Links that have already been linked up :

To have your links in my blog, please read the following terms and conditions :

  1. You’d need to have a valid blog/website/forums address.
  2. If the link you have provided is NOT valid and if you do not remedy that link with a valid one. I will assume that you’re not interested in linking to my blog as well as just fooling around. Thus you will be ignored and be listed in my “Hall of Shame” list at the bottom of this page.

  3. Please mention the category you’d like your link to be located in :
    • Blog Hops
    • Category Description : If you just want some extra blog hits, you’ll want to be categorized here.

    • Blogroll
    • Category Description : If your link is linked to a website or any other non-blogging areas, you’ll want to be categorized here.

    • Interesting Reads
    • Category Description : If you have any interesting articles you’d like to share with others, you should want to be categorized here.

    • Places I Visit
    • Category Description : Need an extra member in forums, are you a Ping-ing site? Or just some miscellaneous link? You’d want to be featured here.

    • Undeniably Beautiful Souls
    • Category Description : Planning to be a loyal reader? Want to be friends? As long as you are a blogger and want to get to know me more and me, to know you more. Request to have your link here 😀

  4. Porn Sites and Porn Blogs will not be linked by me even if requested!
  5. I do not support porn sites and porn blogs and I never will. My blog is age friendly. Meaning that people of all ages can read my blogs. I do not want to pollute minds of the innocent than what they need to know. Sex Education is NOT porn. It is to educate innocent minds as to the dangers of having unprotected sex and sexual diseases. So please, spare yourself and do not bother to request a linked link here and MOVE ON!!

  6. Threats and Blackmails DO NOT WORK here!!
  7. If you think that by threatening and blackmailing me can help you get your REJECTED links up in my blog. You have another THINK coming. I will NOT succumb to childish behaviors such as your threats and blackmails. I have my PRIDE and if you have any shred of PRIDE left in you. You will leave the rejected as REJECTED and get on with your life. In other words, let sleeping dogs lie!

  8. Where To Request?
  9. To request, just place a comment with the format shown below :

    Category :
    Link Name :
    Link Address :
    By Who :
    Short Description :

    Your request will be moderated and soon you will see your links appearing in my blog in no time at all. (That is, if you weren’t rejected.) So what are you waiting for? I won’t know if you want to be added in my blog if you don’t say so 😛


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