a computer.
2. Internet access is a must!
or if you lack 1. and 2., go to 3.
3. Have any access to the Internet!!
4. Bring your typing fingers/toes/teeth/whatever along
5. and ENJOY!!!

Where is it?

Here at Blogpals!!! Don’t be shy and just register to have fun ^^!!!

Looking Back…

It has been about 3 months since I have been blogging without fail. No, I haven’t been blogging all of that 3 months in this blog. Come, let me tell you how I came to blog.

Actually, my blogging history started about 5 to 6 years ago, which was a bit pathetic cause I couldn’t even keep it up for a week. All I did was kinda just cracked some eggs and scrambled stuffs from all over the internet into that measely blog. At that time, the blog was on “Blogger” and I named it “Unpredictable Evil” yea, I was into all things bad then, a rebellious teen and all, but honestly, I couldn’t find the heart to pour anything into the blog that was actually coming from my heart. I was a pathetic “loser” who likes to talk maturely then with nothing to my name, my best friend was having a lot of problems back then with her boyfriend problems, family rambles and all the other stuffs. I really didn’t know how to really help her then but just listening to her and trying to feel where she was coming from. Believe me, then, being the “rationally-logical” person and the “caring, always-will-be-there-friend” is like juggling 2 jobs. I never really could have shown much of my emotions at that period of time, never really talked about my own troubles and such. I’m the kind of person who was “the listener” who was always there for you when you needed me and always never the “whiner complainer one-who-pours-out-your-soul-just-cause-you-had a-rough-time”. Everybody seemed to think that talking to me about their problems was a natural thing and all seeing as how they knew I planned to be a future-psychologist after all.

So, on and on, people kept piling their troubles onto my shoulders, just going on and on about how this suck and that suck and how it’s so unfair to them. Year after year, I began to start to feel as if their burdens were like my burdens. I got sick a lot, getting fever like every other weekend. And being me, a person SO pathetic, a sucker for anyone asking me for a favor, a person, unable to say “NO” to anyone asking for an outing and so on. I continued to carry the burdens these “sympathy seekers” piled on me and more. I wish I could say life was how it was suppose to be because that would be saying that I was meant to be used as nothing more but a punching back, the “when-you-whistle-I-come”, or even the “burdens cabinet” person. That would make my life more pathetic than it already is.

Day after day after day, I just kept hearing the same complaints again and again, I seriously got sick of it and thought I would have to kill myself to be free from all the “sympathy seekers”. I even have nightmares at night where people came to me to throw their burdens on me and then leave. I was all alone again in the dream. It kinda slapped me hard in the face, knowing that most of these people were just using me for their own selfishness. They only needed me when I am useful and they’ll just throw me aside when the time comes when I am no longer needed. It was such a cruel dream that it had to repeat itself nightly, sometimes a new nightmare would appear where I see my family and me being happy at first. We went for a ride around town and then I saw a graveyard, we all got off to look at something. But before I knew it, they were back in the car and drove off, leaving me behind. In fact, I could see them waving and smiling sinisterly at me and started to point to something behind me. I turned around to find 2 person beckoning me to go near them, afraid, I slowly walked up to them to ask them for their help when all of a sudden, a collar found it’s way around my neck, choking me with it’s tightness. I tried to ask them what was going on but they wouldn’t tell me, instead I was handed from one person to another until they all got tired of me and threw me off a cliff. A spectacular ending if I may say so myself.

Well anyways, with all that pressure, I thought starting a blog to put my thoughts into would be a nice change, I could just pour out my soul into the net without worrying about others having to carry the burden as well, I mean, not as if the whole world is gonna know about my blog, right? Right. Also, even if anyone had read it, they don’t know me, I don’t know them, the burden wouldn’t act like a baton and be passed to them too. No, they’ll just see that it’s an interesting read, a gossip thing, in a way. “Unpredictable Evil” was created. It was even decorated with a skull as the background, plain, gory, and nice.

And then “blogger’s block” came into the picture. I had no idea where to start! And so, I went on a search for good materials I could get my ideas from. Unfortunately, it backfired and instead I just took a piece of content from here, plucked a few from there, dug up some more from way over there and then tied it all together and published it. “Omg!! Such a LOSER!!” Yes I know. I’m sorry. Well, after a few entries, my internet went “kaput” and wouldn’t find a way to get back up and “Unpredictable Evil” became a forgotten memory for only about a few years when about 2 years ago, I made a comeback with “Unpredictable Evil” but again, it got trashed after only a few useless articles.

Then just last year, around end December, I made a final comeback into the blogging scene. I started to put my heart and soul into the articles I write because I don’t feel like being an outsider looking in anymore instead I want to be original to myself and just find a place to let myself go when University sucks or when I get into an argument with anyone or when I hurt myself or when my heart breaks and stuff. Knowing I have a place to just spill everything without worrying about what others think seeing as how I don’t know you, you don’t know me and you might even feel the same way as I do at times on different occasions.

So “Undeniable Beauty” started at “Blogger” on the 29th of December, 2006; “Undeniable Beauty” then became “The Undeniable Beauty” (due to the fact that I used to make “Undeniable Beauty” here on WordPress before and unfortunately due to circumstances, I deleted it and now it just won’t let me get it back u.u) on the 12th of February, 2007 with WordPress as the server and has been continuing at a crawler’s pace until today, 2nd of March, 2007 and will continue on till the day I decide that I don’t have the need to blog anymore (which would be when the world is at peace, where no conflicts lies in this cold heart, where I no longer see this world sarcastically or cynically. Which would be never!!! XD)

So yea, happy month of March! Happy birthday greetings are in order I see. Happy early birthdays to Bodicea (A good friend of mine who used to be my bestfriend but we’ve grown apart), love you babes, have a good 20th this year, call me out sometime yea! And a really happy birthday to my sister, Yen, she’ll be turning 16 this year, it’s crazy how time passes!! Also good luck in your studies/assignments/exams/working life/sleeping life/anything to all of you reading out there!! Yes I’m going on an all out today to give out good wishes to anyone and everyone. So cherish it!! Since this probably won’t happen again anytime soon πŸ˜›

New Layout

To usher in the new month (in case you just woke up from a coma, the new month would be March of the year 2007, kthx!), I have reverted to a new layout with another NEW custom heading made by me again!! Though, the bunnehs aren’t by me, I took it off of deviantART. The artist is by “HikaruIssyl

Hmm, the layout is a BIT too bright to my liking but I absolutely do LOVE the header linking to my pages and stuff like that (*’Ο‰’*) it’s so convenient!!! Anyways, March is coming up tomorrow, I gotta study for my exam now 😑 yes, I am only gonna study for TWO exams 1 day before the exams x.x can’t blame me, I been sick as a cow and sleeping a lot because of that!! Well, anyways, gambateh to me!!! And to all of you having the same exams or having exams the same day as me 😑

Also I just added in a new “Page” to my blog, it’s a policy page where it tells you what you can do or cannot do as a reader. I know, I know, this actually spoils your mood in reading my blog and so on, but it’s for the best! I have friends who gets harassed by their readers and to tell you the truth, I SO don’t have the time for blogger harassers/abusers/stalkers now since I’m at the end of my semester and the finals are coming up soon! At the beginning of the policy, I have put in a few words of mine about commenting and such and then later on I took a whole lot of discretion policies from another blog site that lets people link to there for reference to their own blog for their readers. In other words, you NEED to read it πŸ˜›

Happy Birthday!! Whoo!!

The seventh day, traditionally known as renri δΊΊζ—₯, the common man’s birthday, the day when everyone grows one year older.

So today, the 7th day of the Chinese New Year, I wish all of you (the whole wide world) a Happy Chinese Birthday and may you live in prosperity and may you live a long and happy life!!


Happy Chinese New Year!!

Have a prosperous and happy chinese new year to all in this, year of the pig, minna-san~

Also, please, DO drive safely on the road during this seasonal period because it’s just plain bad luck to get into an accident. And remember to NOT gamble too much as well, it’s just a matter of having fun and not take gambling too seriously =P

Oh and yea, have FUN!!!

Remembering 2006

Ahh, it’s that time of the year again. “Which time of the year is it?” you ask? Why, it’s that time of the year when you throw aside the old diary and start again with a new diary, empty and clean, ready to be doodled in again, in other words, a fresh new beginning.

January 2006

1. Begining of a new year, hooray!

2. Begins the 3nd semester of college -sighs-

February 2006

1. This year’s Chinese New Year brought in a whooping 1k worth of “Ang Paus'”

2. Goes back to college with a dishearten heart due to the fact that I had only a week off.

3. Falling out with a dear friend, hope we get to get our friendship back…

March 2006

1. The end of the last Semester of college, yay holidays!

2. Too bad my pals have homes in different parts of Malaysia -sighs-

3. Boring month of holidays just “lepak-ing” around the Selangor area…

4. Sister’s birthday as well as a best friend’s.

April 2006

1. Omg, I feel old! Turning 19 is depressing, the fact that I’m leaving teen-hood soon as well makes me weep ._.

2. Fortunately, I was not the only one going through this process this month.

3. Starts my first year, first semester in University -is depressed at the University’s bad facilities-.

4. Met my lover this month as a friend (We didn’t know we’d end up together =P)

5. At the same time, met many other wonderful friends in Extreme, never regretted meeting any of you

May 2006

1. Labours Day, has absolutely nothing to do with us students, but the University decided “What the hey, let’s just give ourselves (the staffs) a treat and let them off a day” so hoorah for a free day, maybe?

June 2006

1. OMG!!! STUDY!!! Finals approaching, creeping up to me like a stealthy ninja it is >o

July 2006

1. Alas, exams are here. Be prepared DX

2. OMG!!! I can’t believe I missed my 1st exam!!! What a bloody bad start!!! Now I gotta retake that course again -sighs in depression-

3. Other than that, exams went fairly well…-still haven’t mentioned to the parents about the missed subject…-

4. 3 months of holidays begins now…

August 2006

1. Went to Red Box at The Curve with University mates, ahh…4 hours of karaoke is a bit too much ^^;;;

2. Began the holidays in front of the computer, how sad.

3. Had fun chatting with my lover, misses him lots and the fact that he’s in Texas, doesn’t help lessens it…we’re both busy, he was off working for his mom or something, didn’t get to spend much time…

4. A bad month to say the least, we decided to end our relationship, wasn’t working out as well due to the fact that gaps were opening and creating a huge river between us -sobs-

September 2006

1. Went to KL for a couple of days with University mates, boring to say the least.

2. Went to Aquaria, KLCC for the first time. Gawd, the aquatic species there are amazing! Better than the ones I saw in Perth, the ones in Aquaria are HUGE!!!

3. Started “polygamies” but instead of marrying them, I’m going through my boyfriends like day old bread…

4. Happy birthday MAX!!! (My kitty turned a year old)

October 2006

1. Met a potential lover during the end of this month. Fell in love.

2. Had a fun month overall, sad and fun.

November 2006

1. Went off to Shanghai, China for a tour.

2. Life gets busy due to the fact that my maid went back home till end December.

3. Now BF starts to get creepy by calling my cellphone day in, day out, even when I explained that I was as busy as a bee and couldn’t take the time to spend with him.

December 2006

1. Fell out of love, it seems my feelings for him wasn’t as deep as I thought it would be -sighs-

2. Felt threatened by him, when he mentioned about suicides and pills DX

3. My old flame is back, realized how deeply, madly in love I still am with him, made me delirious with joy when he asked to get back together.

4. Ahh Christmas, such a wonderful time of the year, too bad my kitty had the most fun cause he totally destroyed the tree playing with the ornaments XD

5. Oh gosh, it’s New Year’s Eve!!! -Counts down- …10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!

6. Happy New Year 2007 Everybody!!!!!

A New Beginning

Current Mood: Not in the mood to give pretty words…

Well, here it is…the beginning of the story of my life…true facts…typed…not written…in the computer…not a leather-covered book, locked in a drawer somewhere…but in the World Wide Web (WWW)…for all to see…how scandalous!!

Not only would my life story be exposed to all to see here, I shall try my very best to make it as harsh and cruel as possible knowing all you readers prefer scandalous truths rather than innocent lies. My blogging here is NOT, I repeat, NOT to satisfy your thirst for dirty blood but to satisfy my need to find a place to keep all the happenings of my daily life away from the scourging hands of my nosy parents.

Stuff that is written in here would be all true and nothing BUT the truth, except that names will be changed and locations will be summarised if necessary. All facts will be written to the exact truth and nothing will be censored. That being the case here, people under the age of 18, and people who are both physically and mentally virgins are highly advised NOT to read this blog. Nor should those who are weak at heart and mind read this blog. This blog is certified to be harmful and damaging to those mentioned before by the institute of Perverted, Evil, Sadistic, and Traumatising Society (PESTS – no evidence has been presented saying that I created this Institute). So please, if you can’t handle the bitter, cruel truth…leave with haste.

After all is said and done, the true blogging shall begin and perhaps you may begin to open your eyes to all the ugliness that is here and see the true beauty behind all these lying facade. Perhaps you’ll be able to live with yourself after reading this blog, who knows, it might just happen to any one of us out in the real world and could, maybe, possibly, safe us from sinning against ourselves using our better judgments.

So read on, if you dare, perhaps even comment on them if you dare. Because in the end, all that matters to me, is what I think and not what you think of me that’ll hold me back from typing anything and everything I saw fit to be posted online and for all to see…


† The True Beauty Seeker †